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June 29, 2017

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Video: US Launches Hideous Propaganda Campaign to Justify Military Action Against Syria

Featured image: Additional units of US marines assisting the fight in Raqqa (Source: South Front) The US is actively preparing public opinion for a direct military aggression against Syria. The White House claimed on Monday that it has a “potential” … Powered by WPeMatico

Supreme Court Weighs in on Trump’s Travel Ban

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to review lower court injunctions against Trump’s travel ban in October. US District and Appeals Courts blocked them … Powered by WPeMatico

Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men from Hate Speech But Not Black Children

by Julia Angwin, ProPublica, and Hannes Grassegger, In the wake of a terrorist attack in London earlier this month, a U.S. congressman wrote a Facebook post in which he called for the slaughter of “radicalized” Muslims. “Hunt them, identify them, and kill them,” declared U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, a Louisiana Republican. “Kill them all. For

White House Says It Will Fake “Chemical Weapon Attack” in Syria

The White House claims that the Syrian government is preparing “chemical weapon attacks”. This is clearly not the case. Syria is winning the war against the country. Any such attack would clearly be to its disadvantage. The White House announcement … Powered by WPeMatico

Trump, Republicans Seek to Euthanize 80 Million Young and Old Americans: Democrats Will be Accessories to the Crime

“These county lessons are significant because Medicaid is the largest funder of preventive health, births/pregnancy, drug recovery and mental health treatment services. When we talk about the growing costs of Medicaid, it is prudent to remember the population being served. … Powered by WPeMatico

Israel’s Efforts to Hide Palestinians From View No Longer Fools Young American Jews

Few books on Palestinian history become bestsellers. But one, titled A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era, managed to rocket to the top of Amazon’s charts this month.  Its author, Assaf Voll, an … Powered by WPeMatico

In the Twitter Building: Tech Incubators and Altering Perceptions

San Francisco. The Twitter Building on Market Street, San Francisco, sounds like an aviary bustling with activity. With its bright open spaces and chirping entrepreneurs hatching the next project, it might as well be. Several floors are dedicated to what … Powered by WPeMatico

Future Shock: Imagining India

What might a future India look like? If current policies continue, it could mean dozens of mega-cities with up to 40 million inhabitants and just two to three hundred million (perhaps 15-20% of the population) left in an emptied-out countryside… Powered by WPeMatico

US Deploys ISIS to Central Asia

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal. America created and supports ISIS, al-Qaeda and other well-known terrorist groups – using their fighters to advance its imperium. In December 1991, the Commonwealth of … Powered by WPeMatico

Today’s Plutocrats Seek to Recreate 19th-century Dystopia, Child Labour Rampant in Asia, Serfdom on the Rise Here

“The disparity in income between the rich and the poor is merely the survival of the fittest. It is the working out of a law of nature and a law of God.” –John D. Rockefeller, 1894.  During the … Powered by WPeMatico

Kansas’ Tax Cuts Are a Spectacular Failure. Meanwhile, in California

Tom Steyer Republican legislators in Kansas did the unthinkable this month: They voted to raise income taxes, ending a painful five-year experiment with an extreme anti-tax agenda introduced by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. Powered by WPeMatico

Father Daniel in Syria: “There Never Was a Popular Uprising in Syria”

Since 2010, Father Daniel Maes (78), from the monastery of Postel in Belgium, has been a resident of Syria’s sixth-century Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. He has returned to his … Powered by WPeMatico

New U.S. State Department Syria Covert Operation: ‘The Seven Americans’

According to the New York Times, the U.S. Administration sends a group of civilians to Syria with the aim to try to restore stability in some areas. In particular, the issue at stake here is about territories liberated from … Powered by WPeMatico

ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Killed?

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. In 2005, US forces captured Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Iraq, holding him for several years at Camp Bucca. Little is publicly known about his … Powered by WPeMatico

Gonder Hibret event in Seattle

June 24,2017 Gonder Hibret organized congress in Seattle. Gojam global cooperation, Shoa Association for Ethiopian Unity and Wollo Ethiopian heritage society will be part of the congress. Gonder Hibret has got a spot in the vendor’s section at the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America event which will take place between July 2 and 8.

UN Expert Touts Universal Basic Income as “Bold and Imaginative Solution’ to Poverty

Andrea Germanos, staff writer Amplifying the call for a universal basic income, a United Nations expert has presented a report describing the idea as “a bold and imaginative solution” at a time of growing economic insecurity.

Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List of U.S. “Regime Changes”

GR Editor’s Note This incisive list of countries by William Blum was first published in 2013,  posted on Global Research in 2014. In relation to recent developments in Latin America and the Middle East, it is worth recalling the history … Powered by WPeMatico

Syria Media Distortions: The Latest Case of US “Stumbling” Into War

A recent headline in The Atlantic (6/9/17) earnestly pondered if the US was “Getting Sucked Into More War in Syria.” “Even as Washington potentially stumbles into war…” was how the article’s discussion began. One of the most common … Powered by WPeMatico

US Demands “Much Greater” Chinese Pressure on North Korea, or Else

In what amounted to a barely disguised threat, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson yesterday declared that China had to “exert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure” on North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs, if it “wants … Powered by WPeMatico

Sorry, But It’s Entirely the Right’s Fault

Photo by Dave Maass | CC BY 2.0 Many commentators are suggesting that both right and left are equally to blame for all the polarization between them. They’re wrong. The reason for all the bitterness between left and right is entirely the right’s fault. Right-wingers who suggest otherwise are self-deluded – and usually projecting. Exhibit

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