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Pence and the Pious: Between the Sanctimonious and the Hypocrites

I wonder which party is worse. Is it the Democrats who pretend to be for justice while hobbling the masses into indigence with their pernicious monetary policies? Or is it the sanctimonious Republicans who pretend to be about family values and Christian principles while they implement policies that are the polar opposite of everything Jesus died for? But then it dawns on me that this a pointless deliberation; trying to decide who is worse between the jackasses and elephantine hypocrites who have thoroughly monopolized power by way of anti-trust behaviors is like trying to decide which is worse between cancer and heart disease.

Both parties are toxic and injurious to the masses; their raison d’etre is to transfer money from the masses to the few who have hijacked our nation. Political theater prevents the public from seeing the true nefarious nature of these two political parties; too many are focused on the day to day soap opera going on in DC to understand that we are all being fleeced blindly by the fiscal and monetary policies of this two-faction farce we are led to believe is a representative Democracy (republic). Where Republicans serve their wealthy patrons on Wall Street by way of tax cuts and catering to the whims of rent-seeking corporations, Democrats do the same thing by implementing monetary policies (see Quantitative Easing and ZIRP) that serve to transfer wealth from the very people they supposedly speak for to the plutocrats they pretend to be against.

We are a nation that is being led by hoodwinkers on one end and pious assholes on the other. It’s like we are right back in biblical days as modern day Pharisees and Sadducee argue over ideologies while both wings continue to bleed the masses with their immoral laws and unconscionable policies. Our two-party system is nothing more than a veil that covers the continued theft from the public; we live in a state of oligarchy where a vast and pervasive pyramid scheme has literally made slaves of us all. The American dream is dead and gone; the new normal is a reality of never ending economic uncertainty and fiscal anxieties felt by everyone except a few at the very top.

I circle back to my contemplation; even as I realize its futility, I nonetheless occasionally try to figure out who is more insidious between Republicans and Democrats. There are days I look up at my TV screen and see charlatans like our Vice President Mike Pence preaching morality and Christian values as he hopes we forget his days as governor of Indiana where he declared war on the poor. Pence was a through and through plutocrat enabler—imagine. Teddy Roosevelt if he was reverse engineered. He pushed and enacted laws that capped the minimum wage and employee benefits and was a champion of corporatism as he pretended that he was for the workingman.

A man who preaches on Sundays about Christian values, he goes about the other six days working for the same globalists and corporate wolves who are destroying this nation and the world. I respect the Republicans a bit more than Democrats in one sense, at least they have the decency of telling us that they care only about the 1% as they push policies that only benefit the wealthiest among us. They use the scam of supply side theories and “trickle down” economy to sell one-sided policies to their base and get away with it. Identity politics and tribalism prevents the “base” of both parties from understanding that they are being stepped on. Apropos actually, they are called “the base” (as in the underneath) of the party for a reason after all.

But then there are the Democrats. If you combined Sidney Poitier with Ingrid Bergman, you could not get better actors than the convention of con artists in the Democratic party who call themselves liberals. The Democrats do to their base what Republicans do to theirs but they do it more cunningly. The whole of the Democratic platform can be boiled down to two words: rank paternalism. These elitist Democrats and double dealing liberals pretend to be fighting against injustice, all the while they make fortunes taking money from the very source of iniquity they speak against. Paternalism is bigotry and racism wrapped in the blanket of kindness; they pretend to care for us but as they are use our pains and suffering to advance their agenda. Democrats have no interest in ending injustice; their whole business model is built on grievance peddling and amassing power through the aggrieved as they collect money from the system they pretend to be outraged about.

Washington DC is built on swampland; this is poetic and fitting given that we have Republican alligators and Democrat snakes who act the predators while wearing sheep’s clothing. By the by, did you know that Washington DC, vis-à-vis the Act of 1871, is a nation unto itself. Much like the Vatican, the District of Columbia is effectively a sovereign nation that is not bound by the rules and laws of the United States when it comes to interstate commerce and the endless laws that our immoral congress enacts. Truly, we are ruled by the lawless where pious Republicans romp around in DC from bar to bar gulping and snorting every vice they can get their grubby hands on as they party it up, drink it up, and literally sex it up with the same Democrats they pretend to be fighting against. As we vote for them, they shove shivs in our collective backs.

It is sad to watch Obama loyalists and Trump devotees duke it out and bicker over these two vacuous puppets who were imposed upon us by plutocrats. When you peel back the politics of these two empty suits, what is left are identical fiscal and monetary policies that continues to explode both the gap between the haves and the have-nots and the nation’s debt. Just as Obama was given hundreds of millions of dollars by the Wall Street aristocracy in order to whisper grievance to his crowd, Trump was afforded the same billionaire investment by way of free media in order to stoke the emotions of “the right”. Both of them kneecapped this nation as they serve their globalist elites while they continue to bleed the planet by declaring immoral and illegal wars in the name of profit and greed. From “yes we can” to “make America great again”; a people led by memes and empty slogans gets the government we deserve.

Alas, it finally dawns upon me! I will never be able to figure out who is worse; how can I choose the greater of two evils when my options are to pick between sanctimonious conservative gnomes and hypocritical liberal imps. In reflection, maybe the answer is to stop looking at the top and waiting for the upper crust of society to lift the rest of us. The change we want will only come from the people—the bottom 99%—the 1% are at the top precisely because they are profiting from the same system of repression that is killing hope for the rest of us. We need to stop letting the rich and powerful divide us and we must stop being a cult of personalities. Only when we decide to unite as a people, irrespective of race, ideology, orientation, religion and the endless ways we are divided as society, will we have a shot of ending injustice and restoring hope to a nation and a world that sorely needs it.A reader of this publication asked me what is the better solution since I keep rejecting the status quo. I humbly submit that the solution is to stop falling for the antics of the demagogues who pretend to be speaking for us and instead listen to the love within our hearts. Tyranny has a shelf life of zero the minute we decide to hold hands with fellow strugglers and think outside of ourselves to realize that others are being victimized by the same injustice we rage against. Let empathy be our guiding light and love be our moral compass. When we do this, we won’t need bankrupt politicians preaching diversity while nullifying prosperity and we won’t need political activists pretending to care about human rights when all they want is the right to gain power. We can loosen hatred from our hearts and unite or we can continue being screwed by the pious right and the hypocritical left. #PenceAndThePious 

“But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?” ~ James 2:6

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss how both parties are really the same entity who use identity politics to distract us and pillage us. 

Check out the Ghion Cast below and see how the pious Republicans and the hypocritical Democrats work together to fleece all of us. The sooner we wake up to the deception of our political system, the sooner we can reclaim our nation.


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