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May 24, 2017

Tag: Van Jones

Trumping the Civil War: Willing Liars and Willful Ignorance

I was slightly bemused and mildly miffed yesterday when news broke about Donald Trump’s absudity in praising Andrew Jackson. The news hounds started baying at moons and frothing at the mouth as they rushed to cast Donald Trump as a racist. In the process, they yet again started to rip open the wounds of America’s

Conservative Buffoon or Liberal Tool: Blueprint for Black Pundits

What I’m writing below can apply to a wider set of misfits than the pundits who emerge from the “African-American” community. I understand very well that the status quo loves only those who speak in dog whistles and spread grievances and will not let any rational person who can speak to our common humanity anywhere

Race Leading Us: Rethinking the Black Lives Matter Movement

Event Alert: Join us on Saturday, April 22nd if you are in the Northern Colorado area as we discuss “Race and Identity in America”. Click HERE (link) to find out more about the event. The article below is a much needed “adult conversation on race” we were once promised–the change shall come from us. Those

Breaking: Boom! Perfect Response to Trump as 13 Year Old Throws Shade and Drops Mic!

I hope you don’t get too mad at me for the satirical title I used in order to draw you to this missive. I promise though that my actions are not gratuitous for there is a purpose behind my Monday morning antics. Let me assure regular readers of the Ghion Journal first and foremost that

A Sessions and Situational Morality

It’s almost laughable if it was not so tragic and outright pitiful. To see once ardent war hawk Republicans become Russian loving doves and to witness once fervent dovish Democrats all the sudden become bellicose war mongers is an exercise in situational morality in ways I could never have imagined. By the way, let me state

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