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Parkland Indignation: We Barely Knew Ye

Did anyone actually think there would be action taken after the mass murder at a Florida school? Did anyone think the AR-15 would even be subjected to the most minuscule of regulations governing its sale and possession? “Oh, Jack, you’re a cynic!” Am I? Or am I just pointing out that if nothing was done after the past several mass murders carried out with this weapon, one more is unlikely to spur a corrupt government into action?

Now, in the past, the government has taken action to limit access to weapons that were being regularly used in crimes. That is how automatic weapons (machine guns) became illegal in the 1930s. Before that, they were legal to own. But they were used in mob-on-mob violence and bank robberies and the government took action and removed them from general sale to the public. But in that era, there was some visibility into what makes for the general welfare and safety of the society as a whole.

It’s like a broken record, tragedy has become a repeating tune that fades into silence the minute the outrage is over.

No, there won’t be any change. There will probably be several more mass murders and nothing will change. The candlelight vigils will fade away and America will forget until the next one happens. It’s a pattern. All too predictable and tragic. Horrific and mind-numbingly mired in the apathy of a foolish and useless Congress and Senate.

Today, it is nearly impossible to pass any kind of law upon its own merit. It gets tied up and eviscerated in the House and Senate and if it ever makes it to the president’s desk, it has all the effectiveness of wet toilet paper. The House and Senate are basically two debating societies of political philosophers arguing over how many House and Senate bills can dance on the head of a pin. They don’t exist to enact any meaningful legislation. They exist to smooth the ways of commerce, protect the market, and look the other way as illegal wars and started or entered without Congressional declarations of war. If anyone thinks the 2018 election will bring a change to this system, they are mistaken.

Already the Democrats are saying the 2018 elections are going to create a paradigm shift in Washington. How?! And by whom?! That anyone believes that is what makes it astonishing, not that they said it. There will be no paradigm shift. If Democrats are elected, they’ll continue using every excuse in the book as to why they can’t get anything done. For one thing, all they’ll do is play obstructionism bingo up there, like Republicans do with them. It is supreme theater, getting us all to believe they actually are the characters they play. I, for one, chose to walk out of this theater quite some time ago.

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Jack Perry

Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.
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