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The Yates Debacle: the Parody That is Our ©hiquita Republic

A long time ago, during the inception of our nation, Benjamin Franklin was asked a question by a lady after the constitutional convention ended. The elderly woman asked Ben what the delegates had devised during their closed-door deliberation. “A republic, if you can keep it” was the short yet prescient response Franklin gave her. He was advising the lady and the citizenry as a whole that the onus was on the public to keep the republic. The public failed. We have let our government turn into one part joke and another part virus that is kneecapping our country and bleeding the entire world.

It’s only appropriate that I used a meme GIF as the feature picture for this article. We have become a meme society; so focused on the latest outrage that we keep missing the forest for the tree. Led by demagogues on all front, we let emotion dictate our response instead of using logic to figure out a way to heal our nation. Our representative democracy is nothing more than a diversion; we get to “vote” between two bankrupt parties thinking we have control meanwhile the plutocrats and elites make decisions behind closed doors without any input from the us.

The daily drama and the endless ways sensationalism is peddled by the gutless mainstream media is nothing more than a way to keep us distracted from the fact that our nation is nothing more than 50 franchised holding companies for multinational corporations. Our Republic was killed a long time ago; the murderers of our Democracy were the same corporations who are hobbling all of us into a state of perpetual economic anxiety. In all honesty, the revolution of 1776 was pointless. We might as well have stayed a colony of the British crown; King George’s repressive laws had nothing on the taxes and endless infringements on our rights that we are treated to by our depraved government.

If you expected a detailed analysis of the Yates debacle, let me just give a quick assessment of this travesty we are witnessing. Sally Yates was fired for shinning a light on Michael Flynn’s contact with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. In my former career as a defense consultant, one of the things I was always advised by compliance was to report contacts I had with foreign nationals and to detail trips overseas in order to keep and maintain my secret clearance. This is done to make sure that we, as consultants to the Department of Defense, would not be susceptible to blackmail and served as a silent reminder that “big brother” would always keep us accountable.

If only the millionaire class, the politicians and bureaucrats in DC played by the same rules that they demanded of the workers. There was nothing extraordinary about Flynn’s contact with Sergey Kislyak; I don’t say this to defend Flynn’s actions but rather to point out the sheer hypocrisy of the “journalists” who are writing about this story and the pundits who act like hyperbolic jackasses in order to get more social media sycophants to like their rantings. The elites in DC have contacts with foreign nationals all the time. Hillary and Bill Clinton made their fortunes by using the Clinton Global Initiative as their own personal slush fund as they traded influence for currency with a revolving door of foreign nationals while Hillary was still in government. There is nothing more bipartisan in DC than disloyalty to our nation, self-enrichment at our cost, and corruption.

Beth Nelson points out something that most of our craven historians and educators never point out. Our nation was effectively turned into a DBA of corporations shortly after the Civil War ended. Beth notes:

Immediately after the Civil War, the country was in dire straights financially and consequently turned to European bankers. From that moment, we lost sovereignty as a nation. The “Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia” passed in 1871 washed away the revolution of 1776. The most tragic thing in the whole debacle that has become America is the fact that very few know nor care about the hows and whys of how we got here as a society and instead too many choose to be reactionary. The public has little interest in getting to the root cause of the wrongs that are hurting many. I was listening to a radio broadcast about Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech; in it he also said that those who forget the history of British treachery were doomed. We turned over our nation to bankers like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers a long time ago and we are seeing the chickens come home to roost as our economy has become a transfer point of wealth from us to the globalists.

As I noted in yesterday’s article (link) you can discount historians like Doris Kearns Goodwin and journalists like Amber Phillips—who wrote this cow feces article (link) as if she is the arbiter of truth when in reality she is an arbitrary liar—as utter frauds. Stop depending on the mainstream media folks; their status and fame depends on keeping the rest of us mired in perpetual ignorance. If you want to know the source of corruption and criminal behavior in DC, it’s simple, just follow the money for it’s the chase for wealth that is at the root of graft that crippled our nation in 2008—there’s another one coming that will make 2008 look like child’s play.

When I was working as an associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, I used to take corporate training on bribery, graft and corruption. I chuckle in hindsight; the training videos were essentially our government piously preaching to the world that corruption is not tolerated in America. What a joke! Our government is corrupt in ways that Al Capone could never imagine. The whole of DC is essentially a mafia where we the citizens have to give a “taste” by way of taxes and fees in order to appease the dons in various federal agencies. The totem pole flows upward; the citizens getting stepped on at the bottom with one agency after the other building on our backs. At the top of the totem pole sits the corporations who are the true bosses of this nation.

There is a reason why I used Chiquita in the article with a copyright symbol replacing the C. Every war our immoral government keeps declaring throughout the world has NOTHING to do with defending freedom nor has anything to do with keeping us secure. The only thing authorities in DC are doing is securing the bottom lines of their corporate masters on Wall Street. Wars are being fought in order to tie up this planet into a giant web spun by the new world order. Using money as a weapon and missiles as coercion, they have turned the entire world into a giant pyramid. The scheme is on us as the economic injustices that were being felt in far corners of this world are now killing hope in Detroit, Chicago, Boise and a city near you. Injustice ignored is injustice that will land in our homes—that is injustice knocking at our doors.

What made America great were endless small businesses and entrepreneurs who decided to make something of themselves and better the communities they lived in. That era has passed and has been replaced by an age of corporations who are squeezing the nation like a toothpaste tube. Private companies care about their customers; publicly held corporations care only about their bottom line and profits. This rank greed is the source of corruption that make “public servants” morph into public serpents. They slither their tongues pretending to be about us when in reality they are only serving their egos.

It comes back to us though, the citizens. For a government will only do as the public allows it. We can put a stop to this nonsense today if we banded together and demanded a government that works for us instead of working us over. But too many would rather follow the news as some type of political drama as their partisan goggles guide their judgement. Situational morality at a fever pitch, people will literally hop from one side of an issue to another in order to maintain fidelity to their ideology and keep their fealty to their political idols.

Sally Yates thus becomes a hero to the “left” and the pugnacious Donald Trump—who has about as much values as a camel has wings—becomes a role model to the “right”. The irony continues, the empty suit Obama travels to Paris to read yet again from a teleprompter about climate change and food security after transferring $14 trillion dollars to the rich gnomes who collapsed our economy and creating food insecurity by furthering the agenda of Monsanto. To call our politics and politicians a farce is to insult farces. How don’t more people see this? All of them from Obama to Trump to the pundits on TV are playing us all for suckers and fools. Taking part in this shell game of politics only empowers the elites to keep ramrodding all of us.

Click, clack! Kaboom! This is how a republic is not only lost but how a nation is silenced. We the people are the problem because we the people keep falling for the divide and conquer antics of the elites who have a vested interest in keeping us splintered. I do not write this from an ideological perspective; I am not on the left wing nor the right wing of this idiotic partisan divide, I am in the middle where the rational people reside. When more people join the rational middle, maybe we can have a chance at reclaiming our republic. Until then, the debacles continues and the carnival plays on as we let memes and GIFs replace rational thinking. #YatesDebacle

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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