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Roosevelt vs Roosevelt: the Champion and the Charlatan

The more I look back in life, the more I realize that public education is nothing more than a mass indoctrination system. I hope that people don’t read into this some type of partisan statement (no I am not carrying the water for the pugnacious Republican party) and I definitely hope people don’t think I’m casting some sort of aspersion towards those who choose the honorable profession of being a teacher. But there are some teachers who would rather pass along propaganda instead of teaching kids the truth. I could cite a thousand examples of how lies are peddled as historical facts but let me highlight one instance that reveals the duplicitous nature of historical narratives.

For the longest time, I bought hook, line and sinker into the notion that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was some type of champion for the people. We were taught in during formative years and beyond that FDR was a benevolent president who rescued America from the depths of the Great Depression. Ranked as one of the great presidents, Franklin Delano was portrayed over and over again as the rock who delivered America from turmoil into calm waters with his steadying hand of leadership. FDR, we were taught, was the reason that America was saved from the grips of the Great Depression.

What a bunch of bullshit. The whole thing is a lie, FDR was no more responsible for lifting America out of the Great Depression than I am for designing the Lean Tower of Pisa. The truth is that America was mired deep in the grips of an economic malaise for FDR’s first two terms and throughout the 1930’s. What brought America out of the Great Depression was the most horrific of wars and had little to do with FDR’s domestic policies. World War II jump started the economy by turning unemployed men into soon to be war causalities and giving businesses and corporations new revenue streams becoming part of the war supply chain. Rich man’s fight; poor man’s war—rings a bell doesn’t it?

Not only are history teachers and duplicitous politicians lying about FDR’s role in ending the Great Depression, they go one step further and lie through their teeth as they paint Franklin Delano as some type of working man’s hero. He was no such thing, FDR was part of aristocracy and one of the richest presidents to occupy the White House who was pushed to the forefront by Morgan, Rockefeller and Hess to name a few, to save the very same economy that Wall Street destroyed. What I’m going to write next is going to sound eerily familiar. FDR warned Wall Street that he stood between them and the angry public. People will read into that statement some sort of a threat to the banks that they better shape up or ship out. In reality, FDR was telling the rich gentry that the only way they could save a system of greed and crony capitalism was to get behind his fraudulence.

Con artists get you by meeting you at your emotional need and then taking you to the cleaners. Franklin Delano, a masterful politician and a crafty manipulator, sensed the zeitgeist of anger that was palpable in the American public. Tens of millions of people were wiped out and their life savings were eviscerated as Wall Street imploded and cratered on Tuesday, October 29th, 1929. Termed “black Tuesday”, the collapse of the US economy started long before 1929 as Wall Street degenerate gamblers (they call themselves stock traders) were betting the farm and the entire nation on prosperity in perpetuity. It was not just stock traders that bought into the irrational exuberance, serious economists of the time were making the case that the US economy could grow ad infinitum.

Irrational exuberance eventually gave way to somber depression. The laws of gravity came knocking at the door; what went up soon enough came down. When the downturn came, public hysteria—stoked by men like Morgan and Rockefeller—turned a recession into an economic Apocalypse. A vicious crash destroyed the American middle class and in the process turned tens of millions of people into homeless and hopeless refugees in their own nation. During recessions and down turns, cash is king and those who have it become masters of the world. The very same people who crashed the economy, the Morgans and Rockefellers of this world, consolidated their power by buying up businesses and assets in distress. Fire sells enhanced the empires of the rich while kneecapping the majority of Americans into a decade of indigence.

The time was ripe for a second American revolution. The public had enough of plutocrats and vulture capitalists taking for themselves at the cost of the masses. It was into this breach that the con artist FDR stepped in as he pretended to be speaking for the masses. In reality, he was running interference for the same alternative humans who crashed the economy to begin with. FDR, following the model of Maynard Keynes, funneled billions to Wall Street while concurrently giving chump change to the victims of Wall Street. This is how rich pricks work, as they take billions, they give back pennies on the dollar and make it seem like they are saviors. The programs that FDR implemented—Social Security, TVA, Agricultural Adjustment Act and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration to name a few—did nothing more than prop up a system that should have collapsed.

The New Deal was nothing more than a raw deal. After Wall Street took away the life savings of millions of Americans, FDR gave these same Americans pittance as he gave away the store to the banks. What history rarely recounts is Executive Order 6012 that Franklin Delano signed which forced Americans to relinquish whatever gold they had at the threat of jail sentences. FDR, acting every part a plutocratic tyrant, compelled Americans to turn in their gold reserves by making it a criminal act to posses gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation. He did this in order to make the green back dollar the unquestioned currency of America and by extension the world. He solidified the pyramid scheme that is our fractional reserve system as the supreme law of the land. By the by, FDR was in the same secret society (link) that is bleeding this world and it was during his administration that the dollar was tatted with “Novus Ordo Seclorum” on the back of the dollar—the New World Order completed a hostile takeover of our nation.

FDR effectively turned the Federal Reserve into the final authority of the United States economy and by extension turned private banks into the real government of this nation. Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a quasi-government entity that cannot be interfered with by elected officials and is a conglomeration whose board of governors is comprised of executives from private banks. Hot damn! Our nation is nothing more than a collection of 50 states which are really franchises of private banks. Politics is thus nothing more than a smokescreen and a diversion, the real decisions are being made away from the TV screens and apart from Washington DC. We are a nation that is run by the whims of billionaires. What Woodrow Wilson birthed, FDR fortified twenty years later and Obama then came along to give over $14 trillion by way of monetary and fiscal policies to this very system of greed and capital depravity that is destroying the world. Trump is continuing to serve the hydra that is eating up the life savings and livelihood of everyday Americans.

The sad thing is that both wings of the political divide are asking for the same things even as they yell past each other. Limited government is a good thing; it’s a monstrous federal government that is contributing to the wealth gap that is killing the American dream. Concentrated power leads to nothing but corruption and graft. These endless wars, the preferential treatment to rent-seeking corporations, and the ways we keep getting taxed to death, all of it is anti-Constitutional and immoral through and through. Very few have monopolized power at the Federal level and that power has been co-opted by multi-national corporations. The endless entitlements they give us are nothing more than gateway drugs to get us addicted to the supposed largess of the Federal government; a Federal government which thrives by taking away from the communities where we live.

We are putting a noose around our necks by accepting this nonsense; a country which continues down this road of debt and concentrated power eventually implodes from within. Do we need another “black Tuesday” to show us the folly of empowering a centralized government and a bankrupt corporate agenda? We better be careful for the next economic downturn could make the Great Depression look like child’s play given the Federal Reserve has no more bullets left in the chamber to implement a Keynesian stimulus policy. It is best we shop locally or we will all be enslaved nationally to indigence and hardship.

I asked a friend earlier what FDR and Obama had in common. You see, Obama followed the same playbook of Franklin Delano as he stepped into the breach to promise “hope and change” to the people when in reality he was working for the powerful. Just like FDR, Obama told the banks “I”m the only thing that stands between you and the pitchforks”. These people are cunning; the rich keep giving us the veneer of free choice when all along they are giving us overseers who protect the interests of only the 1%. In response to my question, Hannah Rush (link) responded:

With respect to Obama, his bail-out for the elites offered nothing to the average Joe. His pretend “brand” of hope and change placated enough people for long enough for him to get away with it–that is all as far as I can see. In Roosevelt’s time, the elites were terrified of the “Soviet option” (many thousands had, or were attempting to immigrate to Russia looking for work and some kind of material security). By the time Obama came to office, the U.S. had accustomed itself, since the fall of the competitor (USSR), to never having to make concessions because the people had nowhere to turn.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. There is one way to find out the frauds from the real change agents. If those who promise change are given access to power and then thrive in it, discount these jackasses as fakes through and through. Only overseers are allowed into the master’s house; real change agents either get ran out by way of scandals or are eliminated by way of bullets. Roosevelt was a fraud who gave us a safety net but this same safety net is what has perpetuated a system of corruption and Wall Street excesses that continues to transfer wealth from the 99% to the few at the top of this vile pyramid we have become as a society and a nation.

The real champion of the people with a last name of Roosevelt was his cousin Theodore Roosevelt. TR was a bull moose who had the courage to take on the big banks and busted the trusts who were killing the dreams of American workers. For his troubles, Theodore Roosevelt got a bullet which, by the grace of a greater power, did not kill him because of a speech outlined in a notebook he stuffed in his pocket that ended up acting like a bulletproof jacket. When the bullet could not silence him, the party bosses worked their magic and ensured that Teddy Roosevelt could not get elected again. One of the most beloved presidents, Teddy Roosevelt was made to walk in the wilderness as the Democratic party closed its doors to him. He started a third party called “The Bull Moose Party” but not even the charisma of Teddy Roosevelt could knock down the corrosive walls of America’s two party system.

I’m telling you, always question dogma and conventional wisdom for lies are fed to us in order to keep us mired in stasis. Do not let these teachers pass on state propaganda as truth and don’t let these politicians use talking points in order to keep fracturing us as a people. My friend Otis L. Griffin (link) said “You’re not always responsible for what happens to you but you are always responsible for how you happen to it.” So when you encounter these political and historical perjurers, speak up and speak truth to their disinformation. We keep being led by charlatans who are sold to the public as champions, it is up to us to tell these charlatans to beg off and become champion of ourselves. #ChampionVsCharlatan

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Last tidbit, I already mentioned that Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are cousins. Did you know that Obama is related to Bush and that all the presidents except one are blood related? This is our farce of a “democracy” we are electing the same bloodlines that traces its roots back to England. I’m thoroughly convinced that the devil is a political consultant, he gets his foot soldiers elected. See how they are related below, it took a young high school student (of course a brilliant girl) to unravel this mystery. Click HERE or the picture below to find out more about her story.

If you appreciate this write up and refuse to be silent as liars spit propaganda as historical truths, share this article on social media using #ChampionVsCharlatan

Check out the Ghion Cast below to see how the two party system run by through and through charlatans continues to play us, the people, as suckers and fools. We better wake up and do something about this before the system of greed revisits October 29, 1929 back at us. 



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