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Final Liquidation: It Can Happen to US

Humanity does not learn from mistakes. We make the same mistake over and over again because we never admit that we make a mistake to begin with. Thus, the mistake can be repeated endlessly until Doomsday—which humanity will surely bring upon itself one day. Why is this so? Pride, for one thing. To admit a mistake requires humility and humbling oneself, regardless of who smirks and says, “I told you so!” Greed is another reason. Greed will compel a person into knowingly making the same mistake but thinking he’ll get away with it this time because it’s worth the gamble, he supposes. Anger is another reason people walk headlong into repeating a mistake because they are consumed with the passionate desire to visit revenge upon whoever caused the perceived transgression. Lastly, delusion is the most powerful motivator to repeat mistakes. Delusions such as thinking the United States is the greatest nation on earth and cannot lose a war to the point it will be forced to sign an unconditional surrender.

Take Syria, for example. Now right there in the neighborhood is Iraq where U.S. forces gloated over what appeared to be an easy victory and, ergo, fell headlong into a guerrilla war where it took a pretty good drubbing. Of course, people warned that it could turn into another Vietnam War, the war where the United States rushed headlong into repeating the mistake of the French who had just suffered a humiliating defeat over there. But, no, here we go into Syria thinking it’ll be different this time.

How? First off, just defeating the Syrian military is going to cost a lot more than it did in Iraq. Syria is better armed with modern weapons and has a military of seasoned, battle-hardened veterans. Many of the U.S. personnel might be also, but they’re going into battle against men who believe in their leader, unlike the United States. Even if the Syrian military is defeated, the nation is awash in firepower. The insurgency of the Iraq War will be dwarfed by a Syrian resistance movement. We could be looking at American casualties in the tens of thousands early into it. Not to mention Hezbollah is not just going to sit there watching it and eating popcorn.

But most importantly, let’s absolutely not forget that Russia might defend Syria. Even if all Russia did was supply weapons, let’s also not forget that’s exactly what they did during the Vietnam War, shipping weapons to North Vietnam. The U.S. was never able to stop that without risking a war with the Soviets. And if Russia was only supplying weapons, they could not be targeted without bringing them into the war, just as was the case during Vietnam. There are several mistakes the U.S. is repeating here at once. Another mistake might be underestimating the resolve of the Russians. They just might think along the lines of the Imperial Japanese military in 1941 and attack those American warships sooner, rather than later. If they have reason to believe those ships are about to attack Syria, they might do what the United States calls a “pre-emptive strike”. They have repeatedly warned the U.S. government just as the Japanese did in 1941 but no one listened then or now.

The United States should not be pitied. It scours the globe looking for wars to get into. Failing to find one, it instigates one or starts one. The greatest threat to world peace is the United States. And this will not be forgotten should the United States lose a war to the point it must sign a surrender or risk its own cities being totally destroyed. It will be remembered that not only was Germany divided after World War Two, but it was not allowed to rearm beyond defensive weapons or engage in conflicts overseas. The same was done to Japan. No one wanted either of those two to repeat the mistakes they made which cost the lives of tens of millions of people dragged into those mistakes along with them. And the same will be done to the United States if it loses a war that ends up with tens or hundreds of millions dead.

These horrific images of war can one day arrive at our doors. The world creeps closer to liquidation, we better wake up soon.

In pride and delusion, Americans think this cannot happen to the United States. The Germans thought this, too, in 1939. Both Germany and Japan had extremely well-trained, highly proficient professional militaries that had defeated everyone that opposed them prior to 1942. They scored victory after victory and amassed gargantuan empires in a very short few years. They did in less than 5 years what it took the Roman Empire 200 years to achieve. But look what happened to them. If the United States thinks it cannot be soundly defeated and forced to sign a surrender, it is a serious mistake. It is a deadly mistake. German cities were reduced to rubble by bombing raids. Japanese cities were incinerated by firebombing raids and, later, by two nuclear weapons. And that can happen to the United States, too. Russia is not Iraq. Click To Tweet

Yes, the United States is this foolish. Because it has never suffered a major defeat to the point it actually lost U.S. soil or an American city was leveled, it fails to understand the scope of what can happen. Even one conventional warhead cruise missile that impacts in a major U.S. metropolitan area will not only cause a lot of casualties, but the American people are wholly unprepared for such an event. The panic to evacuate cities would be unimaginable and something unseen since the U.S. Civil War. If those missiles were coming in regularly and in great numbers, the panic would be off the charts. Again, a war need not be nuclear for Russian forces to target the United States itself. All that would be required is the U.S. targeting a Russian base inside Russia itself and it’ll be game on. To say nothing of Russia attacking U.S. bases elsewhere in the Middle East and NATO bases in Europe.

Is Syria worth this, I ask you? Has Assad denied you a job or laid you off from a job you had? Has Assad driven up the prices of rent and food in the United States? Have Syrian police stopped Americans carrying cell phones or showerheads and shot them dead on American streets? No. Syria and Assad have done none of that to Americans. It is American businesses and American cops doing that to Americans. So, again, I ask you, is Syria worth this? Are the tyrants not right here? #FinalLiquidation

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