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Corporate State Media: Yellow Propagandists Indoctrinating Political Parrots

Never underestimate the power of the corporate state media. These professional yellow press propagandists have the ability to influence public policy and discourse in ways that is unfathomable. Even those of us who are a hip to the cunning ways of the bankrupt “fourth estate” are nonetheless influenced by the corrosive sensationalism and outrage production of professional truth abortionists who wear the guise of journalists. I am fully aware of the awesome power the CSM (I no longer call them the mainstream media because Corporate State Media is a more fitting description), yet I still find myself utterly bewildered how they are able to program the collective mind of the public at large.

Take for example the Russian imbroglio the empty suits at the CSM are currently stoking. The best stories are the ones where the “bad” guy is easily caricatured and a supposed injustice has taken place. They know what they are doing in editing rooms and CSM executive conference rooms; minutia and in-depth discussion does not sell news—duplicitous reporting and shallow stories are the best way to hawk papers and spread corporate state propaganda. Consequently a narrative was set, one empty suit after the next start reading teleprompters and crowing “Russia meddled in our election and that is the reason that Donald Trump was elected!” .

Russia as the “bad guys” becomes the thesis; from this tenant both liberal and conservative publications either push or resist the story in order to splinter the public. But the push and the resistance is both one in the same, neither Fox News or MSNBC—liberal leaning or conservative leaning publications—actually drill into the story to call bullshit and in the process actually do real reporting. The whole purpose of the Corporate State Media is to fracture the public so that political quarrels can gloss over the criminal acts of our Federal government as they act at the behest of their corporate masters in Wall Street, London and Zurich.

Sadly, the broader public picks up on these narratives and then start to parrot talking points without even taking a minute to ask why. People who I thought were cognitively astute and intelligent are now posting disinformation that is being peddled by the Corporate State Media and in the process giving credence to outright propaganda. To go on social media these days is a great exercise for the neck because I can’t stop shaking my head in disbelief as I keep seeing people furthering lies and being manipulated to act against their own interest. I used to think not too long ago—in my own political parroting days—that it was “conservatives” who were being duped to act against their interests. Parrot no more, I realize now that both sides of the political divide are being duped and being played for fools by Democrats and Republicans alike.

First off, our government has no leg to stand on when it comes to the issue of meddling in the affairs of other nations. The same Putin who is being demonized by the press was the man who rose to power because of the meddling ways of our government. Mikhail Gorbachev’s government fell because of US meddling in the affairs of the USSR. His successor Boris Yeltsin’s government went by the wayside because our government kept interfering in Russia’s business. It was a systematic interdiction and efforts of destabilization that gave birth to the strong man Putin. It is the height of chutzpah for our government and their mouthpieces in the Corporate State Media to complain about election tampering—interlopers have no business complaining about foreign interposition. Our government sets aside billions of dollars to interfere and meddle in the affairs of other nations. See Syrian War, Iraq War, Libyan War, and while you are at it, Google “Voice of America”.

I’m not even sure who the bigger parasites are. I mean who is the more pernicious virus and a stain on the fabric of humanity? There are days I’m convinced it’s politicians who give lofty speeches about morality and virtue while having the morality and virtue of Pol Pot and Nero. But then there are other days I realize the true malignancy of those who call themselves professional journalists and the hacks behind the Corporate State Media; after observing their malicious ways for years, I am convinced these folks must be the offspring of Joseph Goebbels and Tokyo Joy. But trying to figure out who is worse between politicians and the toadies at the Corporate State Media is like trying to decide between a root canal performed by a drill bit and getting a finger nail removed by rusted pliers—these two entities are codependent evils and the testicles of Satan on earth. Both ruled by the money billionaires shower upon them; both equally give cover to a global system of greed that bleeds billions.

Do you want to know authentic news and true humanists who want to actually fight injustice apart from the yellow press journalists and lying ass politicians? It’s really simple, just follow the money. The minute any “news” entity or a politician takes a red cent from a publicly traded (read Wall Street) corporation, instantly discount them as frauds and agents of the very same nefarious system of injustice these journos and pols slither their tongues to pretend they are speaking against. Money in this way is the branch and root of evil for those who take money from the source of greed and capital gluttony lose any credibility to stand for justice. How can they speak for truth when their money is earned by spreading lies and giving cover to the very same system that is hobbling record number of Americans into dependency. How can people who earn a living from a corporate scheme turn have any moral standing to speak against a systematic capital cronyism that is sucking the world dry in order to transfer wealth from many to the globalist elite who sit atop the pyramid scheme that is destroying our planet?

I understand up to a point why politicians and Corporate State Media wretches do what they do. After all, they are getting paid a handsome fortune by their corporate masters to perpetuate these lies to the broader public and to keep inundating us with never ending lies. What I have a harder time comprehending is why otherwise rational thinkers and educated people keep swallowing whole these blatant fabrications which are sold to us. This is why ideology and dogma are lethal and an anathema to thought; the only reason people are passing along these fictitious CSM stories is because they are wedded to their political beliefs. In an attempt to justify their loyalty to Obama, Trump, Hillary or Bernie, they will latch on any lie presented to them and then pass it along as truth.

The same people who were once RT adherents and Russian supporters during the George W. Bush years are all the sudden Russian haters. On the other side, those who once hated all things Moscow during the Reagan years are all the sudden Putin lovers. Politics bends the mind and turns people into the most fabulous of gymnasts. Just look how people are able to flip and flop from one position based on the narrative peddled by the Corporate State Media as they let morality be predicated by political ideology. Situational morality is the new normal, we are being led over the cliff by the Corporate State Media as we march to the tune of a million political parrots squawking over the propaganda that is being fed to them. #CorporateStateMedia

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.” ~ Eric Hoffer

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