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Political Pets: Docile When Kicked by Masters; Will Attack When Their Masters Get Kicked by Others

Getting on social media these days is an exercise in endless doses of incredulity. To witness people flip flopping from position to position in ways that Simone Biles or Mary Lou Retton could never phantom in their wildest dreams or ever visualize if they were high on the most potent strain of cannabis is at once entertaining and saddens my spirit. It is astounding watching otherwise rational people turn into the most hackneyed of parrots and bleating sheep when it comes to politics. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt because I know how politics can turn the most level-headed people into irrational toadies because I too was once the doormat and useless idiot of political anti-heroes. But this is now swerving into sheer insanity; witnessing endless streams of buffoonery and watching people turning themselves into pretzels is eating away my compassion.

I initially wanted to write this article with a twist of humor and sarcasm until I realized that the people who I was going to mock were the very victims of this perverse political idolizing we call “Democracy”. Our system of governance is to Democracy as Donald Trump is to human decency. What we really have is sinister power that has been centralized in Washington DC and spreads outward like a pulsating death star spreading corruption and graft throughout our nation. The fish rots from the head; the head of this putrid piranha is collocated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and at the US Capitol and its brains is on Wall Street and financial capitals located mostly in Europe. Those who control the flow of capital control the world, politicians are just the PR puppets on the payroll of the oligarchy. Yet, when it comes to extortion and malfeasance, not even the most tyrannical tinpot dictator from a third world nation can compare to the malignancy of politicians in the District of Columbia.

Democrats are no better than Republicans; both are equal evils who play good cop to their base while pointing to the other side as the source of all the ills in America. I can’t believe I used to fall for this bullshit on a regular basis only six years ago; so caught up in the manufactured drama or our politics that I would make it my purpose seven days a week to flip back and forth between Fox News and MSNBC. I would watch the former to keep informed on “the other side” while turning to latter to cheer on pundits who I thought were truth telling juggernauts. In breathtaking fashion and utter disregard for consistency, I would blame Republicans for being led astray by gnomes like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly while I myself was being led over the cliff by the likes of Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

It is only after two years of hardship that shed my political blinders and made me see that we all suffer irrespective of the endless identities we cling to that I realized the utter inanity of our political system. I can’t even blame politicians, snakes hiss as snakes will hiss so there is no point in blaming cobras for biting us if we are foolish enough to extend our bare hands at their fangs. The blame is on us, the every day Joes and Jennies who continue to bang their heads into walls only to recommit to voting for the wall one more time and expecting different results. Every four years the same story, we want change but we only vote between two criminal parties. This is the very definition of insanity yet too many are blinded by politics to see the lunacy of it all.

Let me draw your attention if, if you will, to 12 years ago. During the height of Bush’s illegal Iraq war, “the left” was in a tizzy as they marched and protested on a regular basis to renounce GW’s war of theft. But then a funny thing happened on the way to Obama; all the sudden liberal were neutered and left without balls the minute their side got elected and an empty suit named Barack took to the stage to continue Bush’s immoral wars. Actually, Obama out-Bushed Bush; where George Jr. started wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama took the baton and continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while starting yet more wars in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Somalia. Bush transferred $400 billion in tax cuts to the 1%, Obama not one to be outdone, gave away more than $14 trillion to the same pricks who destroyed our economy in 2008.

So where was the outrage of the left? Mum was the word as the same hacks who are now crying foul stayed quite while Obama was expanding Bush’s Orwellian policies of spying against citizens, continuing to break the middle and working class while feeding us to the wolves on Wall Street and declaring one war after another at the behest of the military-financial complex. In fact, the left was celebrating Obama as he did zip, zilch nada for his most loyal base and his more dedicated bloc of voters other than sing Al Green songs. “Style and grace” is all the left could parrot—as if style and grace pays light bills and rent. This is what happens when people become political stooges and stepping stones; they turn themselves into servile servants of their masters without realizing that they are just being played for idiots.

The same thing happens on the right as conservatives elected a most vile ogre who as much Christian values as Caligula. Donald Trump has been thrice divorced yet Republicans who lecture people about family values all the sudden look the other way in order to celebrate the devil’s anus named who became their grievance whisperer. Donald Trump has been captured on video and countless radio interviews having sexual ideations about his own daughter (listen to this interview) yet his base looks right past this sick man who embarrasses all of us on the global stage. Donald Trump made his millions by breaking every day Americans and screwing countless people using bankruptcy laws and the legal system to get out of paying debt. His whole empire has been built on the art of the theft; now this deceitful maggot promises to make America great again even though he spent his whole career taking from Americans—yet his supporters unblinkingly stay by the side of this most reprehensible charlatan.

This is the danger of identity politics; too many people keep finding sense of self in politicians just because they are famous for being famous. Finding identity outside of self twists people’s sense of right and wrong and we end up seeing injustice solely through the prisms of ideology and care only for those who resemble us in hue and thinking. On both sides, situational morality reigns supreme. Remember when the left used to rush to RT news during Bush’s years and loved everything Russia because Putin was standing up to GW? Now these same people are vilifying Vladimir as a scoundrel and view him as a despot more despicable than Ivan the Terrible. Remember when Republicans were once commie haters and used to malign Russia at every breath? Now these same people have become Russian apparatchiks as they salute Putin as their Best Comrade Friend.

I have to chuckle at the idiocy of it all. I have to or else I will be driven to Kleenex boxes and ennui. To call people sheep is actually insulting to rams and ewes. It is astounding how the rich and powerful are able to bend our reality and get us to fight one another as they sit back and laugh at all of us. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the struggle is not between “black” and “white”, nor is it between believers and non-believers, and I promise you the struggle is not between man and women. The endless ways we are being splintered into islands of resentment and grievances is so that we can be led by emotion and rage. The system of global injustice can’t be defeated by animus and hate, the only chance we have is if we unite as one people. If you take away nothing else from this article, please remember this—the struggle has been and will always be between the powerful and the powerless.

The quicker we realize this truth, the sooner we can actually bend the arc of history towards justice. Until then, political pets on both sides will continue to prostrate themselves down-dog Yoga style bowing to their political idols while their political idols continue to screw all of us. Let me wrap it up with this one last thing, do not count on those who make fortunes to actually want the status quo to change. Why should they want ANYTHING to change, they are making a killing with things as they are even as they pretend to be outraged by the system. I hope people really ponder this last part; the next time you see double-dealing politicians on both sides trying to stir up your anger, realize that they are speaking against the very thing that they are getting paid by. More and more of us are waking up to con game of this two-party swindle, the rest are too busy being the pets of politicians and defending the very masters who are driving the bottom 99% in a state of financial insolvency. #PolPets

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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