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Hillary and Black Panther: the Audacity of Malicious Hypocrisy

I much prefer a sincere criminal to malicious hypocrite. I’ve said this in the past to express my abhorrence of people who piously preach in public against the very same things that they are partaking in and perpetuating in private. There is something commendable about criminals who tell you that they are trying to steal from you compared to paternalistic charlatans who feign benevolence as they bludgeon you with their counterfeit charity.

Yet even the sincere criminal and the malicious hypocrite seem like saints when they are standing next to Hillary Clinton. I say this with all earnestness, I’m actually thankful that we have the current idiot in the White House instead of having the wicked witch of Chappaqua cackling in the Oval Office. Though the megalomania of Trump is grating and his petulant tweets are unnerving, give me a self-serving moron any day compared to Hillary who has been serving humanity bloodshed and injustice for decades.

People who have been following the duplicity and vile greed of Hillary and Bill Clinton and those of us who view this world unconstrained by the chains of political ideology have known for a long time how truly reprehensible the Clintons are. I’ve written about this very topic in the past as I highlighted the ways that Hillary traded access for cash, raised money through false charity and destroyed countless nations in order to further her and her husband’s neoliberal agenda.

I focused in the past on her vicious policies and the many lives she destroyed. Today I pick up the pen to write against a most repulsive brand of hypocrisy that Hillary and Bill have honed and perfected since their days in Little Rock, Arkansas. This article is inspired by a Tweet that I saw from Hillary Clinton this morning that turned my stomach and made me want to chuck my iPhone off the balcony. No need for me to quote her, below is the tweet that three-faced Hillary sent. 

The Tweet seems innocuous enough, visitors from overseas who do not follow US politics might see this message of support and mistake Hillary for a human being with a heart. When one considers that Hillary and her husband were two of the main purveyors of policies that effectively legalized slavery by way of the prison-financial complex, used the suffering of Haiti to make fortunes for themselves through the Clinton Global Initiative and how her warmongering ways have snuffed out the lives of millions around the world since their heyday in the 90’s, Hillary’s tweet has to be understood through a different lens than just a message of goodwill. Her outreach effort was more like Hitler tweeting that he saw Schindler’s List and wishing Jews well.

I know that some might think I’ve gone too far and express that no one should be compared to Hitler and the excesses of Nazis. A few will cite Godwin’s Law and slap my wrist for straying into the realm of hyperbole and sensationalism. To which I humbly push back; evil is evil whether one kills six million people or a few hundred thousand. Hitler has become a convenient monster and a strawman of sorts, his most heinous actions blind us from the genocides that are regularly unleashed around the world in the name of profiteering and capital greed. Hitler is not the end all of evil, he just happens to be in the top echelon of monstrous people who have been bleeding the world for as long as history has been recorded.

After all, the same time that Hitler was rounding up Jews in Germany and Poland, Mussolini was unleashing a chemical Holocaust against my forefathers in Ethiopia. Do you think Ethiopians felt any better because their children’s deaths were caused by mustard gas instead of gas chambers? During the same war, over 200,000 civilians were incinerated by mushroom clouds in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Are their deaths more acceptable because Harry Truman ordered the bombing instead of Hermann Göring? Our stance against injustice and human suffering should not be constrained by nationality, ideology or ethnicity—we must speak against injustice anywhere or we become a party to it all. Click To Tweet

It is with this axiom in mind that I condemn Hillary in the strongest ways possible. In this condemnation, I lump in the political, media and entertainment personalities from DC to Hollywood and beyond who have and continue to play footsies with the Clintons as Hill and Bill find newer and more cunning ways to step on the suffering masses around the world. This criticism should not be taken as an endorsement of the equally toxic Republican party and the conservative establishment in our nation’s capital. Although I return to my previously held notion on this front; I prefer the sincere thieves who are Republicans compared to the malicious paternalism of Democrats.

Hypocrisy is a cancerous curtain that gives cover to the evil that is done in the name of democracy and governance. We are truly led by sociopaths and the criminally insane. Common folk have a modicum of regret and a sliver of a conscience when they commit wrongs. To the contrary, our political leaders regularly unleash hell upon humanity only to go to sleep at night without an ounce of remorse and then get on TV the next day and lie through their teeth.  It is this ability of opinion leaders and the ruling class to partake in fraud and deception that prevents most Americans from understanding just how perverse our politics have become.

The same chicanery that Hillary used in defrauding Haiti and tweeting a message of hope about Black Panther was evident in the movie itself. The continent of Africa suffers in large part because the CIA and other intel agencies around the world keep sending covert ops and paid mercenaries (jackals) to destabilize nations and sow strife among tribes. Yet in the movie, agent Ross was portrayed as the good guy even though at this very moment western spooks are loosening horrors in Niger, Chad and beyond. Hillary is no different than the CIA agent who was portrayed in Black Panther. Fiction meets reality, the true criminality of Hillary and agent Ross are painted over using Hollywood scrips, special effects and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

Sojourner Truth once noted, “truth is powerful and it prevails”. No matter how much money Hillary and Bill make, no amount of cash raised or spent can wash away the blood on their hands. I pray all the time that women would lead us because we men keep running the world into the ground by insisting on leading with ego instead of serving with humility. However, let the women who lead us have the heart of a working mother who feeds her children instead of the warped malice of Hillary Clinton who enriches herself as she feeds on suffering people around the world. #HillaryKilltons

“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” ~ Tennessee Williams

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