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Confluence of King & Malcolm: Common Denominator of their Death Sentence

[Update 1.15.18] On this day we honor the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr, I ask you to use social media to reclaim the truth from the lies of mainstream media and the very authorities who silenced this proud prince of peace. Use #TruthPrevails and flood social media with this article, let us speak truth to power by using truth as our power. 

The powerful kill first then they own the narratives of the victims they silenced. What usually comes next is a systematic retelling of history through the prism of the assassins. Using the indoctrination system we call public education, propaganda is sold as truth and lies are force fed to our youth. In time, the lives of the victims are inverted and made to propagate the very system they fought against. This is brilliance that is so diabolical that it must have came from the devil; to silence once prophets and then use their voices in their absence is something only the prince of darkness could have came up with.

The most glaring example of this exact scenario I painted above happened in the 20th century and is still going on to this day. The playbook of slaughter and invert is how the Federal government and moneyed tyrants murdered both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and then white washed their death in order to distract the public from the truth behind their assassination. There is another component of how this system of injustice works, the official narrative is told by the very authorities who were behind the wicked deeds and anyone else who proffers an alternative narrative is dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. Society is so trained to only listen to those with titles, badges and the “experts” that are promoted by the elites that anyone else who speaks against these propagandists are dismissed as wackos.

But my friends, if you believe that Martin Luther King was killed by a lone assassin and you don’t see how his death was tied to the endless ways our own government was harassing King until his death, then I have a vintage 1812 Ford Mustang to sell you. To say that Martin Luther King was being harassed is an understatement; the Federal Bureau of Investigations, led by the self-hating sociopath J. Edgar Hoover, unleashed psychological warfare on Martin Luther King in ways that were so pervasive that Martin Luther King having breakdowns on several occasions. The FBI not only targeted King, they targeted his entire family because he had the audacity to speak out for justice.

What led to King’s death was a radical departure from his initial foray in the Civil Rights movement. As long as MLK was talking about just “black rights” and his focus was narrow and not wide, he was tolerated by our bankrupt Federal government. The “liberal” elites loved him as well; as long as he stayed in his lane and kept his focus on the “black” cause, he was accepted by the status quo. At some point though, the more King observed what was going on and realized that injustice was bigger than just one race, he morphed from being a useful tool to being a menace to the system of oppression that was–and continues to this day–bleeding the entire world.

Integration without economic liberation was a fool’s errand. MLK woke up to this fact and realized that the Civil Rights struggle was flawed in one central area; the race to integrate was leaving behind the aim to find true justice. King, upon waking up to this reality, said:

“What deeply troubles me now is that for all the steps we’ve taken toward integration, I’ve come to believe that we are integrating into a burning house.”

This was a pivot point for Martin Luther King, no longer was he going to be a one dimensional voice–he decided to stand up for universal justice. This became a clear and present danger to the system of greed and wickedness that was making all Americans suffer irrespective of their race. MLK’s decision to speak against this system and to become a voice for all became his death sentence–he had gained too much clout to be ignored and he could not be bought out. Complicit in his death were part of his inner circle who got bribed with the bait of money and status and started to peddle lies as historical truth shortly after his death. James Earl Ray might have pulled the trigger in Memphis, but the conspiracy to kill him was birthed a long time before April 4th, 1968 by SESs (political appointees) at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. Google COINTELPRO when you get a minute and you will realize that our government has been and continues to target American citizens in ways that is mind bending.

The same playbook of silence and inversion was used against Malcolm X. The way Malcolm X is presented now by Hollywood elites and these overseer professors is a one sided story of a firebrand that spoke of “white devils” and used fiery rhetoric. True enough, this version of Malcolm X is factual; but just like King, Malcolm X underwent a profound transformation where he decided to stop being divisive and started to speak out for universal justice. Malcolm X traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia—that trip served as a moment of clarity for him. Observing a sea of humanity praying together, eating together, and traveling as one to find redemptive love made him shed his “white devil” rhetoric and he started to speak for all without respect to these artificial constructs that divide us.

When the elites decides to kill prophets, most of the time they send people that look like them to do their wicked deeds. This is done so that blame is assigned to the wrong source as a means of aborting justice and accountability. The blame thus has been placed on the Nation of Islam for the death of Malcolm X; in reality, the same people who were tormenting King as he was alive were using PSY-OPS on Malcolm too. Just like the Feds went after King and his family, the same horrors were unleashed on Malcolm X. His life was being turned upside down by the same authorities who are supposed to protect American citizens. You see, freedom of speech is a farce for that right ends and nightmares begin when people start to speak for justice and they actually have the ability to make a difference.

Not only did Malcolm X’s freedom of speech end, his freedom to live was eradicated as two gunmen were sent by moneyed men to kill a man who decided to stop speaking through anger and chose to be about togetherness instead. How fitting, one of the gunmen’s words right before pulling his shotgun’s trigger was “get your hands out of my pocket”. Those pockets were stuffed with the cold hard cash given to him and his Judas cohort by the very same monsters who were behind the death of Martin Luther King. That same cash is what lines the pockets of so-called “civil rights leaders” who were convinced to keep their mouths shut in order to attain fame and status. A conspiracy of silence gave way to a reality of outright lies and deception; the stories of both Martin and Malcolm have been turned upside down in order to fit the agenda of the same devils who killed them.

There is one sure fire way to find out the frauds from the real. If people are truly agents of change and they become famous, wave goodbye to them because these people are killed off by the very same Federal government that is serving the whims of the corporate agenda–here is to hoping I don’t get too famous. But if supposed change agents actually live and thrive within the status quo they speak against, discount these people as snakes and agents of the very system they are supposedly taking on. Pause for a second here and consider the fortunes of our “first black president” and I’ll let you arrive at your own conclusion. The playbook of assassinating prophets has been the same since the time of Jesus, they always kill the messenger then co-opt the message. This is why Christianity has been inverted as the same pharisees who nailed Yeshua to the cross are now retelling his story and using His teachings to advance their power interests while exchanging money in churches.

It’s sad, as a vast system of theft and wickedness continues to take from all of us, our eyes are constantly focused on the insanity and inanities going on in Washington DC. These politicians, Barack Obama to Donald Trump, Democrats to Republicans, are all part and parcel of a shell game that is meant to have us fighting each other instead of uniting to take on the root of injustice. We keep idolizing politicians who are utter frauds; if they were authentically for us they would not be allowed ANYWHERE near the stage and they would somehow be silenced. Sadly, we do this to ourselves; we avert our eyes as one messenger of peace after another is erased and instead we turn to the rich and famous to rescue us. The rich and famous became rich and famous by stepping on us, thus Obama is now a millionaire getting paid $400,000 a speech by the same plutocrats he bailed out. From the pan to the fire, we now have a pugnacious supposed billionaire who is doing an awesome job of feeding us cat nip and taking our eyes off the excesses of Wall Street and the military-financial complex.

Always, the struggle is between pharisees and prophets–the conflict is between the powerful and the rest of us they oppress. For too long, one prophet after another has been getting exterminated by the pharisees and then their stories subverted into lies in order to perpetuate the very same system of injustice these prophets spoke against. But death in the end is inevitable, the honor belongs to those who died to advance justice even if the privilege is showered on those who pretend to be fighting injustice while getting paid by the system that furthers iniquities. The arc of history might not bend to justice in our lifetime but in time there is a hammer that will come down. The wicked souls who were behind the death of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and countless messengers of peace eventually roast in hell. J. Edgar Hoover is currently being seared on high heat in hell along with his illuminated masters while King and El-Shabazz are resting in eternal peace. Justice. #TruthPrevails

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Because Truth Prevails

Listen to this Ghion Cast below, it talks about the battle of Adwa (a battle that defeated colonization in Ethiopia) but in reality it is a wider discussion of how to overcome the a systematic oppression that is bleeding the world.

Do not be afraid to speak truth to power. Those who purvey injustice are not powerful, they are weak the and will be revealed as such the minute we unite. Stop listening to the voices of hatred, listen to the voice of love within you and answer “Send Me” when your time comes.

Sweet justice! Today is Malcolm X’s birthday. Seventeen days ago, it was J. Edgar Hoover’s birthday. Prophet trumps pharisee in the end. I hope the bastard Hoover roasts in perpetuity, Malcolm has the last word! #Poetic

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” ~ Malcolm X

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