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May 24, 2017

Tag: Wall Street

Pence and the Pious: Between the Sanctimonious and the Hypocrites

I wonder which party is worse. Is it the Democrats who pretend to be for justice while hobbling the masses into indigence with their pernicious monetary policies? Or is it the sanctimonious Republicans who pretend to be for family values and Christian principles while they implement policies that are the polar opposite of everything Jesus

War of 1812 Revisited: The Nullification of the American Revolution

How did the Brits march right to Washington DC and burn down the White House in the War of 1812 and yet manage to lose the war? This was something that always percolated in my mind whenever I read about the second war that America fought against the British empire less than a generation after

From Obama to Trump: the Grand Deception of Cyclical Change

There was a time not too long ago, 9 years ago to be exact, when I was a through and through political tool. I fell hook, line and sinker for the fraud that was Obama as I traveled over 15 states volunteering my services for free trying to get the “first black president elected”. Nothing

Rock Felled: Money Can Buy Unwarranted Praise, It Can’t Stave Deserved Condemnation

The lives we choose to lead have consequences in this life and the next. Those who choose virtue over selfishness are rewarded as they leave behind a legacy of goodness as they are remembered for their deeds. Those who choose greed over generosity will be remembered in time for their deviancy and the dishonor they

Corporate Fascism, Monetary Terrorism, and Political Myopia: Trifecta of Self-Nullification

We are on the cusp of a symbolic gesture meant to appease the public and perpetuate the farce that we the people are in charge of this nation. The symbolism I am referring to is the changeover in power—out goes Obama and in comes Trump. In other words, meet the new boss, same as the

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