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MIC Lovin: Terrorism When They Do It; Defending Democracy When We Do Same

At this point, we’re looking for a miracle to avoid another U.S.-sponsored slaughter that’ll probably be word camouflaged by calling it “Operation Freedom Eagle” or some other McPatriotic name. I am referring to the impending U.S. attack on Syria. It might happen before this story even goes to print. There is a slim chance we might get lucky and Trump will get bored and find some other evil to commit. He already found some time to pass an executive order to punish the poor for being poor.

I want to point out a few things about going to war with Syria. It’s not just the fact we could be marching straight into the Third World War. No, not that alone is why I say this course we are on is evil. The evil is this: It’s murder. Killing people who are not immediately threatening your life is murder. The military does not get a free pass. That was proven at the Nuremberg Trials. That you couch your state-sponsored murder as “military action” does not make the women and children any less dead. The United States uses the flimsiest excuses to murder people worldwide and somehow thinks itself justified because it does so with drones and aircraft.

People will say to me, “OK, what about defending the lives of others? Is it OK to kill in such cases?” That’s a big grey area when you have a government that has repeatedly lied to get into wars where it claimed to be doing that and ended up killing several times over the number of people that died prior to U.S. involvement. I would say that when we have a government that cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth, I find the “defense of others” justification to be false. If we want to defend the lives of others, we need to start right here and reign in American cops currently engaged in the mass murder of African Americans and getting away with it.

People will say, “What about the rights of those Syrians who wanted to change their government?” And this is in regards to the rebels that started the Syrian Civil War when they began an insurgency against the Syrian government. We hear a lot from the U.S. government, especially Senator John McCain, about these alleged “freedom fighters” trying to deliver Syria from tyranny. So it is claimed. But let’s flip this over, shall we? What do you suppose would have happened if the Occupy Wall Street movement picked up a lot of steam and seized a couple National Guard armories and started a revolution? And they were moving on Washington DC with captured tanks and artillery to force the government to yield? Does anyone really think the government would have given up without a fight? That they would have just handed over the keys to the White House? Of course not. The very first thing the government would have done is mobilize federal troops to put down an insurrection under U.S. laws that permit that. How, then, do we imagine this same dynamic does not apply to Syria?

For that matter, when the right wing goes on this bent and states threaten to secede, it is often the Democrats that then come out and threaten the use of federal troops to quash such a rebellion. The U.S. government will allow no one to secede, attempt a revolution, or “change the government” by means of armed force as the Syrian rebels have done. Make no mistake. The U.S. government would gladly shoot a couple million Americans to defend its own power if a revolution began here. That this same U.S. government cheers it overseas is hypocritical because Homeland Security is ultra paranoid of such movements beginning within the United States, which is why they monitor the writings of dissidents and critics of the government.

People will say, “But Assad gassed his own people!” Oh, did he now? And this justifies going in and killing a couple million people? Again, let’s flip this. Remember when the police were gassing protesters in Ferguson? What if, say, Russia decided to put a stop to that, launched a few cruise missiles, and blew up police stations in Missouri? Then said, “The President gassed his own people! We couldn’t just stand by watching and not intervene!” The U.S. government would probably nuke Moscow over that. But the United States thinks it has the right to intervene when it would never permit others to do so to it. This is the U.S. credo of “Do unto others, then split.”

But if people think the U.S. really is a force for good in the world, they are so deep into the delusion I don’t know what it would take to wake them up. If the Iraq War did not wake them up to government lies and deceptions, I don’t know what will. The truth is, this whole Syria thing is a strategic plan to isolate and, eventually, invade Iran. The United States government has long cherished the idea of playing Marcus Licinius Crassus over there without remembering what happened to Crassus in the end. Click To Tweet

Yes, the United States thinks that taking Syria will provide the needed staging area to invade Iran. But it has forgotten Iran fought an 8 year war with Iraq and took 600,000 casualties killed in action during that war. The Iranian military are highly motivated and well trained. That’s why they could sustain a war with Iraq despite being at a disadvantage in regards to weapons at that time. But the biggest mistake is the U.S. thinks taking Syria will be the same as defeating Saddam’s military back in 2003. Well, for one thing, Iran isn’t just going to sit there and watch Syria fall and then have U.S. troops sitting on it’s front doorstep. Again, the U.S. wants to play Crassus over there but forgets that happened to Crassus.

I am astonished that people believe this same old story about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” from the same government that said this to invade Iraq. And people that said we were lied to about Iraq believe the government about Syria! This is what I call “pride in ignorance”. People become attached to a view and defend it vociferously even when all the evidence points to them being wrong. It’s usually the right wing that does this but, my gosh, there’s a ton of liberals out there supporting an attack on Syria! Look, you’re either against war or you’re not. There is no category of “anti some wars”. You don’t get to say you cherish human lives and then support sending American troops over to take them. No, you don’t get to have that luxury. You’re a murderer because you’re the person saying go kill those people. You know, Charles Manson didn’t kill those people himself. He told others to go do it. So shake hands with him if you support wars.

But the point I want to return to is this: The U.S. kills innocent people. These wars and military “interventions” are wholesale slaughters of innocent people. Are Syrian military forces innocent people? Yes! And why? Because they have not attacked the United States! The only reason a country should attack another is to defend itself when it is being attacked. As far as defending the lives of others, you know what? That’s why the United Nations was created. The solution to stopping countries slaughtering its own citizens or others is not unilateral military action. It is in strengthening an international system of justice that can intervene without ambitions of seizing land and oil. Has unilateral military action by the United States resulted in justice? No.

We have become the police of the world, instead of fixing our backyard, we are intent on destroying the foundations of nations for the sake of capital accumulation.

The truth is, people can believe whatever they want to about Assad. But it cannot be denied that Syria had less people in prison per capita than the United States. Who, then, may crow the loudest about a just and equitable society? Assad’s government provided electricity, water, roads, and relative prosperity. Was it perfect? No! But is the United States perfect? Far from it! The United States government cannot provide safe drinking water to the residents of Flint, Michigan, for several years now! How can this government assume any moral high ground to criticize Assad? Assad isn’t responsible for Flint. The U.S. government sits atop a heap of decaying cities with unsafe water systems, cops gunning down unarmed people in the streets, prisons so full that building more is a major industry, and skyrocketing poverty levels, and then points afar saying, “Look! Look at Syria! Those poor people are being oppressed!”

The ultimate truth is this: The United States government murders innocent people overseas. It also murders people here in fact by police and through neglect and an abject failure to provide the basic things human beings require. But once a government becomes this attached to evil, it is all that it can do. And it’ll bear false witness to get people to go along with it. Make no mistake: If you support the U.S. attacking Syria, you support the murder of innocent people. I don’t want to hear excuses. Own it. #MICLovin

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~ George Orwell

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