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Dem Adios: How Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Shellacked the Party of Neoliberalism

The victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Rep. Joe Crowley was more evidence that the Democratic Party has outlived its usefulness. Of course, Democrat fossils are already lashing out with angry criticism, fueled by their own fears of moving Democratic Party headquarters to the nearest antique store. An antique store where people will say, “I can’t believe we used to vote for them!” Basically, people sent a message that they’re tired of empty promises, failure-prone “middle road” Republican Lite legislation, and the same old faces. The Democratic Party needs to get out of the way.

The Democrats sat there and voter-blamed ever since Trump got elected. As if it isn’t their own fault they ran retread Hillary Clinton who lost the primary to Barack Obama in 2008. Not to mention her husband was president for two terms. The entire quasi-dynasty of both political parties is why Trump got elected. Trump, like it or not, was not another Bush or career politician and that’s why he won the Republican primary. He was not career politician Hillary Clinton and that’s why he won the election. That’s also why Obama won in 2008 and 2012, but people are not going to fall for the fake new face again. You better run someone genuine. The only way you’re going to win 2020 is to not run another careerist or retread or a Fauxbama.

Both of these political parties are the ruling factions of a tyrannical regime. Their argument is not over the tyranny and injustice of it, their argument is a squabble over who gets to control it. It’s a power struggle. But when someone gets elected who isn’t one of them, they’re terrified because the elections are still the Achilles heel of the regime. The elections are rigged, make no mistake. But they can’t rig all of them. They don’t have the resources. Obviously, they dumped a ton of cash into Crowley, but the usual avalanche of cash failed this time. And it can fail again.

The other thing is, they’re also terrified about public anger manifested in things like being confronted in public and denied seats at restaurants. Both political parties are coming out and condemning this because they know it can eventually lead up to civil unrest if they do get caught rigging an election in favor of the retread. Fear of the people, at this point, is the only thing that will change this system. Everything else has failed. Both political parties have failed, but especially the Democrats. The so-called “checks and balances” have failed with all three branches of government corrupt and compromised. The Supreme Court justifying the Trump ban on certain Muslims entering the country demonstrated the Supreme Court is merely a kangaroo court rubber stamping the decrees of the de facto king. People are now wide awake and can see exactly what's going on. And they're tired of false choices and fake indignation. Click To Tweet

These politicians are not some type of nobility to be immunized against public rebuke. No. When you create “free speech zones” or send in riot police to quell protests, you just denied people the Constitutional right to petition government for a redress of grievances. When you arrest and jail clergy praying in front of the Supreme Court, you denied freedom of speech and religion. When you punish athletes for taking a knee to protest police brutality, you said they’re not allowed peaceful dissent. So why then are you surprised people have to use confrontation to make their voices heard? You refused to hear their voices in the method the Bill of Rights allegedly protected because you quashed that peaceful dissent. So people decided to take it to the streets. Let me put it this way: If we’re not allowed in your little world, then you are not welcome in our bigger world. Stay behind your gated little bastions and fortresses with your concrete barricades and heavily armed guards. Eat your meals there in your fuehrerbunkers.

Yes, and I’ll say it again. You have locked us out of your world. But you can’t silence us. So stay out of our world. We don’t want you there. We don’t need you there. We’re not graced by your presence. We don’t need to see you. You do nothing for us and you continually sell us out. On top of that, you build concentration camps and cart children off to them. And you think we shouldn’t confront you publicly over that?! Who, exactly, do you think you are?!

See, people used to ask “How come the Germans sat quietly while the concentration camps were bring built?” Because their newspapers told them to! Their government told them to! And so all of you now want that exact same silence from us, just as American newspapers and politicians whine about “civility” after concentration camps are built here? Someone has to speak so you all finally hear it! No, not in a free speech zone in a place you can’t see or hear it. No. You put kids into a concentration camp, don’t expect us not to block those buses, deny you seats in restaurants, and confront you publicly. We saw in 1945 what silence does. And we will not be silent. You can’t silence us. No, not anymore.

No one attacked you. People just served you a fine dish of karma in that restaurant. And if you don’t like being confronted publicly about the injustice you helped create, then stop creating injustice. Start hearing the people instead of insulating yourselves from them and expecting your little ventures into the public eye to go off without a hitch. You don’t have a right to refuse to hear us. You took the job as politician. No one drafted you. So sit down and stop whining because you have to do your job. Yes! Your job is to hear us, to hear our dissent, to be criticized for your poor decisions, and to be called out on your stuff. If you don’t like, hey, you know what? The doors in your offices open both ways. Tender your resignations and quit. Ah, but then where is your free health care, pension, and elite status, right? Ok, then earn it. Or quit.

Talking points, photo ops and feigned outrage against injustice while partaking in the pillaging of the poor, working and middle class won’t cut it anymore. #DemAdios

Here’s the thing. These public confrontations aren’t civil unrest. Yet. But that’s the direction we’re headed. So you better head the warning signs and start making the changes people want and answering the true needs of the people. Wall Street and the rich have enough money. The military has enough weapons. Now it’s our turn. So you better hop to it and get busy. We’re tired of waiting. This “kicking the can down the road” has gone on for decades now. People are done waiting. You think it can’t happen here? Yeah, well, hold a séance and ask the Shah of Iran how that worked out for him in 1979. Again, you better wake up to the warning signs that people are angry enough to risk arrest to confront politicians publicly. That means people are desperate. So, again, you better look at how it all went down with the Shah in 1979.

There’s a way out of it. It was shown you. You can start doing right. You can clean out your political parties and run genuine candidates who work for the people and not Wall Street. You can pass a universal health care system, a genuine minimum wage that provides an actual living wage, and abolish ICE and their concentration camps. My gosh, people, ICE was a George W. Bush creation! What, are we wedded for life to this cabal of human rights abusers? See, you can do all of those things and the rich will still be rich. But you can’t just keep refusing anymore.

It can be done. We can elect genuine people to office. But we have to make that happen. We have to refuse to vote for the retreads. “What if Trump wins again?!” That’s not a question for we the people to answer. That’s a question for the Democratic Party to answer. They need to ask themselves how they plan to prevent that from happening. The way to prevent that was just shown to them. But let’s see if they understand it. #DemAdios

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