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May 24, 2017

Tag: Trump

From Obama to Trump: the Grand Deception of Cyclical Change

There was a time not too long ago, 9 years ago to be exact, when I was a through and through political tool. I fell hook, line and sinker for the fraud that was Obama as I traveled over 15 states volunteering my services for free trying to get the “first black president elected”. Nothing

Trump’s Wall and Ghettoizing of America

If only we had leaders who spoke the truth instead of demagogues who spread disinformation in order to perpetuate a broken system of crony capitalism. Alas, we keep electing prevaricating empty suits, Democrats and Republicans alike, who lie through their teeth as we keep depending on the equally bankrupt mainstream media to keep these snakes

#ObamaBecause: Top 10 Reasons why 44 was so Awesome!

Read below the slideshow for explanation why this is being presented on Ghion Journal. Consider this article the Serena Williams missive, expert backhands and all. With the intro out of the way, this is a top 10 list of what made Obizi such a great president! Let’s proceed with the compliments: I have to admit,

Our Road To Damascus

The chickens always come home to roost. What goes on overseas–the injustices and the horrors our immoral military-financial laden government commits in the name of Democracy and freedom ad nauseum–has repercussions that eventually blow back across the Atlantic. The founders of the United States warned about the dangers of entangling ourselves in the affairs of

Breaking! Ghion Journal Acquired by the Washington Post for $10 Million

I’m writing this to the dedicated readers of the Ghion Journal and the audience of the Ghion Cast as well as future members of the Ghion circle. Over the past two weeks, I have been in secret negotiation with the Washington Post’s management as an offer was made through an intermediary for the Ghion Journal,

A Sessions and Situational Morality

It’s almost laughable if it was not so tragic and outright pitiful. To see once ardent war hawk Republicans become Russian loving doves and to witness once fervent dovish Democrats all the sudden become bellicose war mongers is an exercise in situational morality in ways I could never have imagined. By the way, let me state

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