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Ghion Cast: Change Change Change

Below the video is a quick missive I wrote about the topic of change. As always, the words I write are more meaningful to me than the words that I speak, so make sure to check out the write up below the Ghion Cast video.

I‘m going to change a central aspect of my writing for the purpose of this Sabbath Epistle and actually keep it short this time around. That is part of my dilemma, I love  to write and by the time I know it I have a three page article when I had every intention of writing a one page missive. Yet even in this, there is a purpose for each one of us gets better in perfecting our craft the more that we practice it. I’m writing about change and its significance in our lives because the one thing that is constant in life besides God’s existence is change.

We forget these things at times when whales of tribulations and turbulence arrives at our doors. In these moments, all seems hopeless and everything loses meaning. But there is a purpose in what seems meaningless for hardship gives birth to greatness. No treasure is uncovered in this world without first digging long and hard for it. I’m not speaking of treasures like gold or silver, the treasure I’m referring to are the ones within us. Each of us have unique gifts that have been bestowed upon us so that we can affect change as we see fit. Too often though, we spend time trying to change others instead of using our gifts to change the world through love and kindness.

If only we realize that all of us have an intrinsic value apart from the way society judges our worth. Yet we spend too much time trying to find acceptance from others and endlessly trying to make others see our value. This is pointless for we are born valuable the minute we were conceived and brought into this world. I’m not preaching nor speaking out of piety; for close to two decades I chased validation from others and where I wound up was broken and lost. It took a whale of indigence and nothingness for me to understand the love that has always been within me.

Instead of protesting outwards and professing our worth to the world, what if we paused and understood that we are loved regardless of our station and circumstance in life. When we do that, we would not have to chase our tails trying to convince others to like us or to accept us. When we look inward and seek wisdom through humility, we would also realize that we don’t have to accept the world the way that it is nor are we fated to let others define us. We define ourselves because we were all created equally by a greater power than we can ever conceive or conceptualize in our minds.

The message of this week’s Sabbath Epistle is this. Be patient with yourself as you grow for everything has a purpose and a season even if we don’t understand it at the time. Stop trying to figure it all out and learn to live in the moment and above all be kind to yourself and to others. Whether one believes in God or not is a journey for each one of us and none of us should be judged for our faith or lack of it. All things change after all, today’s wisdom could be tomorrow’s foolishness. The only thing certain is the time that we have before us. Use that time to make a difference in this world by living the love within you and giving that love to others. #ChangeChangeChange

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

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