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Politics Is the Bump; That Makes US Useful Idiots

Pickpockets work in pairs. The first is the bump; the second is the sniper. You see, the person who is evident, the one out in the open, is nothing more than a diversion that is meant to catch your attention. He does so by bumping into you and occupying your mind with an immediate threat you have to assess and determine how to deal with. This is when the second crook, who is lurking in the shadows, emerges from the crowd to pick your pockets clean and leave you with nothing but lint in your pockets—the change you can believe.

This is exactly how our fraudulent political system works and how our two parties operate. Democrats and Republicans—and the endless shenanigans they both manufacture in Washington DC and beyond—is nothing more than catnip that is meant to focus our eyes away from the true source of injustice. The whole of the nation—aside from those who have thrown up their hands and decided that they want no part of this mass deception that we call the Federal government— has been splintered over idiotic political labels . The ones who have yet to wake up to this nonsense are the ones who keep thinking that we, the people, actually a voice in the way our immoral government is run. Thus, the loyal bases of both parties keep giving legitimacy to a government that has none of it.

As the citizens are busy infighting over ideologies that don’t pay their rents and keep bickering over the crumbs they are given, the powers who run this nation behind the scenes emerge from the shadows to pick our pockets clean. Our government is nothing more than one big pyramid scam where politicians serve their masters on Wall Street as they shit on the rest of us on Main Street. Both Democrats and Republicans are in on this as are the vacuous pundits on TV and the stars who pretend to be standing up for justice. All of them are getting paid to divide us so that conflict and friction is perpetually generated. As long as we are fighting each other, the larcenists in New York and their bought and sold puppets in DC can go right ahead ramrodding us into submission.

A friend of mine named Mikey Bikes (link) noted earlier something that made me pause and really reflect which served as the inspiration to this article. I was discussing how endless grievance groups like the “Tea Party” and “Black Lives Matter” are created and funded by the same billionaire class who are behind endless conflicts being perpetuated around the globe. I noted that that these same billionaires are destabilizing America too. Mikey stepped in and offered this nugget:

“All this time we thought it was a fight between oppressor and oppressed, but really it’s just oppressed versus oppressed. With oppressor creating and conditioning the mindset of insurgency as part and parcel of the science of domination. Power not just as a means, but the end too”

Sadly, people are so focused on the day to day soap opera that is going on in DC that we lose focus on the nefarious policies which are hobbling the masses. If only schadenfreude could pay the light bill, poverty in America would be no more. People push on regardless as they beg to be used as punching bags thinking that saying “we” actually makes them part of the team. There is no “we” in politics, either you are getting paid by being a partisan or you are the useful idiot getting squashed by it. The funny thing, actually it is sad when I think about it, is that both sides of the political divide are absolutely certain that the other side are idiots and that they are the enlightened ones. Republicans and Democrats laugh at both wings as they dismissively call their most loyal supporters “their base”—as in their underlings and slaves—while they build their fortunes on the backs of these same partisan parrots.

People who fight over politics are the like the passengers of the Titanic arguing over which color to paint the walls while they are in the hull of the ship. Meanwhile, the rich are taking the life boats.The “base” of Democrats and Republicans will go down with the ship as water is tickling their esophagi. Cognitive dissonance being what it is, they will drown yelling “make America great again” and chanting “hope and change”. Just today, the idiot in chief Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia to bow before his Petro-bosses and a soon enough he will go before Israel to bow before America’s Zionist pimps. To say we are the leaders of the free world is laughable on its face; the whole of humanity has been made into indentured servants of those who control the creation and dispersion of currency—politics only serves to hide this truth from us.

What happened in 2008 was just child’s play compared to the next crisis that is in the offing. The laws of economy have not been suspended no matter how many trillions the overseer Obama shoveled to the wolves on Wall Street. What he did was borrow from the future to prop up a system that is already broken. This is akin to getting a payday loan to forestall a home foreclosure. The bill is coming due and the next time the economy takes a downturn, the mafia at the Federal Reserve have no more bullets left in the chamber to stimulate the economy and apply Keynesian policies to breath life back into the economy. Next down turn will be a free fall.

The damage Obama wrought , Trump is now continuing as he perpetuates the same policies of globalization the orange ogre pretended he was against. Trump is the biggest bump of them all; why do you think all of the drama and the endless outrages are emanating from the White House. They gave us a reality show clown to act as the biggest diversion yet. The Trump bump is going to lead to a wallop of 1929 proportion. Until then, keep enjoying the carnival as our eyes are focused on diversions. The crooks are currently in our pockets; by the time we realize that have been robbed once again, the crooks will be in their chalets as we get mugged into a town called indigence. #PickPocketUS

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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