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Stormy Affair: the Trump that Wags the Media Dogs

Excuse me, but am I alone here in not giving a damn about this whole Stormy Daniels thing? I mean, of all the inhumane and wrong things Trump is done, a sexual affair between him and one other consenting adult is what tears the social fabric here? This is a deal that needs to be between him, his wife, and Stormy Daniels. Not the people of the United States, the Foolish Bedroom Inspectors (FBI), and Mueller The Great Savior of the Democratic Party. Again, who cares?!

See, a U.S. president could order the mass murder of a million people and the press wouldn’t blink an eye. But let him have an extramarital affair while doing so, then the moral outrage and cries of unethical behavior come forth. Wow. So killing people is just the price of politics but adultery is the biggest moral crime? Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this or is it just me? There is plenty to oppose Trump on but who he slept with should not be one of them. Click To Tweet

Look, Stormie Daniels can say what she wants, but she’s got a lot more money than the struggling poor here in the United States. This Mueller shindig is not going to do any of the following: A.) Reverse the executive order from Trump taking food stamps away from the poor and disabled who can’t find a job. B.) Remove the ability to use military force from Trump before it’s too late. C.) Reverse the Trump tax cuts that have just forced the U.S. government to take out a massive loan to pay for them.

The Democrats have beaten this “It’s Mueller Time!” meme into the mud and, excuse me, but Mueller and the FBI do not run the United States. Where is this much-vaunted rule of law?! The FBI is not one of the three branches of government! No, they’re not the judicial branch, people! That’s what the Supreme Court is! And the chuckle merchants in the Congress have abdicated their own Congressional responsibility to stop this man and handed it over to the police! Why are people so enamored with a “Blue Wave” in 2018? It’ll be a “Blue Wave Goodbye To Common Sense”. If they win.

It’s like the Congress is too damn lazy and scared to confront Trump so hide behind the coattails of the FBI who Trump is clearly not afraid to fire. Say what you want about Trump, but he’s not intimidated by anyone in the government from Congress to the FBI. That’s what should twig everyone to the fact of how dangerous he really is. His instincts for self-preservation are overruled by his need for instant revenge. And there sits the Congress thinking they can just deal with him the same way they did Bush. Man, it’s like sitting in the Maginot Line watching the Wehrmacht assembling and saying, “No, fellas, they’ll respect the Maginot Line.” The Congress thinks it and the FBI are the Maginot Line and Trump won’t just go around them and render them useless.

Poverty is becoming the new normal for too many Americans and the rest are beset by anxieties at the thought of joining them, yet the press focuses on this idiot president.

The pathetic nature of the Democrats is they can’t even say anything of worth without the obvious butt-kissing to their corporate overlords. In other words, one reason they can’t really present opposition to Trump is because Trump is doing things the Democrats secretly support. You see things from Kamala Harris about decent wages for people who “work a 40 hour week”. So, the unemployed, the part-time workers, the disabled, and the barely making it on 36 hours don’t deserve that? They can’t even say what’s right! Everything they say is tempered with capitalist hogwash. Disclaimers on what’s right. “People deserve a decent life. Well, if they meet the following conditions…”

Trump does what he wants, fires who he wants, writes the laws he wants, and right up front tells anyone who doesn’t like it to go to hell. And he has the Democrats like a scared puppy cowering in a corner during a thunderstorm. The cowardice of the Democrats is only matched by their complicity when they signed on with that $700 billion defense budget and support laws to give the president more power. For all the “Resistance” they claim, they’re not fit to even look that word up in a history book. Look up what the French Resistance did in World War Two. I ask you, does that sound at all like the Democrats? If the French Resistance was like the Democrats Resistance, it would be 2019 and they’d be telling the Wehrmacht, “Gee, guys, do you think you could help us to retain the VichyCare medical plan? And, gosh, could you maybe shoot a few less people?”

I scoff in the general direction of the Democrats. Everyone knows the Republicans write their own jokes in the form of tax cuts and social program cuts. But the Democrats play the straight man to the Republican Harpo Marx every time. The Democrats are a joke unto themselves. That’s why of all things, they latch on to this Stormy Daniels thing when the real crime is Trump has collectively screwed the entire nation as the Democrats were paid the hush money. #TrumpWaggingDogs

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” ~ George Orwell

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