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Pulling a Job on US

People are sitting around saying, “Trump’s tax plan and trade ideas haven’t created any jobs!” What, you’re just now figuring out that presidents lie to you? Notice I said “presidents” plural because all of them lie like wet shag rugs. If you think somebody will tell you the truth in order to get elected, you’ve been living under a rock for quite some time now.

Look, let’s be clear. President Obama didn’t create any genuine jobs. What jobs did appear were crappy “service sector” jobs like coffee slingers, sign twirlers, and house cleaners. Jobs you can’t call a career and many of them are part-time jobs. Some people are sucked into the “side hustle” game not realizing it’s exactly what they call it: a hustle. They’ve been hustled into trading more and more time for less and less money to buy more and more crap. That’s how a “consumer culture” hustles you. Sadly, there are people who have to side hustle just to pay the rent and buy food. That’s the ultimate hustle: a serf hustle.

People still think this is the “greatest nation on Earth” Huh! Do you realize we have less paid holidays than the serfs did in the Medieval Period? There were about 150 Church holidays that people were forbidden from working during those days. Often, the manor lord had to provide a feast for the holiday. See, the root of “holiday” is “holy day”. Consequently, the Church said no working allowed during these holy days. But now, people have to work during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, Easter, and many other holidays so stores don’t miss out selling more crap people don’t need. People may hate me when I say this, but do you know what I see when I see people in sleeping bags outside of some retail chain, spending the night, awaiting Black Friday? I see suckers. Suckers who traded holidays for junk and, in the process, screwed the poor workers who are told to come to work on holidays or be fired.

The age of industry is over, the age of service is fading, we have entered into an age of indentured servants where many are becoming wage slaves of corporations.

These are the jobs we’re told the presidents create. Twirling signs to lead you into the various Roach Motels we call “retail chain stores” where you check in but don’t really check out because this just creates more debt from crap bought on credit. Come on, who among us have jobs with wages to afford all this crap? And do people not realize buying into The Man’s system is what keeps The Man going? Gets his taxes paid, his wars fought, his indentured servants beholden to him, and creates the debt which holds it all together? The truth is, for us to have all this crap means others do without the very basics we take for granted. Poverty isn’t some accident that “just happens”. A series of causes and effects leads up to the intentional existence of pervasive indigence.

By demanding cheap crap, we demand low wages. You cannot escape this fact. You cannot escape the fact that our consumptive nature has spiraled out of control (thanks to marketing and advertising) and we are creating more poverty with every purchase of trinkets we don’t really need. We want cheap prices and then wonder why Amazon fulfillment centers are horrifying places of abuse against human beings. I’m not saying everyone has to live like a monk. We have to understand poverty is not creating itself, wars are not starting magically, and the rate of fossil fuel consumption is not going up in a vacuum—there are causes and effects for these things. Click To Tweet

Here is the truth: no president can “create jobs”. They tells you they can, but they don’t run the retail chain stores you will be working in. Or the fracking operation you’ll throw your life away at, while poisoning someone’s water. What they will do, though, is convince you to vote against your own best interests. You’ll be sitting there making the rope used to hang you while saying, “I’m lucky I’m not like the others!” That’s the lie you’re told to parrot: “you’re lucky to have a job!”

First, if the conservatives demand everyone work, then there is no such thing as “lucky to have a job”. It would be a given that plenty of jobs would be there so people could work as is required of them. If you say people are “lucky” to have a job, you’re saying jobs are scarce because the economy is in the commode and your whole country is a vast wasteland of unemployment and poverty. So, which is it Gadsden Flag wavers? Are people supposed to work because there are plenty of good jobs? Or are they “lucky” to have a job because many U.S. cities look like Berlin in 1945 after the Allied air forces laid waste to them? It cannot be both.

Next, no one can create jobs in aerospace and heavy industry when most of the plants that produced that have been bulldozed or are in ruins. Those were the high wage Cold War jobs. Go look at Detroit now and remember this place created quite a large chunk of the vehicles used by the Allies in World War Two. Even the Soviets got Studebaker trucks under Lend-Lease during World War Two and copied them for years. But go look at Detroit now and ask yourself how the United States government plans to win the Third World War it is trying to start.

Finally, how can a president create jobs to replace the ones lost while, at the same time, creating more for an increasing population? It cannot be done! But they don’t want you to know that because then you might wake up to fraud. Then you won’t vote for them, buy their crap, or feel like fighting their wars is such a good idea. We’ve been at war 17 years now and have not once matched the monthly output in tanks we built in World War Two. So you can’t say this war is good for the economy. By mid 1942, everyone in America was in the military or working in defense plants, agriculture, or critical industries. If this didn’t happen, we’d have lost the war along with the British. But after 17 years of war now, we’re still talking about “creating jobs” ? Jobs are still a major problem, are they not? Otherwise, presidents wouldn’t campaign on it. Can you now see the scam?

We arrive at this last quandary. The Man still wants his taxes paid, his crap bought, his fools elected, and his wars fought. But the question remains: will you oblige? #ConJobsUS

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