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May 24, 2017

Tag: Russia

#ObamaBecause: Top 10 Reasons why 44 was so Awesome!

Read below the slideshow for explanation why this is being presented on Ghion Journal. Consider this article the Serena Williams missive, expert backhands and all. With the intro out of the way, this is a top 10 list of what made Obizi such a great president! Let’s proceed with the compliments: I have to admit,

A Sessions and Situational Morality

It’s almost laughable if it was not so tragic and outright pitiful. To see once ardent war hawk Republicans become Russian loving doves and to witness once fervent dovish Democrats all the sudden become bellicose war mongers is an exercise in situational morality in ways I could never have imagined. By the way, let me state

Revolutions Are Written on Paper Napkins

It always starts with with an overreach. Throughout history, dictators and tyrants have run roughshod over the people until they overplay their hands. The powerful build bridges on top of the masses until the powerful go a bridge too far. The people can only take so much oppression and abuse by their government before they

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