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Dead Man’s Curve: Playing Russian Roulette with Our Lives

Well we managed to avoid doomsday—for now. The Russians did not immediately retaliate for the foolhardy airstrikes on Syria by an international cartel of war criminals. That doesn’t mean we’ve missed the chance to begin World War III, since some in the Pentagon were certainly disappointed by the lost chance to have a nuclear war. But there is something that, so far, has not been mentioned that I’d like to bring to light.

Did anyone notice how willing Trump and the entire government were to gamble with all of our lives in this pathetic gambit to show the Russians we could do it? Think about that. The government has just shown you that they were willing to kill you, your family, and everyone else just to compare, excuse me, genital sizes with the Russians. Because that’s what this amounts to. The president is a testosterone overdosed adolescent going 110 miles per hour on a mountain road, betting the pink slip he can make Dead Man’s Curve. But we’re all in the car with him! When did we all sign up for this suicide pact, I ask you?

Without a life-or-death defensive situation at hand, the United States government risked starting an Armageddon over what would be hearsay evidence in a court of law. Especially from a defendant who committed perjury on WMDs which got us into the Iraq War. This time, they were willing to kill us all just to play cruise missile penis envy. It truly is pathetic and sad and probably a damn good reason to keep old men out of the government altogether. It would be interesting to see how many members of the Pentagon upper echelons have blanket prescriptions for Viagra. Because it sure does become obvious that these are men with something to prove, defensive about it, and answers to questions nobody asked.

Except it’s not just men. There’s women involved in this, too, carrying out orders they know damn well could result in the death of their children in a nuclear holocaust. “Well, we have to follow orders”. My word, how long are we going to keep using this woefully inadequate excuse which sent the Nazi war criminals to the gallows after the Nuremberg Trials?! How long will people follow these orders everyone can see are illegal?! I’ll tell you: right up to doomsday.

The world sits at the brink of a global holocaust, not since the Cuban Missile Crisis have we been this close to the brink.

People say, “it needs to be Congress to authorize military action!” How about nobody authorize sending so much as two bumblebees and a grasshopper into a war that is none of our business. And when does a war become our business? When the United States itself has been attacked by a hostile power, that’s when. Unless we are under attack, there is no justification to go take human life as if this is all some global chess game. Going to war outside of these parameters is morally wrong even if Congress approves. Evil doesn't become good because Congress votes to tell us two plus two equals one hundred cruise missiles fired at human beings. Click To Tweet

People say, “Hillary would have done it right!” Oh, would she have? So wrong would become right with a change in gender and political party? Or would it be that some people are jealous it wasn’t them who got to exercise power that not even the Roman Empire had? Evil remains evil and wrong remains wrong no matter who or what political party does it. Let me be clear; military force used in offense is no different than the way Hitler used his military.

Basically, the United States has become the new Afrika Korps of the Wehrmacht hybridized with the British East India Company. A colonial power with the military juggernaut of the Third Reich. But no one in history has had the ability and means to kill people and destroy countries in ways the United States is able to. Oh, yes, other countries the means to start horrific wars but not to the extent the U.S. does. There are no Russian and Chinese drones circling the globe, looking for prey and killing people on orders no one is allowed to see. Russian and Chinese warships are not launching attacks and daring the United States to start World War III to stop them.

No, to find the madmen willing to kill themselves and take the entire planet along with them, you’ve got to go to Washington DC. You’ve got to go into the Pentagon and find out they’ve planned how to fight a nuclear war—thinking they can win it—since the first nuclear weapons were dropped on Japan. Do you know what disappointed the United States the most about the Soviets getting a hold of nuclear weapons? It was the fact it took that weapon off the table for the United States to be able to use it again in another war. Not that the use of it wasn’t strongly considered during the Korean War and Vietnam War. The reason Soviet moles within the Manhattan Project handed the plans to the USSR was to deny the U.S. the ability to unilaterally use nuclear weapons against others with impunity. What those Soviet moles achieved was to create a balance of power that thwarted American ambitions to nuke other countries again and again.

Now here we are that they’ve finally said, meh, whatever, let’s just do what we like and to hell with the consequences. Whereas during the Cold War, provoking a nuclear war was avoided at all costs, today the idea is to provoke one at all costs. So there you are. Welcome to Dead Man’s Curve. Will we make it? Your guess is as good as min. #DeadMansCurve

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Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.
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