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Hero! Villain! No Hero! Pretzels Everybody!

I normally don’t write about the same theme back to back and I try my hardest to not stare too long into the debauched navel of our fatuous political system. But after what I witnessed last night on the various mainstream media outlets from the kool-aid dispensers at MSBC and Fox News to the barking dogs at the Washington Post and New York Times, I had to circle back to the topic de jour and cover the carnival show that is currently going on in DC. Since people love running dramas and viewing politics as a soap opera, I guess I might as well swim with the current on this one.

Here is one thing that I know, James Comey is going to make a tremendous amount of money as a baker after getting fired from the FBI last evening. Why you ask? Because this one man has managed to turn more partisan hacks into pretzels as they jumped from calling him an American hero to a traitor depending on the decisions he made that impacted negatively or positively the political idols of political parrots. The same can be said of Sally Yates; people who never heard of her a few months ago all the sudden are conferring upon her the status of Joan of Arc simply because idiotic pundits like Keith Olbermann hyped her up as a hero.

Hero! Think about this for a minute. We are fawning over political peons who for years have been behind the engine that is fleecing Americans and infringing on our constitutional rights simply because they were cunning enough to make headlines of themselves. I’ve already written about the merits behind Michael Flynn’s contact with a Russian ambassador yesterday (link) so no need to relitiagte that issue. But if Sally Yates was such a hero, why did she keep mum while Obama tore apart the constitution in order to illegally and immorally set the precedent of killing Americans and combatants alike without nary a trial or even habeas corpus? Where was her courage as Obama expanded the Bush practice of using NSA and CIA to spy on American citizens.

The truth is that Sally Yates is a hack who chose to politicize the Flynn episode because she and every immoral imp in DC know full well that there is more money in being a guest on the cable news networks and selling books than there is to being a humble public servant. But perhaps the blame is on us, the citizens, because it is our incessant need to feed on the sensational and the outrageous that is fanning the bonfire of the inanities. We are turning into a joke of a country where politics is driven by the fringes of the two political wings and rational people throw their hands up and walk away from the circus.

The circus I talk off is how politics keeps making clowns out of many. By the way, let me state before I write this next paragraph that I too was part of this idiocy before life’s hardship taught me to stop viewing injustice as some type of sport. Nothing makes injustice become something more than a conversation to be had over cappuccino faster than the imposition of hardship that takes away cappuccino and replaces it with Cup O’ Noodles. But before sidewalk pillows, back during my Biscotti social justice warrior days, I too used to contort myself into pretzels as I jumped from one side of the fence to the other depending where the political winds blew. I took at least five different positions on Colin Powell driven by his political decision instead of focusing on his moral choices—the Iraq war in the process turned into nothing more than a political football.

My fidelity above all was to “my party”; how laughable when I think back about it, I was such a political “useful idiot” that I maxed out and gave $2,000 to Obama in 2008 even though Obama received a bribe of over $200,000,000 from Wall Street. As I would wave off homeless people who were asking for a dollar, I instead gave thousands to an empty suit who promised to fix the very social ills I was stepping over on my way to Starbucks. Only when my status went from taking selfies with models to walking the streets of Greenville alone by self did I realize my own hypocrisy. I didn’t care about social justice; I was just using the pains of people to fill in the emptiness I felt as I lived a life of privilege while disregarding the voice within me to do more than just party.

I understand why people do this; why too many on the “left” or the “right” give their hopes to those they do not know yet are willing to incinerate people defending politicians they never met. This is the same reason why people join gangs and, at an extreme level, why some rational people are convinced to put on a vest full of ball bearings and bombs—the need to belong externally is greater than the urgency to heal within. The brokenness of people, mine included, makes them latch on to the rich and famous because they see in them something that they want for themselves. If only more people realized, the poorest people in this world are the ones who have money and nothing else.

We need to stop this insanity. We are headed right to a cliff as a society and instead of paying attention to this peril, too many would rather turn on the TV and follow their favorite dunderhead pundits as the labels of hero and villain are thrown around loosely. Situational morality the new rage, the left is all the sudden outraged that Comey has been fired, but only eight months ago the very crowd was calling for Comey to be fired when he initiated an investigation of Hillary Clinton. The right was outraged over Benghazi and Obama’s imperialism but all the sudden they collectively swallow their tongues when Trump drops a weapon of mass terrorism called a MOAB on Afghanistan and he too continues to legislate through executive orders.

The sad thing is that all this trashing and lashing by the citizenry has exactly zero impact. The two parties are all laughing at us because they all know that politics is not where it’s at. Politics is for the birds—parrots to be exact—for the real power exists within the circles where policies are enacted. Damn at least Polly gets a cracker for his trouble, all political parrots get is ignored after the second Tuesday of November passes. In reality, monetary policies are set by the Federal Reserve, foreign policies are concocted by the various think tanks and lobbyists in DC, and domestic policy is determined by wealth rent-seeking pricks—at the fulcrum of all three is Wall Street. Our votes and voices are thus meaningless; the signature of one billionaire’s check is worth more than the votes of 300,000,000 Americans.

Perhaps we deserve this as a people; a nation that keeps acting like toddlers ends up getting treated as such by insidious adults who play the long game while too many are mired in day to day drama. So the soap opera continues; today it’s Yates and Comey, tomorrow it shall be another jackass who realizes that there is more money to be made by feeding into the outrage. All the while, both sides (who the two parties dismissively call their base, as in the beneath of the elites) will continue to get played as emails are sent out to raise cash using Comey and Yates as the new bait to catch gullible guppies. Don’t you just love the smell of fresh pretzels in the morning—it’s as American as apple pie and political parrots. #PretzelsEverybody

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” ~ Aesop

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Check out the Ghion Cast below that talks about the very notion of how these two bankrupt parties play us for fools. Wake up my fellow Americans, Republicans, Democrats and their plutocrat masters are all laughing at us.

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