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May 24, 2017

Tag: Haile Selassie

Etege Taitu: the Lioness of Judah who Crushed Colonization

It is said often that men are the heads of households. But a head is nothing unless the heart of the home provides love, courage and a lifeblood of fortitude to us. Too often we honor bravado and hubris, but we would be nowhere if we did not have the emotional strength and the enduring

The Legacy of Atse Tewodros II: The Quintessential Jegna of Ethiopia

We live in the age of anti-heroes where those who have taken the mantle of leaders think the meaning of sacrifice is to wait until they vacate political office before they make millions of dollars. The zeitgeist is all about self; pursuing wealth is painted as virtue and audacity is defined through the prism of

Marley Riddim Lives: They Killed the Messenger; They Didn’t Silence the Melody

Read the article below the Ghion Cast video; the words I write are always more meaningful to me than the words that I speak. Prophets did not go extinct; every generation has been greeted with one prophet after another who chose to unite people through love instead of seeking self-gratification. What the system of repression

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