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Seek Yourself First

I come from a culture and was raised to believe that doing the right thing was being polite, doing what is expected, not rocking the boat, and not doing anything that would bring shame to yourself or your family. Honor was being respectable, responsible, a good girl and following all the rules. That was doing the right thing as defined by most cultures and families. That is until I started to see life with my own eyes and experience.

Doing the right thing is not about how the outside world defines you or what you sacrifice within yourself to be what society or others expect you to be. Doing the right thing is following your heart, honoring your intuition, trusting your gut feeling, owning your mind and speaking your truth. It is sometimes doing the very thing that you should not do. It is standing up for what you believe in no matter what circumstance or outcome. It is being boldly truthful even if everyone around you wants to live a a lie. It is taking action you believe in even though you do not have a guarantee of the outcome. It is living by faith not proof. Click To Tweet

It is the very thing that may make you stand out. It is taking a chance to be talked about and ridiculed, it is standing on your own two feet no matter who or what tries to rattle you. It is believing in something that feels right to you even if does not make sense to anyone else. You do not have to rationalize or explain away your truth for no one may be able to understand, but you know in your heart of heart it is something you have to do. It is taking a chance, risk losing everything before you realize that you have everything to gain.

We can travel to the ends of the world and journey ten thousand miles, but the first step to discovering purpose is to first look within ourselves.

It is living life by your standard, belief, value no matter who tries to change you. It is standing up for yourself and what you believe in. Once you stand and start living according to your truth you help liberate and inspire others to do the same. You also realize all those negative outcomes you feared where in imagination for our creator and the universe always work on the side of truth. Then you will begin to find your space in this world for you will find others who you can connect with on a real level. The world will be sweeter as you cherish every moment of your truth for the only freedom you can cherish is the one you boldly claim by honoring yourself.

Your truth is what makes you unique, human and free. You were born free to be who you are meant to be. Forget what you have been taught to be, that has taken you away from the very thing that you born to do on this earth. If you stop yourself from doing anything that ever meant anything to you for the sake of another regardless if it is your parent, child, friend of lover then you alone are responsible for the outcome of your life. Everything and anything you ever wanted is there waiting for you, that is until you get clear and stand in courage and truth to honor who you really are. May you continue to seek light and love in your travels. #SeekYourself1st

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Rahel Fikre
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Rahel Fikre

Rahel is a writer who believes in the power of unity and the healing power of love. A mother of two who understands the challenges of working full time while providing for children, Rahel sees the struggle of humanity not as one of politics or religion but about the spiritual connection we all have with one another.
Rahel Fikre
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