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Friday Sketch by Joe Infurnari: Venezuela and the Break US Club

It’s the 80’s again and America is brewing up trouble in South America killing scores of innocents. Meanwhile, Democrats such as Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and many more have offered either silence or vocal support for Trump’s coup in Venezuela. Already sanctions imposed in 2017 have wreaked havoc on the population and economy of that country with many more to come after January’s new US sanctions. The American regime changes from Democrat to Republican but the regime change wars stay the same. Iraq, Syria, Libya, next up Venezuela. It is time for us to stop voting for the same broken model of mendacity only to wonder why we keep getting fleeced and fed to the wolves on Wall Street. #BreakUSClub Click To Tweet


This cartoon is inspired by an article from Caitlin Johnstone that was published on Tuesday titled “Venezuela Burning: US Sanctions are Criminal Acts of Wars“.

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Joe Infurnari

Contributing Illustrator at Skybound Entertainment
Joe 'The Towering' Infurnari is a cartoonist and writer based in Toronto, Ontario. His work as an artist has been featured in print and on screens both large and small. His comics have been recognized with multiple Eisner award nominations and have appeared in publications by Marvel Entertainment, Vertigo/DC, Image Comics, First Second Books, and many more. Joe is currently co-creator and artist on the new series from Skybound Entertainment, EVOLUTION.
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