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November 22, 2017

About Charlie Peach

Politics Peach is an insightful thinker and an independent writer who presents analysis of social and political events with passion and logic. This and other write ups from Charlie are available at her Medium page above.

Posts by: Charlie Peach

Democrats, Feminists and Hollywood’s Rape Culture Complicity

Aday of reckoning is long overdue for Feminists, Democrats & Hollywood and their complicity and coverups of decades of sexual abuse of both women and men. Harvey Weinstein along with many other sexual assaulters in Hollywood and within the Democratic Party would not have gone unchecked if they had denounced Bill Clinton and his sexual depravity long ago. Instead feminists and democrats, embraced their sexual predators, lauding them for decades all while knowing their dirty

Obama, Clinton and the Trump They Wrought Us

Much has been said over the last 24 hours about the damning revelations that Donna Brazile has levied against Hillary, Obama, DWS & the DNC. I’ve read tweets by many who are now blaming Donna’s attempt to sell her new book, along with sexism and Obama for the clandestine deal that was made between them. However, what no one is saying is that Obama not only paid off the millions that Hillary Campaign was indebted

The Bizzaro World of Donna Brazile and the Russian Imbroglio

Waking up to Donna Brazile’s cathartic Politico story at first glance was a moment to cheer but after reading the entire story & especially the last two paragraphs as well as Donna’s supposedly tearful cries and promises to Bernie (ROTFLMAO), it became very clear this was nothing more than an attempt to sway Bernie’s supporters to come back to the Democratic Party. What was even more laughable was that she Ms. ‘Ethical’ Brazile, was heartbroken

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