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Dunkirk Defiant: Brexit and Resisting Extortionists Who Use Debt as Blitzkriegs

The Brits don’t succumb to invasions and they damn sure don’t cow before aggressors. Hitler found this out the hard way after he decided to take on the United Kingdom in their backyard. Convinced by Hermann Göring to use the Luftwaffe air force to bomb the Brits into submission, Hitler unleashed hell on London and the British citizenry. The British refused to give in, they mustered the courage of victors and gave Hitler a taste of Union Jack defiance. They took bombs as untold thousands were buried in their homes, they returned the Nazi blitzkrieg with an royal ass kicking. The Royal Air Force handed Hitler his first major defeat as the Luftwaffe bombers were decimated by RAF aces.

On November 9th, 1992, George Soros did to the United Kingdom what Hitler could not do. One man armed with his blood money was able to single handedly implode the UK economy and crater the British pound in the process. The Corporate State Media convey this story with utter duplicity (link); in their version of state propaganda, Soros was able to reap a fortune by “betting” against the Pound. This is a benign recounting of what really happened because saying that Soros bet on the Pound makes it seem like he was speculating with a 50/50 odd of winning or losing. The truth is that Soros was able to crash the Pound intentionally because he used his money and his influence as a blitzkrieg against the people of England.

Billionaires have a two barrel shotgun that they can use to blow the heart out of economies at their choosing. One barrel of course is the capital they have accumulated. Almost everyone has a price tag; people are willing to do anything given the right financial incentive. So those who have billions of dollars at their disposal can buy up any politician or media personality with a flick of a check signature. In this context, money is a weapon of mass extortion for there are few people who can say no when presented the chance to become rich and powerful—money IS the root of all evil.

But there is another aspect of the aristocracy that is even more powerful than their bank accounts. People like George Soros, Bill Gates Zuckerberg and the rest of the billionaire club also have their influence—money conferred on them the title of nobles among nobles. Cash is king and those who have enough of it become global emperors. They use their influence as a form of intimidation and a means of false charity concurrently; as they take with the left hand from the world, they give back pittance with their right hand and are treated by the world as the second coming of Jesus—never mind that these fake philanthropists live in castles and are repulsed by those who are not rich like them.

When these ignoble bastards thus choose to unleash their influence and affluence on nations, God have mercy on us all. George Soros was able to make more than a billion dollars in one day because he shorted the British pound and then started a whisper campaign in order to tell the markets that he shorted the Pound—this is called a self-fulfilling prophecy of a market’s death. Shorting a stock or a currency is betting against an underlying asset; the same way you buy stocks hoping it goes up, you can likewise buy puts against that a stock or a currency. The put will rise in value as the underlying asset depreciates in value. It’s shorting, or betting against, the market when you and I buy puts. When billionaires short markets, it’s effectively a death kiss to that market.

Imagine if Warren Buffet shorted Netflix stock. The minute word gets out that the “Oracle of Omaha” just bet against Netflix, a stampede would ensue as hedge fund managers and individual stock holders race for the exit doors. Rational behavior gives way to irrational fear; people tell themselves “Buffet must know something” and thus a selloff materializes out of thin air. If Buffet went on a TV show right now and said a bad word against ANY company, besmirched the currency of a particular nation or sent out one Tweet expressing dismay in a nation’s political or economic health, a selloff would follow suit as panic would subsume that particular market.

This is precisely what George Soros did in 1992. His “bet” against the British Pound roiled the markets as currency exchanges were sent into a tailspin because of one man’s action. Soros made a billion by stealing the hopes and life savings of tens of thousands of Brits and burying countless lives in a mountain of debt. He did this when the markets were not as interconnected as they are today; technology and greed have spun the whole world into one giant web of shakedowns and coercion. We gave our hand and our liberty over to the global elites who have the audacity to call themselves the “masters of the universe”.

I write this in context of the British election and their decision to exit the Euro Zone. When the proud people of the United Kingdom first voted for the Brexit, they were lashed by these same “masters of the universe” as the British economy cratered overnight. Boris Johnson was pushed as the foil and then blamed for the Brexit “fiasco” and the ensuing market selloff. I have to give it to these neo-Görings; they have perfected the art of diversion and victim blaming. Within a week, British politicians and policy makers were kowtowed into compliance as financial terrorists struck the heart of London in ways that Hitler could not have conceived.

The Brits though, the spirits of their grandfather remains in them. Thus yesterday, the people defiantly voted once more against the globalists Nazis who are trying to blitzkrieg the whole planet with their money.  Voters in the United Kingdom went to the polls and effectively validated the Brexit vote from last year. For their choice and for having the temerity to say “we want our country back”, they were once again bombed as the British pound was intentionally sent into yet another selloff  last night. This is what happens when a few people are able to implode world economies; this is what happens when we give our freedoms over to globalist monsters. But they Brits don’t give in to bullying from financial terrorists, continue to relive the Dunkirk spirit and resist these wicked globalists who are bleeding the UK, America and the entire planet with their greed and avarice.

To the people of the United Kingdom, I plead with you, do not let these globalist pillocks do to you what Hitler could not do to your forefathers. Be defiant and stand up against the muppets in the House of Commons and the House of Lords who are working for their corporate masters. We need a new Magna Carta; one where power is returned to the people and taken away from the billionaires who see themselves as the Fourth Reich. Just as Hitler was undone by his hubris, the degenerate billionaires and plutocrats will be be undone by their arrogance. Continue saying no to extortionists in suits and say yes to independence from the new world syndrome—may the rest of us follow. #DunkirkDefiant 

 “Fear and greed are potent motivators. When both of these forces push in the same direction, virtually no human being can resist.” ~ Andrew Weil

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We need to wake up and rise up as a people and reclaim our lives from these global Hitlers who are trying to turn this planet into a Fourth Reich for themselves and make the rest of us their slaves. Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss the spirit of my ancestors in Ethiopia who defeated colonialists in Adwa as well as other nations and people who took on and overcame oppression through the one weakness the powerful have. Unity is the only way to overcome the greed and evil of globalists.

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