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Piety and Hypocrisy: Franklin Graham and the Pulpit Serpents Who Trample on the Pearls of “Jesus”

Pay close attention for I’m about to reveal the playbook that public and pulpit serpents the world over use to silence truth-tellers and maintain their power. Though I’m going to use the story of Yeshua–who was rebranded to “Jesus” by the very pulpit serpents I’m writing against today–my aim is not to preach to you nor is my purpose to convert people. My objective is simple; expose these dogs who take the teachings of Yeshua not to help people but to bury them into hopelessness.

Yeshua warned about these snakes, the very Pharisees who murdered Him. His admonitions about worshiping the wealthy and dishonoring the poor can be found throughout the New Testament. Alas, humanity is beset by this one inherit condition: we are loath to listen to the good in us and we are quick to embrace the debased—this moral failing is what led the First Couple on a self-imposed exodus out of the promise land.

The same reflex of worshiping the powerful and disregarding prophets is what led to Yeshua’s death. Once the Pharisees killed Him, they then turned around and co-opted his story, rebranded his teachings, merchandised His image and turned “Jesus” into a mega-business. This playbook is not contained to just Yeshua; these demonic profiteers did the same thing to Martin Luther King and countless prophets of peace throughout history.

Amazon has nothing on the Vatican, Google is child’s play compared to the Zionists who revived Apartheid in “Israel” and Facebook is an afterthought compared to the mosque of intolerance.

The three major faiths, all interrelated the same way that I’m related to my siblings, were hijacked by politicians who wore the guise of ministers in order to oppress humanity and elevate themselves as demigods. This is why Yeshua was crucified, His principles of equality and love for all were clear and present threats to the hustle of religious hustlers. Back then, the Pharisees were living the life; they proclaimed themselves the keepers of God’s laws that were passed down to Moses only to step on the people they were supposed to lead using laws to imprison the masses. Sound familiar?

Yeshua was a rebel. He rebelled against injustice, He rebelled against the Pharisees and He rebelled against greed. They don’t teach these lessons at Sunday schools. Know why? Because priests and pastors–religious leaders in general–are busy conditioning us to be docile and programming us to be unthinking sheep. Instead of inspecting the reasons why Yeshua spoke against usury (giving money at interest also known as capitalism) and why he chased currency traders out of the temple, duplicitous wolves in priests clothing blaspheme His name and rise above others at their pulpits to encourage their followers to give money in return for blessings.

These mega churches like Notre Dame that keep being erected in His name are blasphemous, the temple Solomon was supposed to build was his people.

There are two moral failings that Yeshua despised the most: piety and hypocrisy. There is a simple reason for this, piety is a trick that is used to hide malicious actions while hypocrisy is a deception that is used to oppress humanity. Yeshua railed against the Pharisees who used piety to pretend that they were sinless and lambasted law keepers who used hypocrisy to subjugate the most vulnerable.

According to the Gospel of John, Yeshua intervened to save a woman’s life by putting the pious and the hypocrites to shame. When people asked Him what should be done with a woman who committed adultery as they prepared to stone her to death, Yeshua noted:

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” ~ John 8:7

Fast forward to the 21st century and not only did injustice remain with us, things got even worse. Once the Pharisees drove a nails into Yeshua and killed Him on the cross, they then went about committing the second act of homicide by killing His teachings. They first tried to erase his existence by feeding Christians to the lions; when that did not work, they decided to appropriate his legacy. Constantine accepted Christianity not out of sincerity but out of political expediency. His decision was followed up by the Nicean Council as they washed over Roman paganism by covering it with the veneer of Christianity. December 25th is really a day that celebrates the Winter Solstice, Easter traces its origins to Eastra’s day and the Vatican is an abomination of Christ’s sacrifices.

Why do you think the Vatican still has Yeshua on the cross; their intention is to kill Him daily as they cover up the depraved actions of their pedophile priests.

What the Vatican started, religious leaders across the spectrum have perfected. Zionists are racists who hijacked the history of Judah in order to steal lands that don’t belong to them. There is a reason that the Book of Revelations calls out the fake Jews who worship in the synagogue of Satan. The Catholic Church is one of the most profitable businesses in the world; Vatican City is, on a per capita basis, the wealthiest nation in the world. Popes weaponized Christianity and turned the bible into a cash cow. Likewise radical Muslims have commandeered a faith of peace into a vehicle of terror. Did you know that the true definition of jihad is the daily struggle in our hearts between good and evil? Zealots took this beautiful parable and use it to justify blowing innocent people apart.

Hypocrisy and piety are the twin pillars of evil that have been used throughout human history to subjugate the masses and to enrich the oligarchy. Pharisees cunningly morphed into priests, pastors, politicians, philanthropists, pundits and public personalities—notice how all of these words start with the letter P—and continue their hustle of profiting from scarcity only to turn around and give a fraction of their stolen treasures as false charity to their victims.

What is done in the dark, the evils done in the name of charity, will be brought in the light and the devils who purvey injustice will burn for their sins.

Which brings me to Franklin Graham. This morning, Graham noted that Pete Buttigieg, who is running to be president, should repent for being gay. Let me get one thing straight; when it comes to either of these people–a pious pastor on one end and a hypocritical politician at the other–I support neither dog in that race. However, I will speak up in defense of gay people and speak against the malicious misuse of the bible that the ravenous wolf Graham reverted to in order to condemn people who choose a different path than what society accepts as a norm.

As a practicing Orthodox Christian, here is what I believe: sex before marriage is a sin. That covers both heterosexual and homosexual sex before marriage. Trust me when I tell you this, in my youth I rivaled Sampson with respect to the pursuits of my flesh. So who am I, once I found my proper path and was blessed enough to find the love of my life, to preach to others whether or not they should have sex before marriage after I spent more than 20 years doing just that? Who am I to bash people who pray to a different God? Who am I to be pious and pretend to have it all figured out?

The God I believe in, Egzyhaber I pray to daily, is not about vengeance but about love. I try to emulate Him daily and I fail each day I wake up. Though the Good Book says that Final Arbitration is His and that we should not judge each other, I am a mere human who doesn’t have it in me to still my tongue when I see injustices being committed in His name. So I speak up against these public and pulpit serpents who rise with the sun to idolize themselves and go to sleep with thoughts of bleeding humanity in order to multiply their ill-gotten gains.

Though at times I question the wisdom of God and find it hard to accept the iniquities of this world, I have full faith in my heart that one day the paradigm will shift and injustice will be no more. Woe to the snakes who slither to power as they restrict humanity in the process; it was more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah compared to the bedlam that awaits when that hour of judgment arrives. These modern day Pharaohs in the media-politico complex and throughout the military-financial complex should not be worried about God on that day for He is merciful, they should tremble at the thought of their victims rising up and turning to guillotine solutions.

Do you know why a most powerful group who run this world by fiat call themselves Masons? They are honoring the son of Miai named Hermes who supposedly defeated the wisdom of Solomon. All secrets will be revealed in time; the sons of Miai should consider this, hubris leads to heat.

In my heart, I still believe in peaceful revolutions and that love is the only way to overcome injustice. But each time I witness the piety and hypocrisy of politicians, priests, pastors, pundits, philanthropists and public personalities and the way they step on the least among us, the more my heart hardens. There is enough on God’s green earth for everyone to share in the prosperity–we could really have a modicum of peace on earth. Instead, the debased among us (they are not elite) insist on unleashing hell upon our planet in order to make the next marginal dollar.

Mark is a form of currency–as in Deutschmark. This is why Yeshua was against usury; the mark of the beast is the money of the Satan. Two pyramids on the back of the dollar, it all adds up to 666.

However, as much as I judge them, the onus is on us, the people these sociopaths keep mauling to wise up and reclaim our dignity. Change will not come from the top; how many politicians will keep promising a new day before we realize that they are all fraudulent puppets? When are we going to say enough? It is not lost on me that Yeshua fed thousands only for three to show up as he bled. At what point are we going to stop being led by fear and being directed by the malignant devils and instead be led by the love in our hearts.

We are blindly following demonic people who have all sold their souls for the sake of cachet and cash. This morning, Joe Biden announced his candidacy and a throng of people got excited. This is the same man who caresses little girls like a creep from a scary movie, yet the same crowd who were all gung-ho about #MeToo are now silent as church mice. Don’t think I’m being partisan about this, on the other side the same “religious right”, who used to sicken me with their piety, swallowed their wicked tongues the minute Donald Trump was elected. The same man who made his fortunes by refusing to pay his debtors and the same man who cheated on his wife shortly after she gave birth is now heralded as a “man of God”. Partisanship and idol worshiping are truly mental diseases.

“Greater things than these you will do”. Yeshua said this to his followers, and that is what made him King of Kings. Yesterday afternoon, we published an article by Johnny Corbin noting that Ethiopia needs another King of Kings in the mold of Haile Selassie and my forefather Atse Tewodros to return to the throne. What Ethiopia, and really the whole world, needs more than a just leader is for all of us to heed the teachings of Yeshua and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Until we turn to love and stop worshiping these pulpit serpents like Franklin Graham, we will keep getting the governments and the religions we deserve:: cc @Franklin_Graham #PulpitSerpents Click To Tweet

Post script: brace for big news on Saturday…

“You have dishonored the poor. Is it not the rich who oppress you and drag you into court? Are they not the ones who blaspheme the noble Name by which you have been called?” ~ James 2:6

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