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Race Profits: Fixating on One Racist, Neglecting the Root Causes of Racism

Watching beltway politicians, news pundit and media personality gnash their teeth in disgust, it is easy to overlook that Donald Trump is their best friend and cash cow. Pelosi, AOC, Cuomo, Colbert and every ivory tower liberal and so-called “progressive activist from the District of Caligula to Hollywood are popping bottles at this exact moment; instead of focusing on the root causes of racism and doing the work necessary to mend America’s deepest wound, they would rather fixate on the bigot in the White House.

Let me be brutally honest here, I could not care less about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s hurt feelings. Far from suffering from injustice, the so-called “squad” are currently hitting the media circuits, elevating their Q ratings, and burnishing their name recognition. In short order, they will all become millionaires while the people they are leveraging will remain mired in poverty in perpetuity. The truth is Trump did them a huge solid, he elevated all four from backbenchers to the forefront of political discussion. However, “the squad” did not get the attention of mainstream media without a cost; they all sold their souls and implicitly agreed to become pawns and tokens of Democrat Inc.

Instead of speaking truth to power and leading national conversations that casts light on the sources of racism, the media darlings of the moment swallowed their tongues and pretend as though one man is the epitome of all that is evil in America. There is nothing as malevolent as people who speak half-truths in the face of injustice. Contrary to popular belief, racism did not begin on January 20th, 2017; systemic forms of exclusion and prejudice have been aimed at “black” people’s backs since the inception of this country. When it comes to the sins of the past and the discrimination of the present, both Democrats and Republicans are equally complicit.

It is a given that Republicans are a party of piety, prejudice and profiteering; though they have duped a large swath of Americans into believing that the GOP stands for “conservative values”, the truth is the party of Lincoln has transformed into the country club of godless globalists. However, as insidious as Republicans are, Democrats have them beat when it comes to duplicity and malice. At least Republicans have the decency of telling you that they are not with you, Democrats on the other hand smile and put their arms around your shoulder only to stick a shiv in your back the minute you are not looking. Such is the way of bourgeois hustlers.

Here is one thing you should know about Democrats, they love to talk about injustice and harp about the unequal treatment of women and “minorities” when they are not in positions to do anything about it. The minute elections are over and Democrats gain power, they quickly toss aside the concerns of their “base” and drop to their knees on the floor in a blink of an eye in order to serve the interests of the very principalities that exacerbate social inequalities to begin with.

Who do you think created the Federal Reserve and handed the keys to this nation over to the banking mafia? Who do you think repossessed gold from Americans in order to create fiat currency and enslave Americans with perpetual debt? Who do you think passed NAFTA and impoverished the working class and cratered the middle-class? Who do you think gave over $14 trillion dollars to the same Wall Street criminals in 2008 while letting countless millions of Americans’ homes be foreclosed? That would be Wilson, FDR, Clinton and Obama in that order—all Democrats.

Racism is not just about taunts and insults, racism is a structural issue that robs hope and opportunity from tens of millions of “African-Americans” and minorities based on skin color and external traits. Racism is a caste system that uses color codes to assign social status. Racism is the disparate treatment that is evidenced in the way “black” and brown people are valued at work, school and in society at large. Racism is economic inequalities, redlining and gentrification that has effectively turned millions of “African-Americans” into second-class citizens in a country that their ancestors built with their sweat and blood.

Far from addressing the structural issues and economic inequalities that give rise to and worsen racism, these fraudulent puppets of corporatism are pouring fuel on the fire. The only way we can ever overcome the ugly legacy of racism is if we are able to galvanize a broad public movement that transcends politics and speaks to our common humanity. Democrats, Republicans and the media-politico complex writ large have zero interest in leading this conversation; to the contrary they are conditioning us to bash each other. As long as they can keep us divided and program the proletariat to bicker with each other, they will keep prevent a mass movement that can truly bend the arc of history towards justice. Racism is a very profitable business, keeping it alive enriches the establishment and enables them to keep power over all of us. #RaceProfits Click To Tweet

Since Democrats  and the liberal left are unwilling to address the disease of racism, the only courage they can muster is to rage at the symptoms. And boy do they put on an show worthy of multiple Oscars, instead of doing the hard work of helping the victims of racism, ivory tower debased (you know I don’t call them elites) turn to chicanery and froth at their mouth acting like they are mad at Donald Trump. If you look closely, that froth at their mouth is steamed milk for they are nothing more than latte liberals playing the part of social justice warriors in front of cameras and on social media.

To my fellow “African-Americans”, let me take this moment to impress upon you this one last message. Stop letting these malignant politicians and paternalistic politicians and pundits use you as billboards. Unlike some black pundits, I am not here to tell you to walk off the Democrat plantation and seek the confinement of the Republican jail cells. It is high time for us to stop being shepherded by civil rights leaders who are really paid agents of the status quo. Like Bob Marley said, we have to free ourselves of mental slavery; for too long the chains they have put on our minds is the idea that Moses would come for us from the establishment. No more, we must lead ourselves out of bondage and seek the mountain top of free thought.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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