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Conservative Buffoon or Liberal Tool: Blueprint for Black Pundits

What I’m presenting before you can apply to a wider set of malcontents than the corporate media pundits who are given token voices from the “African-American” community. I understand very well that the status quo loves only those who speak in dog whistles and spread grievances and will not allow any rational person who can speak to our common humanity anywhere near the megaphone that is mainstream media. But I’ve noticed a trait that is possessed by “black” blowhards that is common within the liberal wing and the conservative wings of the pundit class.

There is a quality of servitude and servility about these would be intellectuals that is at once laughable and sad; they are presented on TV as caricatures that fit the mold of either a liberal shuck and jive buffoon or a conservative house negro. There is not an original thought to be found in most of them; they just repeat the same mantra and drivel over and over again as if they have the hands of the masters who pay them right up their collective behinds. I’ve said many times in the past that paychecks make slaves of all of us, but hot damn if Republican or Democrat poodles don’t take this truism and run with it in ways that would impress Usain Bolt.

This is actually upsetting to me even as I try to write this in jest; there is a systematic constraint that is placed on the “African-American” community that reduces us to either the mouthpiece of one party or the other. I would be remiss if I did not point out that large amount of the onus resides on us; we keep being loyal to ideologies and entities that do nothing but bury us deep into the gutters of insufficiency and dependence. I myself was once a loyal stooge of the Democratic party until I realized that the Democratic party only values us as voters and not as equal citizens. The whole party is dripping with paternalism; which is by the way a form of bigotry as harmful as the ignorance displayed by the most rabid racist in the GOP.

I know people will read into my condemnation of Democrats as some sort of endorsement of the bankrupt Republican party as they skip right over the previous sentence—ideological myopia is antithetical to rationality. Let me disabuse anyone of the thought that I’m some conservative shill; for God’s sake do we have to reside in the shackles we are given? I do not belong to either party and I refuse to babble the ideology of the moneyed gentry who are doing nothing to help me and doing everything to kneecap endless communities. Both parties are equally bankrupt and so is the media class who love to use injustice as a business model as they leverage our suffering to make the next marginal dollar.

Alas, independence from ideologies makes one a walk in the wilderness alone; society has been too trained to see everything through the narrow prism of ideology, identity and useless dogmas. The demand is just not there on a broad level for those who offer analysis and assessments with a modicum of originality unconstrained by ideologies. I could sit up here and bash Fox News and MSNBC for the yellow hounds that they are, but at the end of the day, consumers perpetuate mainstream media fatuity by tuning in and ignoring the rational voices who refuse to be the lackeys of either liberal or conservative media outlets.

Add on top of this an intentional suppression by the part of the mainstream media of anyone who does not speak through partisan orthodoxy and what is left is a public discourse that only channels the voices of the most ardent ideologues. If there were no harmful effects associated with the level of inanity that is broadcast over the public airwaves and through the internet, I would leave well enough alone and let these fools do what they do. But there is an injurious aspect of these toadies who go on TV and write in newspapers as they spew mind bending level of dependency and neediness to the masses.

Both liberal and conservative pundits are being rewarded for conditioning us to believe that we are insignificant and that we can only achieve our worth if we bow to either liberal or conservative mantras. Instead of speaking hope into us and our children, they whisper insignificance and insecurity as they peddle grievance and stoke outrage so that we can always be “the others” who are apart from the tapestry of America. This is a playbook of divide and colonization that bled the continent that was once called Ethiopia; tribalism led to a genocide unparalleled in the history of this planet and the renaming of the continent to Africa.

See what I just did in the last two sentences was speak truth apart from the propaganda we are forced fed—truths that neither liberal or conservative will dare touch. They won’t challenge conventional wisdom no matter how much of a lie that convention proves to be. To speak up and challenge dogma is to tempt potential backlash because nothing burns quite as bad as the third rail of identity in America. It takes courage to speak against lies; lacking even an iota of fortitude, these partisan lemmings and ideological tools instead cravenly choose to perpetuate the lies of history and the distortion of the public indoctrination system.

The history of the continent of Ethiopia is profound and the narrative of those who were stolen from the continent of man’s inception is magnificent as well. The uprising in Haiti matches the valor and distinction of the Spartans who were portrayed as heroes in the movie 300. Except the story of Haiti and François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture is true whereas the way 300 portrayed the story of King Leonidas is utter fiction. The story of Adwa is even more astounding than the revolution of 1776 as Ethiopians united to repel a colonial Italian army. But these stories are rarely taught to our children; instead the beginning and end of the “African-American” experience is distilled through the prism of slavery—the better to keep us mired a perpetual state of 3/5th significance.

Malcolm X stated a long time ago that one of the biggest threats facing the “black” community was the black intelligentsia who are so worried about finding acceptance from the system that they are willing to run over their own people to be embraced by “the white man”. Man was Malcolm X right; we are being led by a bunch of gutless black leaders (notice I did not use quote marks here, this will make sense when you see the video below). Bracketed by conservative loots and liberal stooges, we are being driven over the cliff of self-nullification by a village of partisan jackasses who care not a smidgen about any of us.

I want to be sympathetic to their plight, I really do. I understand very well that speaking out against the system of injustice that is at the root of iniquity which robs hope from all is one that will lead to being marginalized. But then I realize that they are willing to sell their souls and us down the river in order to get exposure on TV and sell their books. It’s all about money you see, the same way that some “Africans” sold their own brothers and sisters into slavery is the same way that black conservatives and liberals in the media are selling all of us down the river.

I know this playbook well. If I tamed what I wrote and channeled the victim mode of Ta Nehisi Coates or the servitude of Larry Elders, I’d be at the New York Times or Fox News by now. If the two books I wrote were about anger and vilifying “white privilege” instead of speaking of our togetherness and the need overcome injustice through unity, man my books would be flying off shelves right now. The status quo embraces the hate mongers on the left or the right; these ignoble “thinkers” are doing the work of the system of oppression even as they speak out of both sides of their mouths against it. But let me walk alone speaking my truth before I sell my soul for the sake of acceptance, rather be penniless than to be wealthy at the cost of my people. I will let the black troglodyte who are presented as modern day Moses have the spotlight they so earnestly covet.I’m talking about the Al Sharptons, Van Jones, Herman Cain and the Ben Carsons of the world. These vacuous parrots get paid handsomely and live like royalty by betraying each and every one of us for the sake of a few million shekels. They are the modern day Judas who crucify the hopes of a people in order to live in chalets in the Hamptons and mansions in Georgetown. The change will never come from these overseers; their job is to make sure that we remain mired on the plantation of dependence and despondence. Here is a modest proposal, turn the channel off on these soulless and empty suits and seek knowledge for yourself. But if you want to be famous and make millions, all you have to do is cater to either conservatives or liberals and sell your soul to be accepted by the “establishment”. #BluePrintForBlackPundits 

“I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong, than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.” ~ Malcolm X

If you want to know why I kept using quote marks on “black”, “white”, and “African-American” watch this Ghion Cast below and see what these feckless pundits and educators refuse to teach our children as they bury us into insignificance and antipathy towards ourselves and against others. 

History’s Malevolence

The middle ground is treacherous
Preaching unity to all sides dangerous
I mean trying to find a universal language
Creating consensus out of chaos
Is often laden with insults—profoundly onerous
It’s easier rebuilding the tower of Babel

But lend me an ear brethren and sisters
What if I told you history was malevolent
Facts rewritten by victors and conquerors
In order to split the masses into opponents
Propagating propaganda to prolong injustice

What if I told you that the Civil War
For example to pick one of many instances
Was not truly about slavery
It was about the economy
Forcing one ideology over another
The powerful versus the feeble
A clash of aristocrats and the prosperous
Who duped the powerless to fight each other
Most “white folk” in the south
Were struggling as indentured servants
Deteriorating in barrenness

Now the powerful spread lies
Fracturing society into encampments
Pains of the subjugated
Being used to hide intentions of a system
In the process pitting one against the other
Racism is about power
But they deceive you into thinking
That fellow victims are racists
To obfuscate the true malevolence of bigotry
Hiding the hands of those who bleed society

What if I told you
That poor “white” folk in Antebellum
Had more in common with “slaves”
Than they did with nefarious “slave” owners
And only a fraction of society, the wealthy aristocracy
On both sides of the war irrespective of location
Thrived in the midst of hardship

The multitudes on both sides
Living in destitution and squalor
As they teach that Lincoln was the “Great Emancipator”
Educating us to elevate a president
To the status of God for “black people”

Maybe you should read Lincoln’s speech
“A House Divided”
And you would realize that history
Is full of utter bullshit
Injustice only prospers
When the people are splintered
And feed into the propaganda of the system

Did you get mad, think of me as a sellout
As if I was dismissing the horrors of slavery
Or diminishing the pains of its legacy
Do you think I am trying to erase Jim Crow
Will you accuse me of negating
The terrors of Reconstruction

Or do you understand
That the ancestors of “black” and “white”
The children of the masses
Irrespective of color
Are besieged in poverty and squalor
At this precise exact moment
For the Civil War is still raging
As they pit races against each other
Trying to instigate strife and friction
As they manipulate society
To rupture into racial warfare and hostility

Think about this for a moment
Who shares the burdens of the broken
Of “black folk” who shiver in Chicago?
Is it the bourgeoisie Congressional Black Caucus in D.C.
Is it the “first black president”
And the jive talkers like Sharpton
And his ilk who live in Manhattan partying in the Hamptons
Attending soirées in Martha’s Vineyard chalets
Or do poor “black” folk in the cities
Have more in common with their brethren
The impoverished “white people” in the Appalachians?

It’s always easier to speak to individual grievances
To impassion flames instead of spreading light
Insults follow the ones who preach universal justice
Applause given to those who demagogue incessantly
See history is meant to cleave people
To teach that others are dissimilar
But in truth the lives of most are unbearable
Slavery has taken on a new concept
Where debt has become the new bondage
And poverty is the new shackle
Most of us are ensnared in irrespective of identity
More and more falling into this depraved captivity

When it comes to historical injustices
The sins of a diabolic few
Cannot be blamed on the masses
I mean Mussolini’s army not too long ago
Terrorized my native land Ethiopia
As mothers and children
Innocent civilians
Perished by the hundreds of thousands
Charred up by chemical weapons
A holocaust visited upon my ancestors
But I can’t blame Italians
For the horror of a murderous cabal
For there are masses in Italy
Suffering just like the masses in my country

This same message I preach to my fellow Ethiopians
Those who are blinded by tribalism
As they insult their countrymen
Letting animosity overcome their emotions
This is the reason Ethiopia is shattering
And why tyrants rule with iron fists
Injustice making us forget our common heritage
Making us disregard that we are one people
United by one common struggle
It’s always easier for the powerful
To pilfer the citizenry and fleece us blindly
As long as we are distracted by differences

To “white people”
This message I reiterate
So called “minorities” have identical struggles
The same burdens that you go through
So why get mad at the meager means
Of those who are broken by poverty
The pittance given to those caught in bleakness
Instead of being outraged
By the thievery being undertaken by the few
The billionaire class who we worship
As they swindle our life savings

History is mendacious
Truth subverted into propaganda
Instead of dwelling on past pains
And residing in separable grievances
Why don’t we unite as one people
If you want to end injustice
Stop monopolizing pain
And understand one thing

We are all in this together
Or we will suffer forever fractured
This is why I keep using quote marks
Around the words “white” and “black”
Because these labels are pernicious
They prevent us from realizing our cohesion
For we are more than labels
We are humans united by the same purpose
History is full of lies and divisiveness
It’s in our hearts we find humanity’s oneness

~ Excerpt from Serendipity’s Trace, a book of our common struggles and connective hopes. Click HERE or the picture below to find out more about Serendipity’s Trace. If you are digging this poem and want others to hear of it, share this article on social media using #SerendipitysTrace ~ 



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Originally from Ethiopia with roots to Atse Tewodros II, Teodrose is a former community organizer whose writing was incorporated into Barack Obama's South Carolina primary victory speech in 2008. He pivoted away from politics and decided to stand for collective justice after experiencing the reality of the forgotten masses. His writing defies conventional wisdom and challenges readers to look outside the constraints of labels and ideologies that serve to splinter the people. Teodrose uses his pen to give a voice to the voiceless and to speak truth to power.
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