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Free Bite of the Apple!

I‘m almost certain that the when the devil seduced Eve to gorge on the “apple” he told her that she could have a sample of the “apple” for free. From free love to free samples, the word free has been bandied about loosely by endless devils ever since to deceive people into bondage. Every con artist from corporate thieves to street hustlers always giving out free samples with the intention of reaping profits, their kindness nothing more than an investment to make profits from return customers.

And those who partake in the “free samples” think they are getting something for free not understanding that they are opening the doors to dependence. Did you know the word mortgage literally means death contract in French; so people buy houses by filling out free applications only to pay fees until the day death liberates them from enslavement by means of contract?

Just look around you, the whole of society filled with snakes offering free things endlessly. Promoters offering free “VIP passes” and free drinks, banks offering free checking accounts, politicians offering free services, churches offering free salvation, do you think ANY of them do this out of altruism? Of course not, they offer free things because it’s a tactic to make profits.

Free reduces humanity into nothing more than customers and products. Free sign up on social media and health care, Mark Zuckerberg and Obama are millionaires giving out free samples as the rest of us pay for them. Government offers free meals and free services but all along they are taxing us to death and killing us with user fees. Welfare nothing more than saying farewell to your freedom the minute you get stuck on dependence, the only ones who fair very well are the politicians and the bureaucracies who take $100 dollars from you and then give you back pennies as they call it charities. They knee cap you then give you a crutch for “free” and then call it a social safety net.

Walk away someone offers you something for free. As these devils offer you free things, they are holding chains and shackles behind their backs pretending to care for you as they plan to actually shackle you into a life of being a customer.

Post Script: think I’m preaching on a soap box? That I’m judging the world with “higher than though” morality and being pious. Well I give out my words for free all of the time, yet as I posted this missive for free, I concurrently included it in my book. I’m also hoping to reap returns by giving out my words for free. I would be the biggest liar if I tried to pretend that the latter accomplishment did not motivate the former intent. But at least I’m not promising happiness or freedom when people buy my book

Money truly is the root of all evil; it has ensnared the entire world and all of us are drowning from it. Even the ones who know the perniciousness of money are concurrently entrapped by it. Freedom will not arrive until we are free from realizing worth by valuing it with external papers and currency. #FreeBitesBack

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