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The Vatican: Mercenaries Disguised as Missionaries

Let me state from the outset and make this one thing perfectly clear. What you are about to read with respect to the Vatican and the leadership of the Catholic church is in no way an attack on the close to 1.2 billion people in this world who call themselves Catholic. There is a bright red line between the modern day pharisees who continue to crucify Yeshua (who the Catholic church renamed to Jesus for the purpose of destroying the teachings of Yeshua) and the masses. Furthermore, the condemnation really belongs to religious leaders as a whole who have made it their purpose to pursue purse strings instead of teaching us to love on another as God’s children.

But there is a special place in hell that is waiting for the Catholic leaders who have used religion as a pretext to take from the world. At the top of this list are past popes and the current pope Francis, whose arrogance and hubris is befitting of Caligula himself. Did you know that pope means father? Do you know the holy see means “one who sees all”, as in one who is omnipresent and omniscient. They are telling us that the pope is God himself, this is why they make people say “forgive me father for I have sinned” before confessions. My God if only people understood that the whole Catholic church is built on defaming the very legacy of Christ and is nothing more than Roman paganism repainted and presented to us as Christianity.

Let us go back to the year 313 AD. Upon his last days—after trying for decades to eradicate believers of Christ by feeding them to lions and committing a genocide against early Christians through innumerable crucifixions—Constantine decided to stop trying to beat the believers and instead co-opt their movement. Constantine convened a conclave whereby he called together a bunch of Roman pharisees and instructed them to absorb Christianity and fold it into the existing roman mythology and pagan religion of mysticism.

If only more people would question dogma instead of blindly accepting what they are told by powerful people. How many people know that December 25th has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. The “holiday” is celebrating a Roman pagan religion of deifying the winter solstice. Likewise with Easter for that day is not celebrating Yeshua Resurrection anymore than is the eater egg hunt honoring Christ. Easter is a holiday that honored the goddess Ēostre who is derivative from the Roman goddess of fertility and harvest. The list goes on and on, the Roman empire just put a face lift on their pagan holiday and bastardized the teachings of Christ to their existing mythology.

You know that picture of God that Michael Angelo painted and many bow before? That picture would be the same picture of Zeus. You know the popular picture of “Jesus” looking every bit a Roman god. That would be a Roman deity that people keep worshiping when the teaching of Yeshua was explicit in disavowing iconicism as even He himself kept pointing to “his father” as the ultimate father to honor. Do you know that the endless steeples on churches and the pyramids and stars you see everywhere are masonic symbols that pays homage to Lucifer (link).

Symbolism and idol worshiping is against God and is nothing more devil worshiping.

The Roman pharisees and religious leaders did as instructed and incorporated Christianity into the existing Roman religion. They revised the bible as they threw out dozens of books and settled on 66 books as the official doctrine of the new Roman religion. The way they arrived at 66 books was at once laughable and part devious; they randomly chose the books with no rhyme and reason but when it comes to the number 66, with people who are intentional with their intellect, nothing happens by accident. For the record, the church of Christ and the body of Yeshua is us, the people, for church has nothing to do with bricks and stones.

It was from this Constantine’s convention that the Catholic church was born; a kiss from the devil thus birthed a movement that would go on to crucify the world. By the way, I really wish someone would explain how Catholicism is considered the birth of Christianity as Rome accepted Christ in 313 AD whereas Ethiopia, the cradle of Christianity, accepted Christianity 280 years prior in 33 AD. Goes to show, to those with guns and the means to spread disinformation by way of changing the bible belongs conventional wisdom.

The sins of the Catholic church are too many to list. They have been behind endless genocides from the Spanish Inquisition to slavery and were an intimately involved in the persecution of Jews during Nazi Germany as the stole the wealth of the very Jews who were being shipped off to be killed in gas chambers. The tentacles of the Catholic church has eviscerated hope and eradicated people throughout the globe since it’s very inception.

Almost every conquest of a people and countless nations was launched with missionaries being sent to subdue the new lands and convert people into blind followers. The bible was turned into advance scouts for imperialist armies who were sure to follow with their guns and bullets. The Catholic church kept sending mercenaries disguised as missionaries to do “God’s work”; the God they were working for was the same God the Romans were worshiping before Constantine decided to invert Christianity into a cult.

Since the age of antiquities, the twin principles of Catholicism has been stealing from people and then making them conform to the edicts of the Vatican. Did you know that the Vatican is the wealthiest nation in the world on a GDP basis? Yet they continue to ask their followers to send them tithing as the Vatican continues to build streets of gold while the rest of the world continues to shiver in the cold of poverty and indigence. The brilliant marketing arm of the Vatican has leveraged the bible to paint themselves as the authority on the teachings of Christ in order to perpetually take from the world.

The capstone of the Catholic debased ideology of theft and greed is the Pope who leads a life that is the polar opposite of Christ. Christ was a man of humble means who was effectively homeless and led people by living and walking with the least of them. He fed people—Yeshua did not take from the people. What Yeshua preached above all was for the people to love one another and for the powerful to stop oppressing the people. It was the second part of that sentence, his continued stance against the pharisees and their hustling ways, that led to his crucifixion. Sure enough he died for our sins, but He also died because of our sins. The sin of coveting money and worshiping the powerful is what led to Yeshua’s death by way of rusted nails and harrowing asphyxiation.

Now juxtapose the image of the life that Christ led—a life of hardship and poverty—to that of the pope. Francis has his own private jet, a private mansion and has a gold ring that is worth more than most homes in the United States that he makes other people kiss as if he is a mafia capo. Francis walks around like a demigod as he pretends to be a humble servant. The greatest trick the devil performed was to convince the world that he did not exist. I promise you the spirit of Satan is alive and well and his foot soldiers can be found in the halls of DC, the executive offices of Wall Street, at the pews of many churches and in the opulent castles of the Vatican.

Francis is in “Egypt” today (the real name of Egypt by the way is Masar and the real name of Africa is Ethiopia) as he is getting treated like the second coming of Christ by the masses who keep conflating wealth with worship and confuse fame with benevolence. In truth, wealth and fame bend the soul away from God and makes people think they are gods themselves. We keep electing vacuous and pugnacious leaders like Obama and Trump thinking that the famous will care for us when in reality their fame necessitates that the rest of us continue to suffer. There is a reason that Yeshua spoke against idol worshiping; the minute we worship idols and make gods of people, we end up lowering ourselves so that the powerful can step on us.

For those who want to give Francis credit for his empty rhetoric, does it matter the words he uses if he sits atop of an organization that is continually bleeding the world? The Vatican has over a trillion dollars stored up in it’s vaults and reserves, that is money they stole from the world using missions as nothing more than means to funnel money from the least to the few in the Vatican. If they chose to, they could eradicate child hunger in a snap of a finger if they parted with their money and gave to the least as Christ admonished us to do. But just like that rich man who walked away when Yeshua asked him to leave his possessions and follow him, the Vatican would rather take their money to hell than save their souls. Stop listening to the forked tongues of serpentine men, that is after all how Satan deceived Adam and Eve. Instead of listening to rhetoric, watch their actions for what people do reveals the fruits within their hearts.

When will enough be enough? How much longer are we going to accept the Catholic leaders wash away the sins of pedophiles—to this day there are “priests” and religious leaders raping young boys and getting away with it. By the way, there was nothing accidental about the systematic rape and torture of young boys in the Catholic church. It was not only overlooked, it is a wink and a nod accepted practice that traces its roots back to the apex of the Roman empire where men would take boys in bathhouses and resorts. This is a crime against humanity purveyed by the Vatican in ways that is unmatched in scope and reach of child abuse and inhumane treatment. Rich people get away with murder all the time; in the case of the Catholic church and the Vatican, their wealth enables them escape culpability for literally raping and pillaging the world.

How much longer will we look the other way as nations in the continent of Ethiopia and throughout the world keep getting bled by the Vatican’s mercenaries only to turn around and celebrate the pittance the Catholic church dolls out. Let me break some news here, it is not charity when you steal billions from people and then give back pennies on the dollar. The Catholic church is ISIS magnified a thousand; theirs is a weapon of mass deception as they use the cross and the bible to paint over the wickedness they unleash upon the world.

By the way, this is the same deception that companies like Monsanto and Starbucks practice as they make billions in profits from killing hope globally and then have charity events to make it seem like they are honorable. Money enables the godless rich to paint themselves as saints and blur out the horns and pitchforks they use to disembowel the world. Do you see the picture above of Francis throwing up a symbol with his hands, that is the same demonic symbol that countless masons and secret societies display. I write of these things from knowledge, I once belonged to a fraternity that traces its roots to the masons; I left when I realized that a man can’t serve two masters. Now ask yourself, do you think Christ would have ever belonged in cultist societies?

Stop calling Francis a pope for our only fathers are the ones who conceived us and the one Father who created this universe. Stop calling Francis the holy see, there is NOTHING holy about him nor the Vatican and the only thing these avaricious men can see is the money they are stealing from the planet. While we are at it, how about we stop bowing before paintings and idols for true faith is not found through the eyes—faith is within and is only uncovered when we cleanse our hearts for the ego and the need to impose our beliefs on other people. We don’t need to defend God, that is preposterous! Does a mosquito defend a lion? Well then what makes us have the audacity to think we, mere humans, need to protect the creator of this universe?

There are plenty of Catholics in the world who are caring and giving to the max and I do not mean to infer that all are guilty of the excesses of the Catholic church and the gnomes at the Vatican who build walls to keep others out—I’m pretty sure that is not what Jesus would do. Maybe it is best for us as a people to be less religious and follow less religious frauds and seek God within us and love our neighbors as Christ taught us. Stop trading money in temples for true tithing has nothing to do with money. Tithing is of the treasures found in our hearts as we give kindness and love to our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet without judging them or thinking that we are their saviors.

True missionaries after all are the ones who give and feed others, the rest who pretend to be giving as they take with their left hands are nothing more than mercenaries in robes and a time of judgement will come where these frauds are revealed for the devils that they are—it is called revelation for a reason. Chief among them is Francis and the Catholic leadership in the Vatican. There is nothing godly about these men for theirs is to maim, kill and destroy in the name of money and the pagan gods they serve. That makes Francis and Vatican authorities the unholy seers of mercenaries. #PopeOfMercenaries

“For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens.” ~ Psalms 96:5

If you agree with this write up and believe in your heart that faith is within and that people who use the bible and religion to take from the world is heinous, share this article on social media using #PopeOfMercenaries If you are on twitter send this article to @Pontifex @vatican_en @InsideVatican

Check out the history of Constantine and the birth of the Catholic church, the truth is there if you choose to seek it. 

Instead of saying “give me”, we should be saying “send me”.



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