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Lame Donald and Our Broken Government: the Paralysis in DC is on Purpose

Oh Donald Trump, we barely knew ye! Conned your way into the White House by promising to make America great again when all along you were just using a catch phrase to get more power into your minuscule hands and to pump up your already gargantuan ego. The old me would have taken to Facebook today parroting DNC talking points and basking in the glow of pure schadenfreude after witnessing your singular promise of undoing Obamacare crumble into the Potomac River. Oh how I would have ate it up as my partisan hackery would have been inflating the legacy of Obama while tap dancing on the expired political capital of Potus 45.

But the old me has been replaced by the “woke” Teddy; without the hindrance of partisan goggles and the myopia of political affiliation, I can present to you ladies and gentlemen an objective assessment of political news without being a partisan toady like your favorite mainstream media pundit. While too many people are getting their feathers ruffled and others are beaming ear to ear as if Trump’s supposed failure is akin to Ruth bearing a child at the age of 80, I am viewing yesterday’s development in Congress through a whole other prism. I know some of you already understand what I am about to type below and I hope the rest who have yet to wake up to the duplicity in DC decide to shed your partisan blinders and stop being bamboozled by demagogues and Republican and Democrat confidence men.

The failure to repeal Obamacare yesterday was not shocking to me; I wrote a long time ago that Obamacare will NEVER go away. I did not gain this knowledge because I have some inside source in DC nor am I some sort of a medium that can divine the future. Some political hack stated that an entitlement once passed will never be undone because those who depend on the new entitlement become motivated voters when the law is threatened to any shape. But this assessment is a half-lie that comes from either an ignorant observer or a prevaricating politician who throws the corrosive aspects of our politics at the feet of the voter.

The truth is that entitlements don’t get repealed because there is too much money being made and there are too many rich hogs feeding at the trough of bureaucratic programs for those laws to ever go away. Obamacare is a prime example of this; the corporate lackey Obama sold empty hopes and vacuous dreams to his voters–I once being one of them–in order to hand over millions more Americans into the arms of a broken healthcare system. This is why the insurance companies were tripping over themselves to endorse Obamacare when it was first being debated; hell they practically wrote the legislation as it forced Americans under the extortion of financial penalties to sign up to health insurance even if they don’t need or it want it.

This is big brother-ism in it’s highest form as a nefarious law was passed under the guise of a social safety net. I will hand it to Democrats in this way, they are more cunning than ten thousand foxes for they keep peddling grievance and supposed benevolence as a means to kneecap people into perpetual dependence. At least Republicans are honest with their perniciousness; they tell us off the break that their aim is to give yet more tax cuts to the wealthy even as they lie like shit and peddle “trickle down economy” as if the wealthy will give to the masses when they get their billions. Our economy has in reality been turned into a squeeze up economy; it’s like America has been turned into a giant toothpaste tube where the impoverished, the working class, and the middle class keep getting squeezed in order to enrich the 1%.

The truth is that both Republicans and Democrats are co-dependent pricks who are working together in order to bleed the masses in order to feed their wealthy benefactors. As we keep fighting over political developments and ideologies which don’t pay our rent, both Democrats and Republicans are laughing their assess of at us. I want you to understand this one thing if nothing else: the paralysis in DC is on purpose. All the infighting and squabbles you see on TV and the endless ways the corporate owned mainstream media perpetuate the perception of gridlock in DC is all bullshit to the core. The whole thing is one big production where the most avid “liberal” and most avowed “conservative” in Congress are nothing more than actors who are pretending to stand for principle when in reality they lie down like the whores that they are in order to please their corporate pimps.

Remember back in 2009 when Obama first got elected and the country was in the throes of an economic collapse. The right thing to do would have been to bail out the victims of the biggest larceny in the history of humanity and punish the crooks on Wall Street who gambled with our savings and made billions in the process. But Mr. lying ass hope and change Obama did the complete opposite; he gave over 14 trillion dollars to the criminals who bled us and to the homeowners he told to eat cake. Notice there was no Republican obstructionism back then? Both sides of the isle swiftly saluted and gave away the store to the plutocrats without nary a resistance from the GOP nor Democrats. When the rich gentry want laws passed, both Democrats and Republicans join hands together to transfer yet more wealth from the 99% to the elite few who already have godless billions.

The truest form of bipartisanship in DC is the one where Democrats and Republicans unite to fuck us over. Excuse the language but sometimes harsh words are needed to convey the harsh realities of how politicians are murdering the American dream and selling all of us into corporate slavery and government dependence. The same way that Obama deceived the masses in order to gain power, Trump did the same to his side in order to lay his toupee on White House pillows. Both Obama and Trump have one thing in common, they used the pains and suffering of people to feed into the “us versus them” divide and both peddled grievance in order to gain power. Both are equal assholes and shysters who know how to manipulate people in order to get what they want.

So no, Obamacare will not go anywhere because there are endless corporate interests from the insurance industry to consulting companies like my former company Booz Allen Hamilton who are making fortunes bilking and fleecing the masses. Obama promised to bend the cost of healthcare; what a lie, what he did was bend all of us over as the cost of healthcare continues to explode. Trump promised to repeal ACA and then gave a half-ass effort to make it seem like he tried when all along Trump, Paul Ryan and Republicans and Democrats in DC knew the law had about as much chance to be repealed as billionaires have a chance of getting into heaven–that would be zip, zilch zero.

But the band plays on as the pundits and politicians continue to play all of us. So this morning I wake up to see people either gloating or brooding as one post after another on Facebook is talking about Trump’s failure. But if only they knew; the whole thing is one big act as Trump and Democratic leaders are most likely playing golf at this moment getting drunk while the rest of us stay getting punked. One day we will wake up to this utter fraudulence of our government and unite as one people and when that day arrives we might actually become the bosses of our nation. Until that day, we will stay getting screwed as more and more of us go from middle class to the abyss of indigence. This is how the masses get oppressed by the 1% and how the many stay getting robbed by corporate larcenists. We keep letting the elites bamboozled us through theatrics and lies–we are the ducks getting lamed #LameTrumpUS

The deception of our government is this; political cycles give the perception of change when in reality policies remain the same.

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