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Our Podcast, The Breakthrough, Is Back

by Kate Brown

In January, we launched The Breakthrough — a podcast where investigative reporters reveal how they nailed their biggest stories. And now we’re starting a new season, on June 16.

This season you’ll hear how one reporter uncovered a story involving a missing loan shark, a mobster and a cop with a questionable side hustle. You’ll also hear how another reporter’s investigation of labor laws took him from a chicken plant in Ohio to a village in the mountains of Guatemala. And, we’ll tell the story of a small news site in Vermont that took on a huge resort developer and prompted a major investigation.

Last season, we asked for your feedback and got lots of great responses. We would love to hear from you again. Tell us what you like, what you haven’t liked and send suggestions of stories we should feature on the show! Email us at

We’re really excited about this season and hope you are too. Go to wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe to the ProPublica Podcast to get the new bi-weekly episodes starting June 16.

We also have a bonus episode for you this week. It’s hosted by one of our recent Emerging Reporters, TyLisa Johnson. She spoke with Carrie Levine from the Center for Public Integrity about campaign finance reporting in the age of Trump.

The ProPublica Emerging Reporter program that TyLisa is a part of gives college students of color mentoring and stipends so they have the financial flexibility and support to do great journalism. It includes ongoing mentorship, a trip to our New York newsroom and a $4,500 stipend per semester. We are accepting applications for our 2018 program now, so apply!

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher.

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