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May 24, 2017

Tag: Democrats

Pence and the Pious: Between the Sanctimonious and the Hypocrites

I wonder which party is worse. Is it the Democrats who pretend to be for justice while hobbling the masses into indigence with their pernicious monetary policies? Or is it the sanctimonious Republicans who pretend to be for family values and Christian principles while they implement policies that are the polar opposite of everything Jesus

Klandestine Korporate Klan: In Albert Pike They Trust

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. This statement uttered by Verbal Kint, a verse take from a Charles Baudelaire poem, was one of the most memorable lines from the Usual Suspects. When it comes to America and the innumerable ways moneyed interests and oligarchs have hijacked our nation, the

Confluence of King and Malcolm: the Common Denominator of their Death Sentence

The powerful kill first then they own the narratives of the victims they silenced. What usually comes next is a systematic retelling of history through the prism of the assassins. Using the indoctrination system we call public education, propaganda is sold as truth and lies are force fed to our youth. In time, the lives of

Justice for Humanity: Finfine All Day

Too often we are quick to decry our hurts while we disavow the pains that others feel. Instead of acknowledging the distress of those who are not like us or look like us; too many would rather discredit “them” while only accepting the hardship of “us”. It seems that humanity is devolving into chaos as

War of 1812 Revisited: The Nullification of the American Revolution

How did the Brits march right to Washington DC and burn down the White House in the War of 1812 and yet manage to lose the war? This was something that always percolated in my mind whenever I read about the second war that America fought against the British empire less than a generation after

The Yates Debacle: the Parody That is Our ©hiquita Republic

A long time ago, during the inception of our nation, Benjamin Franklin was asked a question by a lady after the constitutional convention ended. The elderly woman asked Ben what the delegates had devised during their closed-door deliberation. “A republic, if you can keep it” was the short yet prescient response Franklin gave her. He

Conservative Buffoon or Liberal Tool: Blueprint for Black Pundits

What I’m writing below can apply to a wider set of misfits than the pundits who emerge from the “African-American” community. I understand very well that the status quo loves only those who speak in dog whistles and spread grievances and will not let any rational person who can speak to our common humanity anywhere

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