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Friday Sketch by Joe Infumari: Weakened Bernie and Assange Strong

Every Friday, Joe Infumari applies his artistic talent and captures the essence of the articles published at Ghion Journal for the week into cartoons. This week’s Friday Sketch is inspired by two articles, one written by Rainer Shea titled “Supporting Assange’s Prosecution is Supporting the Nullification of Freedoms” and the second article written by Stephen Boni titled “Electoral Politics vs. Movement Politics: The Conundrum of the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon“. Enjoy and appreciate the power of cartoons. Use #WeakenedBernie to share this cartoon as a way to shame @BernieSanders and @TheDemocrats @GOP in general to speak up on behalf of Julian Assange. Click To Tweet

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Joe Infurnari

Contributing Illustrator at Skybound Entertainment
Joe 'The Towering' Infurnari is a cartoonist and writer based in Toronto, Ontario. His work as an artist has been featured in print and on screens both large and small. His comics have been recognized with multiple Eisner award nominations and have appeared in publications by Marvel Entertainment, Vertigo/DC, Image Comics, First Second Books, and many more. Joe is currently co-creator and artist on the new series from Skybound Entertainment, EVOLUTION.
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