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Welcome to Trumpistan

Is it possible that this whole thing is nothing but one big dream? I mean it can’t be real can it, did we really elect a know-nothing ogre as the president of the United States and the titular head of the so-called free world? This is a joke right, in a few minutes the alarm buzz will go off and I will shake my head in disbelief at the sheer impossibility of Donald Trump being the Commander-in-Chief. But the alarm never goes off and this dream is actually a nightmare that has been loosened on all of us by this juvenile  nitwit who is committing a genocide on grammar and logic.

How the heck did we get here? Before I get too far, let me state from the outset that this particular missive is not partisan drivel nor is my motivation based on an affinity to a political party or ideology. I write what I write about Donald J. Trump in order to speak up for the vast majority of people who do not reside in the narrow confines of political dogma and speak up for those who are not blinded by either conservative or liberal indoctrination. I am writing this as a fellow citizen and brother in the struggle who is tired of the status quo and the gnomes of the status quo who pretend to be against it while collecting their checks from it.

Thus let me lead into the crux of this article; you see, Donald Trump got elected president the same way the current president gained power. The wolves have perfected the art of pretending to be part of the flock—feeding us populist red meat only to turn around and feed us as raw meat to the beasts of Wall Street. My defiance against Donald Trump is not situational like the pundits on TV who pretend to be outraged all the while racking up followers and amassing fortunes. Donald Trump is the perfect president for the blowhards on MSNBC, CNN and their lot in the Huffington Post and beyond. The more outrage that Donald Trump displays, the more the neo-liberal toadies like Maddow and Sharpton eat it up. Likewise, the yellow press peddlers on the conservative side of the isle from Fox News to Breitbart will now be mum, their outrage muted by partisan fealty as they allow the very same things they once howled against. This is why the Main Stream Media gave Donald Trump the equivalence of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of in-kind contributions by means of what the political industry called earned media.

And Donald Trump basked in the glow of it all; to hollow souls like Trump, hatred and love is equivalent—as long as he is getting attention it matters little to him whether he is the hero or the antagonist. All that matters to Trump is that he gets the headlines and gets the attention of the masses. There is not a principled bone in his body, he said himself that he voted for George Bush in 2000 and in 2004. Then he sensed the zeitgeist turn against Bush and in 2009 Trump said he never supported Bush. Not too long ago, Trump was a liberal’s liberal as he supported everything from abortion to gun restrictions to gay marriage. Lo and behold, Donald Trump once supported Barack Obama and cheerfully praised Obama’s stewardship of the nation. In 2009, Trump said these following words in his book Think Like a Champion:

As of October of 2008, the U.S. government reported a $237 billion deficit. The good news is that Obama seems to be well aware of the situation. His comments have led me to believe that he understands how the economy works on a comprehensive level. He has also surrounded himself with very competent people, and that’s the mark of a strong leader. I have confidence he will do his best, and we have someone who is serious about resolving the problems we have and will be facing in the future.

To say Donald Trump is an idiot is actually a fallacy. To be honest, as I am writing this article, I am reassessing what I wrote in the opening paragraph. Donald Trump is an overbearing oaf but he is nonetheless a cunning prick who is calculating and manipulating in ways that numbs the mind. We have elected Joe Black as president and the way that he is playing the public is something that Brad Pitt could never emulate in his wildest dreams. The whole essence of Donald Trump could be distilled in two words: con artist. This charlatan and shyster has achieved the pinnacle of dissembling and double-dealing. I will give him credit, he senses the political and economic wind before it turns and then strikes with the speed of a cheetah and the ruthlessness befitting of Pol Pot.

He has been telling us who he is all along; book after book he has written has always been about how to win at the cost of others and how to gain advantage by any means possible. Maya Angelou warned us—when people tell you what they are, believe them. Given a fortune before he took his first steps, Trump could have chosen to use his wealth for noble goals like eradicating poverty or fighting for the least among us. Instead, he chose the polar opposite path as he enhanced his fortunes by gaming a broken system and perfecting the art of being a rent-seeking asshole. His cunning and guile is astounding, time after time he bought distressed assets pennies on the dollar and yet unscrupulously gained tax-breaks and boondoggles from the city officials he was currying favor with.

I am now taking the liberty to reassess my judgment and I hope you do too—Donald Trump is not a simpleton at all. This man is nefariously brilliant and insidiously shifty. He realized that after eight years of Obama, cyclical change required an anti-Obama the same way that Obama was the anti-Bush in 2008. So he reinvented himself, from a perfidious swindler who made his fortunes by declaring bankruptcies, outsourcing jobs, and baron of globalization, all the sudden he turned on a dime and morphed into a “conservative”. It’s like someone fused the DNA of Tokyo Rose and Baghdad Bob and gave birth to Donald Trump as he lies with ease and through his teeth when he says he is against the globalized economy. This is what scammers do, they study their potential targets, understand their emotional needs, and cater to their dreams. The hits keep coming along, we went from an empty suit who sold us false hopes and changed nothing to a shape-changing grifter who knows how to pander to his audience.

Holly shit, excuse my language but the more I think of it, the more I am convinced that the whole Trump demeanor is an act. Even the way he tweets like an uneducated orangutan is most likely part of his shtick. Like I said before, empty souls like Trump don’t differentiate between animosity and adulation, as long as Trump is getting our attention and his name stays on our collective minds, it’s enough to satiate his malignant heart. Twitter then is a perfect weapon for this cancerous baboon, he literally gets off by ticking people off and getting a rise out of the public. All that matters to him is that his name is in the headlines and that people are talking about him; this is why he keeps changing positions—his duplicity is nothing more than a means of remaining relevant and center stage.

There is something deeply disturbing about this, this man is literally a troll with a pathology that even Freud could not comprehend in his wildest dreams. Trump will say and do anything in order to make money, gain power and above all retain his place in our collective ids. A man so little in stature and endowed with smallness that goes beyond his hands, he tries to hide his dinkiness by putting his name on every building and object he can get his wee bit hands on. This Lilliputian goblin is projecting his inner insignificance by one upping his childish antics to levels that is mind-numbing. Skyscrapers was not enough, Trump had to sully the entire nation just so he can fill the void the size of the Titanic that is at the center of his toxic heart. His incoherence is either intentional—did you see the train wreck of a press conference he gave today—or we have just put into office a man who makes Sarah Palin look like the Oracle of Delphi.

Donald Trump is 70 years old, I mean he is old enough to be a great-grandfather. Yet he acts every bit the age of an adolescent who throws temper tantrums the minute he feels a tinge of disrespect. Remember the notion of respecting our elders, well we now live in an age where this elder lummox is disrespecting all of us daily in order to stay stuck on our conscience. He is the bad song we can’t get out of our heads and the minute we are about to think about something else, he takes to social media to blather and let out a screed. And of course the banal press give allowance to this fatuity; feigning shock like a troupe of Captain Renault and concurrently enabling his absurdity. The media pundits and Donald Trump have this one thing in common, they are co-dependent frauds who intentionally stoke anger and resentment for the sake of the spotlight and ratings. This whole thing is nothing but one big game for all of them, from Donald Trump, Democratic and Republican politicians, pundits, to media personalities and stars. The whole lot irrespective of their political affiliation or ideology are nothing more than self-serving and attention-seeking assholes who pretend to be populists as they poison us with their duplicitous rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the wheels of injustice continues to grind on—milling and pulverizing more and more people on a daily basis. I am in a dream after all, except this dream is now what we call the American nightmare where economic policies are grinding up the people into a pulp of poverty and financial anxieties. A reality show shill was selected by the moneyed elites to be the next president, as long as he keeps barking and distracting us with his antics, we will be too preoccupied to realize the oligarchs and sadistic gentry are bleeding us as they enrich themselves by means of monetary schemes and fiscal chicanery. We have become a society of Charlie Browns who keep getting the football pulled from us by the gilded and opulent 1% globalist Luciferians. We fell for it with Obama in 2008 as he used his eloquence and history making moment to shield the fact that he continued the same immoral economic, domestic, and foreign policies of the dunderhead Bush as he tinkered on the edges and spoke from teleprompters.

This fraudulent democracy of ours needs cyclical change as I mentioned earlier; this cyclical change is part and parcel of how divide and conquer works. The facade and veneer of change is presented to us so that we think we are actually voting for a difference. In reality, both Democrats and Republicans are bought and sold marionettes of the 1%. These two parties are nothing more than factions of the confederate coin. The paralysis in DC is intentional, as long as there is gridlock and “obstructionism” each side can blame the other side for nothing getting done. Notice how the gridlock disappeared in 2008 when Obama was able to shepherd trillions of dollars to Wall Street and gave a boondoggle to the same derivative assholes who broke this nation in half and made millions homeless? What happened to this supposed gridlock as congress just passed a National Defense Authorization Act that Obama signed which effectively sets up a propaganda ministry that will be tasked with monitoring free speech. How is this for Orwellian, the act authorizes the Department of Defense to “counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States”. A dictator’s disinformation is a free person’s free speech, what they are countering are citizen journalists like me who are not beholden to corporate money and support. This is nothing more than a power grab to silence free speech and to nullify the voices of those who question authority.

Tyranny is given birth through exceptions and breast fed by negligence until it metastasizes to be a universal rule of oppression. We take another step into the inner-circle of fascism but we are so distracted by partisan blinders we refuse to see the forest for the trees. These things are not happening in a vacuum, there is only so long that the hopes and dreams of the people can be squelched by oppressive policies before the people rise up and say enough. This is what our overblown government fears, that we will one day wise up and say enough and overthrow the corrupt and corrosive monstrosity in Washington DC. In order to prevent this unity among the people, every day we are being sliced and diced so that we can stay fighting each other. So we go from a forked tongue “first black president” to an all toupee and no cattle eunuch—both of them cozeners who sold their souls in order to gain power.

Like I said, my agenda is not to be a partisan hack like your favorite hackneyed pundits who are mostly full of bunk and partly imbued by conditional morality. When I write, I am doing so without the shades of partisanship on and I write as one of you—what these bankrupt politicians refer to as the “everyday Joes”. So this everyday Joe is calling bullshit on the entire system and will utilize my writing abilities to preach unity and togetherness while these demagogues are steady preaching hatred and spreading exclusionary grievances. To the people grace, to the pharasees (read oppressors) the hammer—that is the essence of what my pen stands for. To that end, the hammer justly drops on this hustler and pathological deviant Trump. I judge him precisely for what he is, a man who is cunning but utterly perverse and perverted.  This is the same guy who, on countless occasions, had sexual ideations about his own daughter! For God’s sake we are following demons who pretend to be angels while we are steady disregarding angels who fight demons. Can we please stop conflating power and wealth for benevolence and grace, almost all of the time, those who have the most wealth are actually malevolent and vile.

So let me end it with this, it is up to us, the people, to put a stop to this. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. To those who are able to think beyond partisan dogma, I am imploring you to set aside the isms and labels that divide us and come together to reclaim our nation and this planet from these diabolical aristocrat who are living lavishly at our expense. Read this article not as an endorsement of any one party or any politician, read this for exactly what this is, two tablets of sorts being thrown against this overbearing government and an onerous system that is thriving through our misfortune. Trump is a continuation of the same broken ideology that has placed profits over people and capital over our community for far too long. The Donald is doing what he has always done, he studied the terrain and then seized the day. This is the art of the deal for him as he deals our financial viability down the river for the sake of retweets and to make up for his small (fill in the blank).

We can either wake up to the game and how both parties are playing us or we can let this two faced Joe Black take center stage for the next eight years and lead us into the abyss. Do I have to remind you how Meet Joe Black ended? Trust me it did not end will for the lady who fell in love with Joe Black, it never does when we let emotion, whether hatred or adoration, lead us to become a cult of personalities. Meanwhile, current POTUS DroneUS and incoming Potus Petulance are laughing at us, this is what actors do after all, they read scrips and incite emotions as they dig us deeper into antagonism and despondence. E pluribus Unum no more, we are doing this to ourselves by falling for catnip and drooling for the sensational drivel that is fed to us as if we are Pavlov’s Toto. We are now leaving Obamanation, welcome to Trumpistan–this ain’t Kansas anymore.




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