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The Thing about Trump’s Tweet Though

The more I think about Trump’s idiotic late night Tweets that stir up all kinds of drama the next day, the more the whole thing makes less and less sense. We have to believe one of two things; either Trump’s political staffers are the most incompetent handlers in the history of the presidency or there is something intentional about his continued social media gaffes. Whether the former or the latter is true, only those who work in the East Wing and a few others near the president’s circle of influence know—the rest of us are left with nothing more than conjecture. However, circumstantial evidence can be used to convict people in the court of law, so allow me to build a case in the court of public opinion on the premise that there is something more premeditated to Trump’s Tweets.

Harry Truman once said of the White House that it’s the finest prison in the world. He noted this because Presidents, and politicians as a whole to a lesser extent, lose their authenticity the minute they get elected. Election sloganeering run into the buzz saw of precedents and policies as a swarm of political handlers all the sudden start putting handcuffs on the president. I read an article yesterday (link) where Putin talked about the past three presidents and in the process described how each president was forced into compliance by “men in dark suits.

“Presidents come and go, but the politics remains the same.” As such, an individual, who may have his own genuine ideas, is elected into the White House only to satisfy the illusion of a democratic process taking place. In reality, “men in dark suits”, who remain anonymous to the voting public, continue to pursue the well-established interests of the US elite with each incoming administration.” ~ Vladimir Putin

I know I am running the risk of getting labeled a “Russian troll” by MSNBC squawking political parrots who have eaten up the Russian narrative being propagated by the Corporate State Media. While Putin leaves much to be desired, in this case hit the nail on the head. Presidents do come and go, they leave the same way they came in—reduced to the level of political mannequins. Presidents and are feckless and feeble men who are used like napkins and toilet paper by bureaucrats and the moneyed gentry in America and European capitals even as they are passed on to the world stage as heads of state. From Obama to Bush going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson and before, most of our “commanders in chief” are scripted through and through; there is not an original word that they speak as teleprompters and scripted press conferences are used like strings on puppets.

Remember how Barack Obama would Tweet and post Facebook statuses and sign them with -BO. Those initials were to signify that the messages were personally written by by Obama. All other Tweets and statuses was written by one staffer or another. Even the tweets signed with BO were scrubbed in advance to make sure that Obama was not going to run afoul of some policy or create news. The few times that Obama spoke off the cuff and it did not fit the narrative of his political masters, he was made to march to the podium and wash away what he said. This happened with his statement on Trayvon Martin and Henry Louise Gates as Obama had to eat his words for daring to express publicly how he felt.

This video (link) of Joe Biden being interviewed by Antonia Hylton is revealing in terms of exposing how these high level politicians are whipped into compliance by their political handlers. Hylton asked Biden about his feelings on potentially having a first woman president; as he attempted to answer, one of his staffers brazenly tried to cut off the interview and in the process to muzzle Joe. These are the people in dark suits that Putin was describing; they hover around presidents like a bunch of Sputniks ready to cut off microphones at a drop of a hat and glaring at presidents to let them know to stay in their lanes. Presidents are no fools, they sold their souls to live in the White House—most of them have no interest in challenging the status quo. When they actually do defy vested powers in DC and beyond, they end up getting the JFK treatment.

Thus, one has to suspend logic and cognition to believe that Trump has been able to accomplish what presidents before him never did and has been able to retain his voice. First of all, there is not an authentic bone in Trump’s body; everything from his hair to his soul is counterfeit. Trump will say and do anything to make the next marginal dollar and to get his name in the headlines. So the working assumption then has to be that Trump’s Tweets and outlandish statements are intentional as his handlers are actively encouraging his buffoonery for a purpose. They give him enough leeway to act the jester for the public even as economic and foreign policies remain the same as Obama’s.

But what would the purpose be, one can ask, of letting Trump embarrass himself and America in the process? The answer is simple; that is why Trump was elected in the first place. This is not a way of me gloating, but I predicted a week before the election (link) that Trump was going to be the next president even as our vacuous Corporate State Media was all but crowning Hillary the next president. I made this assertion not because I had some inside knowledge nor because I am some type of political seer. I realized that our criminal political system deceives the masses into thinking that democracy works for us by using the facade of cyclical change in order to hide the invisible hands that truly run this nation.

The Obama deception was an aspect of the cyclical change as Barack was foisted upon us as a departure from eight years of George W. Bush’s boorish and dimwitted ways. A historical moment was needed in order to divert our eyes from the biggest theft in the history of mankind. Obama was the flashy toy that focused our eyes a cult of personalty as the oligarchs crumbled the economy and then gave us “the first black president” to make it seem like change arrived. The puppet Obama got elected promising a new day only to give us another mourning as he transferred $14 trillion+ plus to the same monsters who bled the economy while giving the people who voted for him the middle finger while serenading us with Al Green’s songs.

Cyclical change was needed yet again after eight years of Obama’s effete leadership. Another “historical election” was not going to cut it, the country was too riled up and the mood was not set for yet another “inspirational” election. So the powers that be gave us what we craved, a pugnacious prick who leads with visceral emotion and little intellect. Just as Obama was the anti-Bush; Trump became the anti-Obama. All of this though was for public consumption as policies behind the scenes remain the same. Trump came in promising to end globalism only to end up putting globalist millionaires and billionaires in his cabinet and one of his first actions was to install a Secretary of Treasury who was a former Goldman Sachs executive. Meet the new boss; same as the old boss indeed!

Trump is doing exactly as he was chosen by the elites to do. He was given a talk show on NBC to perfect his shtick and sharpen his acting skills a decade before he became president. He learned to become an proxy personality on TV and he has carried this alternative ego with him right into the West Wing. People discount him as a dummy at their own peril, Donald Trump is a very smart man (link) who knew how to speak a certain language to his base the same way Obama spoke to the pains of his base—both of them used grievance to get elected. He continues to be the carnival barker and distractor-in-chief; with each gaffe and buffoonery, our attention gets diverted and we forget how we are being once again fleeced by multi-national corporations and the big banks.

The rich did not get rich by accident; while the rest of us are following the day to day drama, the elites are planning for the next economic implosion. Another one is coming for our system of crony capitalism depends on cyclical crashes so that the uber wealthy can buy up distressed assets pennies on the dollar. This is why the wealth gap continues to explode; America no longer has a middle-class, we are a nation with two tales where the gentry live like royalty and the rest of us are living in perpetual economic anxiety. This is what Trump is preventing us from seeing; our nation is being driven into the ditch yet again but the public is too busy rubber necking at the orange clown to realize that we are about to be mauled yet again by the bear lurking around the bend. But who has time to think of these things, oooh look! Covefefe is trending on Twitter! #IntentionalTrumpTweets

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” ~ H. L. Mencken

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