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May 24, 2017

Tag: Globalism

War of 1812 Revisited: The Nullification of the American Revolution

How did the Brits march right to Washington DC and burn down the White House in the War of 1812 and yet manage to lose the war? This was something that always percolated in my mind whenever I read about the second war that America fought against the British empire less than a generation after

Reich Resistance: the Cunning Hypocrisy of Ivory Tower Democrats

“Once more into the breach!” These words, spoken by King Henry V in Shakespeare’s play, might as well be the official motto for people across this globe who choose to rise up and refuse to give their necks to thugs in boots. Tyranny is a fool’s errand, despots can oppress the masses, but eventually enough

Rock Felled: Money Can Buy Unwarranted Praise, It Can’t Stave Deserved Condemnation

The lives we choose to lead have consequences in this life and the next. Those who choose virtue over selfishness are rewarded as they leave behind a legacy of goodness as they are remembered for their deeds. Those who choose greed over generosity will be remembered in time for their deviancy and the dishonor they

Federalism Sucks: How Consolidated Power Corrupts Absolutely

You know how “liberals” and “conservatives” are constantly in a state of war? Notice how those who self-identify as Republicans or Democrats are constantly bickering with the “other side”? This is the state of our politics, endless processions of labels and ideologies are pitted against each other and in the process a perpetual state of

Solidarity Dahkota: Original Citizens, Native Lands and Alien Edacity

There is always a price to be paid. In economics, this notion is called an opportunity cost, where either action or inaction has a monetary value. Well this theory can also be applied to life and the very meaning of justice. When a society addresses an injustice, the benefit is felt by all as equality

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