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May 24, 2017

Tag: Hillary Clinton

The Yates Debacle: the Parody That is Our ©hiquita Republic

A long time ago, during the inception of our nation, Benjamin Franklin was asked a question by a lady after the constitutional convention ended. The elderly woman asked Ben what the delegates had devised during their closed-door deliberation. “A republic, if you can keep it” was the short yet prescient response Franklin gave her. He

Tedros Adhanom: the Butcher W.H.O. Cuts for Stones

You can’t make these things up. Sometimes the irony of life is thick enough that even the butchers of Ethiopia by the name of TPLF can’t shoot it with their Lockheed Martin imported guns. I wrote an article about Atse Tewodros II (link), a true hero of Ethiopia, less than 12 hours ago only to wake

Reich Resistance: the Cunning Hypocrisy of Ivory Tower Democrats

“Once more into the breach!” These words, spoken by King Henry V in Shakespeare’s play, might as well be the official motto for people across this globe who choose to rise up and refuse to give their necks to thugs in boots. Tyranny is a fool’s errand, despots can oppress the masses, but eventually enough

Warren Indignation: How Democrats and Republicans Play US for Fools

See corresponding article below the video. Ready for a different perspective that might induce a bit of discomfort? Perhaps you can call this the Morpheus Red Pill versus Blue Pill moment. I know there are a lot of people out there who find their identity through politics and ideology is the prism many view the

Aristocratic Philanthropists: Profiting from Pains; Purveying Injustice

I wrote yesterday of the vile nature of some so-called philanthropists and how they use subterfuge and theatrics to hide their malicious endeavors. Today’s Ghion Cast takes off on this theme and delves further into the very issues most of us are rightfully outraged about. There is a connective tissue that binds up most of

Slow Broil to Weimar

Let me say from the outset that Donald Trump’s executive action targeting Muslims is an affront to anyone who cares about the values of freedom and liberty. By arbitrarily singling out a class of people for state sanctioned discrimination, Donald Trump has joined the club of despots throughout history who have turned turned to xenophobia

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