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The High Definition Lynching of Cosby: When Non-Compliance Leads to Public Lashing

There are those who feign audacity and get elected president. Then there are those who have the temerity to question the system and push back against conventional wisdom–woe lands at the doors of those who choose to walk the latter path. Yesterday, I wrote about the courage that Orlando Jones took as he defied expectations; he picked up the third rail of race and identity that runs counter to the script that public figures are supposed to follow. The perils of deviating from platitudes and actually speaking truth when it comes to the issues that divide the broader public begets a lot more than the grief that is experienced by way of bad PR and seeing one’s name trends on Twitter. The gatekeepers of Hollywood, Washington DC and Wall Street are quick to unleash hell on opinion leaders and those who have a voice if they do not step and fetch it to the tune of their wealthy masters.

It is in light of this paradigm that I bring up the issue of Bill Cosby and the legal battles he is facing yet again today. In good conscience, I cannot defend the actions of Bill Cosby over the years. However, neither am I about to start throwing stones–I lived in one too many glass houses for me to pick up that rock. But I know one thing, Bill Cosby’s actions in the context of Hollywood are not only normal, his behavior is as common as sunsets and sands in deserts when it comes to the culture of drugs and sex. The reason Bill Cosby is being vilified is because he had the temerity to think he could join the circle of influence as he was on his way to becoming a media conglomerate. The drumbeat started right around the same time Bill Cosby started making waves in his quest to buy NBC. There are a pernicious few who love us as long as we entertain them, their liberalism turns into racism quickly when we start saying “we can do that too”. Bill Cosby for years refused to wallow in the “left” vs “right” paradigm and spoke to the crowd without being a stool pigeon of Democrats of Republicans. This type of courage had to be dealt with–they are flogging Cosby in public in order to make an example of him to others.

You see, overseers are allowed in the master’s house as long as they know their place. Politicians can blather “hope and change” all they want as long as they never change the system and they enact policies which actually aborts hope in the very people who elected them. There is one good way to separate the real change agents from the frauds; if those who pretend to be about change are embraced by the system and get wealthy through the status quo, 100 out of 100 times these people are modern day Judases and you can discount them as sellouts. But if you see a drumbeat of innuendo and whisper campaigns aimed at those who advocate a policy or take a stance that ran counter to social norms, you can bet your bottom dollar that you are witnessing a character assassination and a high tech lynching taking place live in HD reality.

Bill Cosby, for years, spoke up defiantly against a culture of victimization and grievance. He exited comedy behind a long time ago and took up the cause of liberating the “African-American” community from the playbook of duplicitous black leaders who perfected the art of race baiting in order to capture fortunes and acclaim for themselves. The age of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King (link) long gone, what we have left are modern day coons and sambos who don’t give two red cents about the community as they use the suffering of “their people” to earn checks from the very system they pretend to be fighting against. I’m talking about the Al Sharptons and the Ben Carsons of this world; there is nothing as bipartisan in the “black” community as those who peddle ideology to the masses as they live a life of opulence.

Bill Cosby did not follow this path. He was already famous and wealthy beyond our imagination, he was not following the “blueprint of how to be a black pundit (link)” as a means to gain fortunes. Rather, he risked his stature and his riches in order to speak truth to a system of greed and selfishness that is condemning a wide swath of our community into a perpetual cycle of hopelessness and indigence. For his efforts, he earned the adoration of those who truly understand the struggle and the scorn of those who claim to be “woke” as they stay ingesting Ambien. Bill Cosby was not a camera chaser like the good Rev Sharpton; most of the time he would travel to the inner cities without publicity to encourage students in colleges from Temple University, Howard University and beyond. He did not tell people that they were victims; he spoke truth to the crowd and spoke with love as he encouraged students sternly like a father does for his children.

Bill Cosby thus presented an alternative option for those who choose to seek it. Instead of seeing ourselves as victims, he encouraged us to be victors. He pushed people to be entrepreneurs and to empower the community from within. While one too many are out there begging for freedom to be given, Bill Cosby told us to stop asking from the system and to instead lift ourselves up. Cosby did not speak the language of “us versus them” nor did he go around blaming “white people”, he told us to focus on ourselves and to rise up with out own to feet. For years, the elites and their house negro servants tried to besmirch the character of Cosby as they tried to pass him off as some type of self-hating black man–self-awareness is confused by too many as self-hatred. Moreover, just know when people lead with ad hominem, they are doing nothing more than calling others what they themselves are.

The temerity of Cosby became a bit too much for the billionaire aristocracy when he decided to purchase NBC. It’s one thing for a former comedian to preach empowerment to the masses away from the cameras. But now Cosby was attempting to be his own media empire and in the process to potentially upend the disinformation ministers who do the bidding of their corporate patrons by peddling divisive and false narratives. This became intolerable for the cabal who run the media landscape with iron fists and stuffed wallets who can buy the souls of anyone they choose to purchase. It was around this time that the whisper campaign started as one woman after another from the past started to accuse Bill Cosby of drugging them and sexual assault.

I am not here to diminish the horrors of rape nor to give allowance to sexually assault. However, I thought we lived in a country where one was assumed innocent until proven guilty? Moreover, there have been one too many instances of women who choose to partake in bad decisions only to turn around and destroy the lives of others. Those who rape women, or anyone for that matter for children are equal victims of this most horrific crime, deserve the harshest of punishments. But we better be damn sure that someone did what they are accused of before we label them with a scarlet letter that can never be washed out. Regardless, it should not be up to public opinion to condemn a man of crimes–that is why we have courts.

But it is preciously public opinion that has been used to lynch the character of Bill Cosby. The criminal Corporate State Media was unleashed upon Bill Cosby as one double dealing journalist and reporter after the other rushed to judgement as they put the noose around his neck by way of microphone cords. The fourth estate is a joke and beyond that they are professional hit men, they are given marching orders to nullify and silence those who deviate from the corporate line. The Washington Post last week ran an editorial in which they shot down narratives about Russia that differed from the fake news being peddled by the authorities. There was a time where the “free press” used to be a check and the last line of defense against the government; now these Corporate State Media lackeys do nothing but echo the propaganda being uttered by the state.

What Cosby is being accused of by the way is partaking in a drug culture during the 80’s and 90’s where cocaine and illicit drugs were as common as selfies and Starbucks. Washington DC and Hollywood are two cities that would make Sodom and Gomorrah blush; some of these same people out here accusing Bill Cosby are the same ones who live in ways that would make Nero look like Mother Theresa. Not too long ago, in my thirties when I was living a life in the fast lane, I would go to “Eyes Wide Open” parties in DC and was shocked how many times I would see politicians and news personalities partying it up and partaking in utter debauchery. I was a single man in my thirties, not that it excuses my immaturity any, but these people were family men and women and entrusted “public servants” who were cavorting with the best. The only reason they are targeting Bill Cosby and viciously attacking him is not because of morality–if that was the case they should be flogging themselves first. This is a coordinated campaign to demolish Cosby and to discredit what he stood for.

The internet was supposed to democratize information and enable everyday citizens to become journalists. Sadly, the elites won again as they coalesced information portals and media outlets in their grubby and blood soaked hands. Even though anyone of us can start a website tomorrow and become journalists in our own right, we nonetheless let six companies (read six people) control 85% of the information we consume. The more we become creatures of habit and don’t expand the sources where we get information, the more we become slaves of the Corporate State. Bill Cosby made the fateful decision to break this paradigm and become part of the table of six and for that he is being lynched. What we are witnessing has nothing to do with justice, this is about vindictiveness and character assignation in HD reality. The hands of the neo-Hitlers who run this world are invisible, they just reach in their pockets and dispenses their cash to set their quasi-Nazi yellow dog press hounds on people who refuse to kowtow to plutocrats. #HDLynchingOfCosby

“He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it.” ~ Plato

If you appreciate this write up and want others to read it, and more importantly want the power of information to be returned to the people instead of monopolized by the powerful, share this article on social media using #HDLynchingOfCosby

This is what the professional parrots in universities and the fools on TV will never touch for their paychecks will go away the minute they start speaking on truths covered in the Ghion Cast below. Seek knowledge, do not let others “educate” you. 

Check out the Ghion Cast below, this is a message the powerful and the elites NEVER want you to hear. They preach to us that we are victims; there was once a people in Ethiopia who used to occasion of Adwa to become victors in the face of would be colonizers. 


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