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Finding the I Within

In a world full of victims, there is an inherent dilemma. If you can relate to this story, you will realize that you are not the first person to get it backwards. You, a kind generous person, so giving and loving that you would go against your own personal belief, intuition and value to be there for others. You then rely on the assumption that these people would either be grateful, reciprocate your good deed or brag about your kindness but somehow that day never seems to come. People instead show you their indifference, ungratefulness or worse yet end up discounting or forgetting about you all together.

Your first instinct is to resort to your old sob story of how you always find yourself in the same situation. You start berating yourself for being so stupid and naïve and vow to never do it again, only to find yourself right back in the same pattern of giving without getting back. No matter what social media feed you read, there is a common thread of givers who feel like they are so amazing and somehow keep being taken advantage of. Some become bitter, some become depressed, some become distant, some become bullies, others boastful and some lose any self-respect they may have had for themselves. So how do we start healing from a world full of traumatized victims and how do we identify these victims? How is any reconciliation going to occur when we continue to see ourselves as the victim and only see the victimizers in others?

What if I told you that both the victim and victimizer have been you all along. What if I told you that every drama, pain, and suffering you are experiencing is at the hands of the one person that has been with you since the day you popped into this world. Would you spend that time to find out the real truth or would you still go on believing that others are responsible for your plight? Would you have the courage and conviction to admit that you could be the true victimizer of your own soul and spirit? What if you are the one refusing to believe your greatness as you were created and have created every illusion known to man to fool mankind into acknowledging our potential?

You have fallen from the heaven state not because you sinned but because you believed the limits placed by others and forgot the knowledge of your true essence. We are all spending time limiting the true greatness in others because of our inability to acknowledge greatness within ourselves. What if you are living life backwards? Instead of unlearning all the limits we have come to believe within we are wasting time trying to make others see the greatness within us? What if we are all using each other to live out this self-fulfilling prophecy instead of elevating each other?  It is a true waste of time because the very people you are trying so hard to impress are the very people who are busy trying to do that for you or others.

If you only knew that no one can acknowledge anything in others until they truly learn to acknowledge it within first. We are all living empty lives trying to be something for someone else when we are more than enough within already. If you look deeply, you can see that you have created the pathway to give others the authority to victimize you and then spending the rest of your life being bitter and angry of their trespasses. You have frittered ample time neglecting the potential of your life by creating and writing the sad story of your sorry life script. There is no incident so grave that your spirit would not be capable of healing. No matter what your circumstance, all you must do is look within to see that no person, event or circumstance could ever take you away from the magnificence of your spirit. You are cut from the cloth of the almighty creator so why are you lost in the smallness of your human experience?

What if your problem is that you have set your belief about yourself so low that you are inviting guests to come and play the victimizer. There is no one that can harm you unless you give out the invitation to do so. Even if you are not aware of it in your conscious world, you have to know that somewhere in the depth of your subconscious mind you have a belief that you deserve all the crap you keep attracting. Yet, because we have a creator who loves us so greatly, he is kind enough to keep bringing that deep buried belief to the surface so you can finally heal. He keeps sending us clues, messages and messengers that are leading us to that path inward. So, what if the so-called victimizers that keep popping up in your life are your spirit guides trying to show you how low you are living within?

What if they are giving your buried belief a voice, a pathway outward so you can finally acknowledge that you have been the greatest victimizer to yourself. Would you spend that time fighting them or being bitter against them or would you use that opportunity to acknowledge what they are trying to show you? We are all in this world together and if we stop labeling things are either good or bad we would be grateful for the role we play in each other’s lives. We are all playing victim and victimizer in not only our lives and each other’s lives because we are all here to help ourselves and each other grow spiritually.

We have got to learn to ignore our primate instinct that needs to flee, label, judge, destroy or squash anything we perceive as a threat and look at it as an opportunity for spiritual growth. This is not to say be a doormat or a victim, but instead know the power of self-reflection, non-judgement and discernment. Learn the difference between what is going to harm you or what is going to elevate you. Don’t just jump to your first instinct but learn to look, analyze, and understand the underlying lesson in everything that is coming your way.

There are times to walk away, times to take a stand, time to accept and time to grow. You never have to be stuck in any circumstance if you learn to move thru your experience with the fluidity of water. Never be attached to any outcome or experience, but instead allow yourself to be submerged by the experience and move when the time calls to move. We are 98% water internally and we can learn to do this without much effort. You can see the baggage most are holding on to because they are denser than iron. You can feel the heaviness of their spirit and the garbage of their energy before they even open their mouth.

Most have learned to disguise their garbage because they are using some exterior illusion to mask their empty souls. Don’t be fooled by exterior illusions. Sometimes they are the ones that are more lost because they are the ones that walk around with their yoga mat, drive their little mini coopers, buy the house in the city, go on silent retreats and try to travel the world but deep down they are only chasing the darkness within with an exterior illusion. This is not an external journey and no matter what you are doing to fool the world at the end of the day all that matters is the I within you. The day you stop your judgement, anger, projection on others and give up your victim story, will be the day you begin your journey inward. Click To Tweet

No greater adventure can ever replace the inward travel to your soul and spirit. I am not talking about some dogmatic, religious zealot who exploits your pain and sorrow for their financial reward or those that spend their time trying to convince you of your duty to obey to attain a space in heaven after you are no longer in this world. I am talking about a true spiritual journey that not only connects you to your Creator but to the Oneness of humankind and the universe. You don’t need anyone to tell you the exact way how to do it since we each have our own individual story to overcome.

You just must take that first step towards your inner journey that has been waiting for you and you don’t even need a passport or money to get there. Safe travels and may you travel light and free to the greatness that awaits you within.

Rahel Fikre
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Rahel Fikre

Rahel is a writer who believes in the power of unity and the healing power of love. A mother of two who understands the challenges of working full time while providing for children, Rahel sees the struggle of humanity not as one of politics or religion but about the spiritual connection we all have with one another.
Rahel Fikre
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