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Memo to Early Adopters: Disengage Early and Decentralize Now

This article was modified in light of Facebook’s outrageous act of censorship [read A Speech Deferred]. Upon further research, Gab Ai is a social media platform that is free of Facebook’s intrusive and dictatorial policies. 

Movements are birthed by early adopters; movements are eventually killed off by greedy bastards. This is the dichotomy of all great inventions and revolutions. The idealists initially lay the groundwork for disruptive change only for the status quo of greed and avarice to find a way disrupt and then co-opt the very idea that was supposed to do away with the status quo to begin with. What starts off as an audacious idea fomented in the mind of a visionary becomes more than a pipe dream when a second person believes in the dreamer’s vision. From there, two or more dedicate sweat, blood and many tears to plant the seeds that eventually become the forest when the network effect kicks in.

This exact scenario has witnessed the inception and eventual demise of one revolution after another. That was the case with Facebook and Google, two giants who were once just puny ideas in the minds of their designers. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the dreamers and visionaries who dared to take on the tech giants and in the process had high hopes of democratizing the internet and eventually liberalizing the planet. Google wanted to become the anti-Microsoft, in fact their once motto “do no evil” was a shot at the anti-trust ways of Bill Gates and his minions, The same with Zuckerberg, he wanted to turn the internet into a platform to empower people and to turn Facebook into the media of the masses.

Funny how dreams get inverted as companies become bigger and bigger. As Google and Facebook grew, the started to emulate the very practices of the tech giants they swore to do away with. What destroys movements is greed and hubris, Google in time became bigger than Microsoft and then started to engage in the same anti-trust behavior that they once made a show of abhorring—Google no longer says “do no evil”. The more they grew, the greater the evil. The last nail in the coffin was when Google decided to become a publicly traded company. The aim changed immediately; gone were the lofty goals of changing the world, now all Alphabet Corp (the parent company of Google) cares about is maximizing profits and finding a way to squeeze out the next marginal dollar.

The same with Facebook, just like Google they too chose to care more about sustaining growth instead of maintaining their original mission. Zuckerberg might talk a good game about changing the world and democratizing media, but behind the scenes Facebook is selling our data to third parties. More nefariously, they are working hand in hand with Federal they play their part in the pervasive spying of American citizens by our own government. It is this last part that is the most disconcerting, right to privacy has been eviscerated as both Facebook and Google allow companies and federal agencies alike to snoop into every facet of our lives with impunity. If you think this is hyperbole, Google something random and then go on Facebook and see if an ad does not pop up for it on your feed—we live in an Orwellian world sponsored by Wall Street. This is what happens when visions actually become reality and threaten a global system of greed and corporate gluttony.

The only way to fight back against “the system” is to continually evolve and for the idealists to be one step ahead of the dream killers that are the corporate suits and their federated operatives. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the way to keep power in the hands of the people is for the early adopters to keep adopting new means and methods. This is why I’m urging people to join other forms of social media—the more we disperse power, the less power has a strangle hold on humanity. It is imperative to find a social media platforms that are not publicly owned (corporations always use Orwellian words don’t they) and is not part and parcel of the corporate world.

As a website that is dependent on Google and Facebook to reach a broader audience, I would be a hypocrite to tell others to disconnect today and sign up to a lesser know entity. This is not the way of early adopters anyway, ours is more of a transition to a new way as we slowly ween off old practices. I still listen to CD’s after all even though most of my music comes in the form of MP3 and AVI files. Revolutions don’t start with a bang, they start with trickles until we arrive at the next paradigm. The same way Facebook obliterated MySpace, soon enough Facebook will go away and it will be a portal like Gab Ai, Minds, and MeWe which will supplant the current social media giants—hubris and greed lead to crumbles and downfalls.Here is to change. May we never stop our idealism and may we always stay one step ahead of those who want to co-opt change for their own agendas. The vanguard of change and the keepers of ideas are always early adopters. So my fellow early adopters, if you are already on Gab, look me up and add me by searching for Teodrose Fikre or clicking here. For those who are still on Facebook and think that Facebook and Google will never go away, let me end it with this. First, just know if you are getting a product for free, that means you are the product as your information is being exchanged like condoms at swinger parties. Let me put a bow tie on this article with this closing thought: all parties come to an end, trust me, you do not want to be around when the music ends and when the lights come on. Don’t be a straggler—join free thinkers in the next iteration of the social media revolution. #DisengageAndDecentralize

“All modern revolutions have ended in a reinforcement of the power of the State.” ~ Albert Camus

if you appreciate this write up and think that early adopters are the vanguards of change and keepers of ideas, share this article on social media using #DisengageAndDecentralize and make sure to follow them on Twitter @getongab and tell them Thank You and #Tadias. Oh and here is the irony, LIKE their page on Facebook too by clicking HERE.

Find out about Gab AI and add me there by clicking HERE or by clicking on the logo below.

Ghion Journal is a watering hole for free thinkers. Find out more about us, below is a Ghion Cast that aired the same day the Ghion Journal page was banned on Facebook. This is what they consider “hate speech” and against “community standards”.

The second Ghion Cast below is for visionaries, the ones who keep turning dust to diamonds.


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