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TribalUSm: Colonization Unleashed with Ruthless Efficiency in America

I first wrote about it when I was a sophomore at George Mason University. Always curious how a continent that is home to more than a billion people somehow was subdued and conquered by foreign interlopers, it suddenly dawned upon that there was a colonization playbook that is always used by nations France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Up until that epiphany occurred during my second year in college, I assumed the technological edge, weapons superiority and tactical advances were why country after country in the continent we now refer to as Africa was decimated and put under the boots of European invaders. I was wrong all along, it was never the superior might of colonial powers that paved the way for the suppression of the Zulu, Hausa, Yoruba and countless civilizations within “Africa”, manufactured schisms and the splintering of the people birthed continental subjugation.

Though the targets were many, the blueprint of colonization was always the same. The first step is to induce conflict by way of tribalism. In order to do this, sustainable communities were lumped in with other communities in order to form a central authority. If you look at the countries on the map of “Africa”, almost every one of them were carved up by European powers. Once a central power is created, the next step is to make sure that one tribe is elevated above others. To one tribe status and wealth is accorded, to the rest grievance and vengeance is propagated.

This schism between the haves and have nots creates a enduring cycle of violence. As long as the elevated tribe and the leaders who are of that clan act at the behest of their western masters, the status quo remains. If and when the leaders deviate from the desires of their minders, all the sudden destabilization takes root as guns and money floods to the tribes who have been agitating for change. Civil war breaks out and a new day arrives as the once privileged class joins the out group and the new bosses take over.

This perpetual cycle of tribalism and bloodshed is what has kneecapped “Africa” for centuries. Even though the continent has enough resources to feed the world, the people are mired in indigence and suffering while the wealth of nations is shipped to colonizers. Sadly, instead of focusing on this pernicious form of theft and crimes against humanity being endorsed by outsiders and perpetuated by chosen overseers, the people are distracted by their differences and diverted from the true sources of injustice.

If this sounds familiar as you are reading this, that is because the same playbook of colonization and ghettoizing that condemned “Africa” to a never ending sentence of violence and suffering is being deployed with even more cunning right here in America. The tribes here are insidiously hidden and in a way even more toxic than the tribalism that takes place in “Africa”. Democrats, Republicans, left, right, black, white, gender, orientation, religion, ideology and an endless stream of labels and identities are foisted upon us to make us value what we are above who we are as humans.

Even though most of us are being squeezed to a pulp by the same pernicious policies of greed and capital hoarding that is bleeding “Africa” and developing nations, we are too focused on our differences instead of uniting to defend our common interests. We have chosen overseers here as well, they take the form of politicians, media personalities and opinion leaders who thrive by antagonizing us and convincing us to lay the blame at the feet of others who are struggling like us.

“White” people are told that their jobs are being taken by foreigners and minorities”, “black” people are told that they are victims who should be pissed off at “white” people, all around from left to right demagogues are unleashed to exploit us emotionally and misdirect our anger. With each passing day, society gets closer to a conflagration as tribalism blinds people to the ways they are getting bamboozled by the ruling class and their courtiers. Like crabs in a barrel, we would rather tear each other down as victims take part in a dance of blame and grievance with other victims while all are being stepped on by globalist colonizers. Click To Tweet

If you think about it, I mean take a pause and consider these things, it is truly outstanding how we have been so thoroughly indoctrinated to accept labels and in the process defend the establishment at our expense. We are so programmed to view this world through tribal lenses that many would gladly take bullets for politicians while bashing others who are struggling to pay the bills just like them. We have reached the nadir as a society where we find it entertaining to argue over two equally bankrupt parties and be transfixed by the imbecile in the White House while we keep outsourcing our power to chosen overseers.

I don’t write this article to preach conformity nor is my aim to tell people to get over the past and overlook human suffering. But we must be intentional with all our actions and understand when we are being manipulated by those who care nothing about our interests. People who we see on mainstream media and being given platforms to inject anger and divisiveness are being paid not to lead us to healing but to divert us from the road to redemption. A thousand stories of outrage and countless acts of indignation is being pumped into the ether by people who prefer that we bicker with each other the better we disregard the ways we are being mauled by malicious policies that values capital greed above our collective humanity.

We will never know who the true sources of evil are in this world, I have no idea where the line of demarcation is between those who comply and those who actively loosen injustice upon the world. However, I do know that the only way we can hope to one day overcome and bend the arc of history towards justice is if we stop feeding from the trough of tribalism that is placed before us by those who benefit through our disunion. #TribalUSm

“For the nation to live, the tribe must die.” ~ Samora Machel

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