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Trumping Buffoonery: the Distraction that is “the Donald”

Sometimes, few words are necessary—a picture suffices. This picture above is front page of CNN that I just screen shot a few minutes before I started writing this article. Wall to wall sensationalism. Trump, Trump, Trump! And notice what is the picture above the fold, a banner selling HSN trinkets because nothing says corporate news like maximizing ad revenues.

The maxim of yellow journalism used to be “if it bleeds, it leads”. No more, now the hacks in corporate media have turned to Trump’s imbecility to hawk their vacuous propaganda—their new motto is “if he Tweets, he leads”. Meanwhile, as mainstream media is busy feeding the public arsenic by way of toxic outrage, here is what the corporate news hounds are not reporting on:

  • Obama’s Syrian intervention is quickly devolving and threatening to break out into a regional war as Turkey is the latest state actor to join the fray in order to fill the vacuum created by the military-financial complex. Because if you are a superpower backed by super weapons, starting genocides means never having to say your guilty.
  • After the charlatan Trump promised that the $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut would mean more jobs for Americans, Walmart and Kimberly-Clark announced yet more layoffs and numerous corporations have announced plans to initiate stock buybacks. So after this latest tax cut was financed by pilling on yet more debt that we (and our children) will have to pay for, the 1% are sticking the shiv in our backs as they yet again enrich themselves. Can someone say pyramid scheme?
  • 22 veterans committed suicide. That is the average number of vets who turn to a last solution because they are unable to cope with PTSD or because they are unable to go on living a life of hopelessness and homelessness. Which proves that patriotism is sold by the wealthy and borne by the poor.
  • The class of 2018 is a few months away from graduating. What awaits them are stagnant and regressing incomes, low wage employment for more and more graduates, and a society that blames millennials once the generations before them allowed this nation to be run into the ground.

This is why we are medicating ourselves on the lunacy of Trump and the divisiveness of our politics. It is easier to rage against the machine instead of working for a solution. But we better wake up, mainstream media is intentionally getting us spun up into a tizzy. A political impasse cometh, a perfect manufactured crisis, that will serve as a pretext for the next economic implosion. When that moment arrives, Trump the distraction will become Trump the scapegoat and the same banking gangsters who tanked our economy in 2008 will get away Scott clean again. #TrumpingBuffoonery 

When everything is an outrage, nothing is an outrage—this is how injustice becomes a cost of doing business::

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Our mission at Ghion Journal is clear, do not become like CNN and the hacks at the corporate press. Check out the Ghion Cast below as I explain the fatal flaw of corporate news and what makes us different.

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