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Sustainable Recovery: A Whole Family Solution with Tim Harrington

Sustainable Recovery™, Inc., believes in supporting the whole family: mind, body, spirit. We realize emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well being are intertwined. 

We believe, while it’s important for a loved one to realize that they have an illness, they are more than that illness. We can help someone figure out on their own who they really are. Instead of saying ‘You’re an addict’, ‘You’re bipolar’ or ‘You’re schizophrenic,’ we can help someone feel comfortable and say, ‘I’m a person, not my diagnosis.’” The point is to move forward in life.

Adopting an addict identity can be especially problematic for young people whose identities are not yet fully formed. Doing so may make what may well be a transient problem into a long-term one, by teaching them that addiction is inevitably chronic and relapsing. Since no one can predict which youth will “mature out” of addiction and which will not, teens should never be forced to attend 12-step groups—nor should they be made to label themselves as addicts.

We also believe that working in tandem with compassionate, clinical, professionals is crucial. 

Each family is unique and is treated that way. We don’t see our clients as a diagnosis or a billing number. 

“The words most frequently used to describe what we do includes the following: identify, engage, encourage, motivate, share, express, enhance, orient, help, link, consult, monitor, transport, praise, enlist, support, organize, and advocate” 

– Timothy Harrington, Chief Empowerment Officer, Sustainable Recovery™, Inc.

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