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October 19, 2017

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The CIA and Me: How I Learned Not to Love Big Brother

Photo by Andrea Yori | CC BY 2.0 In the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks, Washington pursued its elusive enemies across the landscapes of Asia and Africa, thanks in part to a massive expansion of its intelligence infrastructure, particularly of the emerging technologies for digital surveillance, agile drones, and biometric identification. In 2010, almost

The Predictable Casualities of Counterterrorism

Photo by Kevin Krejci | CC BY 2.0 Julian Cadman, the 7-year old Australian killed in last weeks’ terror attack in Barcelona, was a predictable casuality. Western political leaders can rise above the cycles of violence that produce such attacks anytime they like, but choose not to, essentially guaranteeing an endless stream of victims. Such

The Breakthrough: Behind the Scenes of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Bid for President

by Jessica Huseman We watched on election night as dejected Hillary Clinton supporters poured out of New York City’s Javits Center, but we didn’t see her campaign team wrestling with how and when to concede. And in the months leading up to that moment, we watched Clinton give long, disjointed speeches, but we didn’t see

Failure to Set Cost of Carbon Hampers Trump’s Effort to Expand Use of Fossil Fuels

by Andrew Revkin President Donald Trump’s efforts to boost fossil fuel extraction face a courtroom hurdle of his own making. His March 28 executive order “promoting energy independence and economic growth” rescinded the Obama administration’s calculation of the “social cost of carbon” — a metric that had been central to the process of crafting and

Is Anybody Home at HUD?

by Alec MacGillis This story was co-published with New York magazine. In mid-May, Steve Preston, who served as the secretary of housing and urban development in the final two years of the George W. Bush administration, organized a dinner at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, D.C., for the new chief of that department, Ben Carson,

Covert Narcissism: The Insidious and Hidden Nature of Psychological Abuse

This year, Chanel participated in the Boston photo exhibition, Invisible Fractures: The Hidden Trauma of Emotional Abuse. She hopes to raise awareness that emotional abuse is domestic violence, and that narcissistic abuse, especially when it’s covert, is particularly insidious. She enjoys hiking, baking, reading and writing. Chanel joins our host Kristin Sunanta Walker as she takes us

Where Does Good Parenting End And Codependency Start?

Kevin Petersen, LMFT joins us for another discussion with a focus on parents, children, and codependency. Kevin is a dedicated, caring, and understanding professional who works with families in crisis. Kevin was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA and earned a bachelors from USC in 1994, and enjoyed a prosperous career in Sales and Marketing

Sustainable Recovery: A Whole Family Solution with Tim Harrington

Sustainable Recovery™, Inc., believes in supporting the whole family: mind, body, spirit. We realize emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well being are intertwined.  We believe, while it’s important for a loved one to realize that they have an illness, they are more than that illness. We can help someone figure out on their own who

Ethiopia’s Tigray Region bags gold award for greening its drylands :Reuters

By Alex Whiting Reuters August 22,2017 Photo : Tigray farmers on trainingSource : Agriculture for Impact / USAID ROME, Aug 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A major project to restore land in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region to boost millions of people’s ability to grow food won gold on Tuesday in a U.N.-backed award for the world’s

Strike in Oromo region of Ethiopia

Oromo Region of Ethiopia soon to have a coordinated strike borkena,Ethiopian News August 22,2017 Saturday’s rally was the first rally to be held in Addis Ababa after a series of Oromo and Amhara protests elsewhere [Reuters] via Aljazeera / File After nearly a year under state of emergency, protest against Tigray People’s Liberation Front government

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