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Friday Sketch by Joe Infurnari: World Be Fee

They’ve shaped the world to their ends by secretly and surreptitiously eroding our values, our relationship to each other and to the world. We’ve given them consent to plunder the world on the off chance that we could, too. We are now very much like the 1%; suspicious of our peers, vain, seduced by consumer goods and the allure of ‘luxury’. We also now celebrate the humiliation, destruction and failure of others for the small puff of wind it puts in our sails. They’ve made us okay with an industry of mass murder for profit and the almost complete destruction of our ecosystem and economy. #WorldBeFee Click To Tweet

But they, unlike you, won’t suffer the consequences of their actions. Unlike you, they’ll have every benefit money can buy to soften the shocks of climate change or any disaster you’ll face. In fact, your suffering will subsidize their escape. Your children, should they live, won’t have a place in this world except how it might profit the 1%. Are you okay with this? It’s happening right before your eyes.

This cartoon was inspired by an article that Rainer Shea wrote titled “Capitalist Totalitarianism Has a Plan to Dominate the Anthropocene“.

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Joe Infurnari

Contributing Illustrator at Skybound Entertainment
Joe 'The Towering' Infurnari is a cartoonist and writer based in Toronto, Ontario. His work as an artist has been featured in print and on screens both large and small. His comics have been recognized with multiple Eisner award nominations and have appeared in publications by Marvel Entertainment, Vertigo/DC, Image Comics, First Second Books, and many more. Joe is currently co-creator and artist on the new series from Skybound Entertainment, EVOLUTION.
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