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The Audacity Behind Ghion Journal

Let me state this from the outset, aside from the free ad space I give to small businesses and individuals who live and are making a difference in their respective communities, this is the closest I will go to actually publishing an advertisement. But I don’t really consider this  an advertisement as much as it is a communique to current readers and future subscribers to the Ghion Journal.

I do not write this article in any way to express frustration or any level of discontentment. To be honest, I am exceedingly grateful; what was non-existent before December 27th 2016 is now being read widely by a diverse audience throughout the world. Over 800 people a day come to Ghion Journal to read what we print on this space. Unranked less than five months ago, Ghion Journal is now ranked two million in the world—not bad considering that there are over 1.5 billion websites in the world.

I made a decision when I launched Ghion Journal that I would forgo ad sponsor money and instead depend on the support of the readers. To be honest, it does not take much these days in terms of capital to start a media company. We all have technology at our hands that empowers us to be media in our own right. This is not to say that starting a media company is easy; in order to draw and maintain the interest of an audience in the age of instant gratification and pervasive information, original content has to be produced and published on a daily basis. One has to have a love of labor to become an independent journalist.

If I do feel a bit frustrated at times, though this temporary feeling of angst is quickly put into perspective given my journey over the past two years (link), it’s because independent writers and journalists like me are often overlooked not because of the quality of work but because we lack the cache that comes with working or writing for one of the mainstream media outlets. There is a disconnect that I try to understand; how can so many be so upset with the state of mainstream media yet they keep going to the source of their scorn in order to read and share the pure drivel that outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News keeps pushing as news?

I’ve been told many a time that I should write for the Huffington Post or the New York Times. There was a time in the past where I actually pursued this path. But I realized that working and writing for someone else comes with a string attached and that this string is actually a handcuff. Moreover, I’ve come to realize that when a news source accepts a penny from corporate sponsors, it ceases to be a news source and instead becomes an infomercial portal. This is why I refuse to accept a red cent from companies or chase sponsors; the minute I accept the paychecks from others is when others have influence over what I write and can dictate my quest to speak truth to power.

So I’m putting all my chips on the people. If one is true to a purpose and purposes to do good works, the rewards will come. The reward I’m seeking is not money for I’ve chased plenty of that before and never found happiness. What I hope to accomplish is to make a dent in the lies which are pervasive and being continually peddled by the status quo and their paid shills in the mainstream media. It is my hope to bring on more writers in the coming months and to pay them using a profit sharing model. Beyond that, my aim is to establish Ghion Journal as a news source that can act as a counterweight to the corporate mouthpieces that are proliferating in the broken “fourth estate”.

This audacious dream is only possible with you, the reader. Political consultants always tell politicians “don’t forget the ask” when they conclude a speech with what they want people to do. I know this because I actually laid out a path to run for Congress in 2014 with a former Obama field director. That was before I realized how bankrupt our politics is and gained enough wisdom to avoid DC like the Ebola virus that it is. But I will conclude this with the ask after all. I ask you to continue sharing what you read on Ghion Journal and to get your network of friends and relatives to check out the Ghion Journal. If you are able, contribute to Ghion Journal through the “donate” button above. And lastly, use this site to interact with other readers using the comment section below.

This audacious venture would not have been possible if it was not for the “second” who believed in me. By second, I mean someone who came along and believed in my potential and pushed me to start the Ghion Journal. But in this life, the “second person” is infinite; endless numbers of people can push us forward in this journey called life. It is my hope that you become the “second” to the Ghion Journal and the writers who are a part of the Ghion collective. In the process, I hope you get other “seconds” to join.

This after all is how change happens, an idea is started by one, inspired by the second, and soon enough a movement starts where it was non-existent before the “second”. See the picture above, the lighter that is sparking waiting to catch fire? “Seconds” are the ones who will get it lit. The same way the elites have been bleeding the world using media as their most potent weapon to enslave people is the same way media can be used to spread a message of love and unity to reverse injustice. This is the audacity of Ghion. #Be2nd

“The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity and execute with vigor.” ~ Christian Nestell Bovee

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This Ghion Cast below was the inception

This is where we have grown in less than six months, this is audacity.


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Teodrose Fikremariam is the co-founder and former editor of the Ghion Journal.
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