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An Open Letter to the Media-Politico Complex: Leveraging New Zealand and Ghettoizing Humanity

Watching the feigned outrage of the media-politico complex, I am reminded of the scene in Usual Suspects where Agent Kujan is duped by Verbal Kint. When it comes to politicians, pundits and media personalities, the broader American public is split between the masses who are getting hoodwinked by Kint and the jolted minority who got mugged out of cognitive dissonance only to realize that the establishment are actually the devils who have convinced the world they are the resistance to evil when all along they are the transmitters of malice.

I can give a thousand different examples of how these frauds in mainstream media, the hyenas in the halls of power and the fake social justice warriors in the entertainment industry are propagating the very fires they pretend to be putting out. However, given the way the debased, I refuse to call them “elites”, are currently appropriating the horrific terror attack in New Zealand for their own political and profit driven motives, I am properly motivated to speak against these human leeches and do so by sheathing the forbearance I preached yesterday. Though there is no place for collective judgment in this world, there is a place for holding individuals accountable.

At long last, have you no shame? I ask this question to each and every opinion leader who is spinning the death of 49 human beings—fathers, mothers, sons and daughters—to stir the passions of their respective demographic. I used the word demographic for a reason; news and political personalities have turned injustice into a business model. These demagogues are using market segmentation campaigns to sectionalize society and ghettoize humanity. Instead of rallying public opinion and using this time to convey messages of unity and compassion, media mannequins are rushing to their canned talking points as they politicize human suffering.

The same way that Agent Kujan had to take a step back in order to realize the hustle of Keyser Söze, you will only realize the hustle of these identity and ideological hustlers when you step back from the pervasive outrage and indignation that is intentionally being injected into the public square. Parenthetically, there is a reason why firebrands are constantly agitating the public and inciting our emotions; as long as we are stuck on fury, we can never assess how we are getting played by the establishment.

The only reason I woke up to this hoodwink opinion leaders across the political spectrum are playing is because I fell head first into the abyss of hardship and saw first-hand that injustice does not differentiate based on the copious social constructs that splinter us. Before sidewalks became my pillows, back when I was making a pretty penny as a defense consultant, I used to view life through the left/right, black/white, liberal/conservative prisms. Prior to getting jarred out of social conditioning, I used to rage against the duplicity of Fox News while clapping it up in delight as I  watched Rachel Maddow and the liberal establishment emulate Fox News’s business model to bamboozle their audience. Hindsight is the greatest professor in the history of humanity.

Now that I’m “woke” to this game, I can’t stomach to watch MSNBC and CNN and I feel like vomiting each time I pick up the Washington Post, New York Times and their ilk in corporate media. What is true of corporate media is truer yet of these sanctimonious and utterly insidious politicians. We are a nation that is being led by sociopaths so disconnected from their conscience that they see nothing wrong with using human suffering as stepping stones in order to advance their careers and accumulate more zeros in their bank accounts.

As I noted above, what has me so vexed is the way the mosque shooting that occurred this weekend is being covered and the way the media-politico complex is responding to this most heinous attack. People who are wedded to cult of personalities and who view this world through identity and ideological blinders only see the vile actions of the antagonists they love to hate while they disregard the fact that their idols are doing the same exact thing. To this end, Donald Trump’s loyalists are up in arms over the liberal establishment politicizing the shooting. Meanwhile, people who idolize “progressives” are livid at Trump as they actively ignore the fact that their team is doing the same damn thing.

For all but the Qanon club and the dyed in the wool MAGA disciples, the repulsive ways Donald Trump has responded to the New Zealand terror attack is evident. Instead of galvanizing the nation and leading with empathy, he chose to minimize the event and diminish the loss of human life because it did not fit his political narrative. I guarantee you one thing, if the shooter was Muslim and the victims were “white” New Zealanders instead of the other way around, Trump would have called a news conference and sprinted to the Oval Office like Usain Bolt on fire in order to pander to bigots and vilify Muslims. Since the narrative did not fit his agenda, he chose silence—we have Beelzebub in the White House.

Yet, as morally repugnant as Trump is, the Democrats and the entirety of the media and political establishment are no different. At least Trump has the decency to show us his hideous soul; the rest of them, from Pelosi, Schumer, Maddow, Lemon and every one of these two-faced serpents are equally, if not more, abhorrent. Instead of offering a different path away from the petulance of our first infantile president, they choose to double-down on his sinister as they denigrate the opposition, inflame resentment and incubate the next mass shooter.

Just in case you think I am being hyperbolic, let me break down what I mean by that last paragraph. The media narrative these soulless propagandists are spinning is that “white supremacy is on the rise”. Do you think they are doing this because they actually care about “black” people and “minorities”? They are turning to market segmentation tactics to slice and dice society in order to create hysteria and have us fighting among one another. More importantly, by airing this incident wall-to-wall and elevating the stature of the shooter, they are sowing seeds in the mind of an unstable individual to follow in the same footsteps so that he can go out in a blaze of gory instead of being mired in solitary insanity.

There is a reason why I disavow terms like “white privilege” and even the term “white supremacy”. First, I don’t ascribe to the notion of identifying human beings with colors like we are a collection of crayons. Race was a construct created by racists; I have never in my life met a truly white, black, yellow or red person. But beyond the absurdity of labeling people with colors that don’t fit us, there is a more nefarious aspect to the way humanity is fractured through color lines. When you call the deranged monster who killed nearly fifty people a “white supremacist”, by extension you are lumping in other people who identify as “white” into that categorization.

Imagine if the shooter was “black” and the story was being spun as a “black supremacist” killing dozens of people, would you not get upset by that story line? It rubs me the wrong way each time I watch the local news and the newscaster describes some act of crime as one committed by a “black” perpetrator. You only notice these things when it’s being done to the label you identify with; it is natural to feel defensive when a negative trait is attributed to the tribe you belong to. Do you see why it is problematic to use terms like “white supremacy”? This is not to disregard that racism exists, but these dissemblers have us focused on individual racists so that we don’t pay attention to the wider system of racism that oppresses all of us. Don’t think for a minute that these media hounds care about justice, they are creating friction in order to profit through our division.

This is the reason, by the way, why I never warmed up to the Black Lives Matter movement; it’s not because I did not feel the pains of Treyvon Martin’s mother as she cried for a son she will never hug again nor is it because I did not feel distressed while reading about Eric Garner’s death as he was choked by a criminal police officer. It’s just that I was hip to the game the minute George Soros funded the BLM movement and enriched the founders. Do you think Soros—a repugnant subhuman who made his fortunes by betting against people’s livelihoods—actually cares about social justice? Do you think Twitter gave #BlackLivesMatter an emoji because they are worried about racism? Do you think mainstream media rushes to broadcast Black Lives Matter events because they want justice? BLM was financed and is kept in the news for the sole purpose of sectionalizing society and fragmenting the public.

Instead of focusing on justice, they get us to focus on just us. They divide us, we conquer ourselves. I studies colonization when I was in college and researched the topic for more than two decades. I was initially interested in colonization because I’m from Ethiopia; I could not wrap my head around how a fraction of humanity could subdue a billion people on the continent we now refer to as Africa. I realized that colonizers pulled off this stunning feat by elevating one tribe above the rest and then telling the marginalized tribes that their enemies were the elevated tribe. Status, money and privilege were given to the elevated tribe while grief, tribulation and hopelessness were doled out to the marginalized tribe.

The elevated tribe, so leery of the out groups, fought like hell to keep their status even though most within that elevated tribe suffered along with the rest. The marginalized tribe, so convinced that their foes were the elevated tribe, seethed and could not wait to have their turn at the seat of power. Within this paradigm, social strife became the norm. All along, colonizers were busy fleecing entire nations as they turned a once free people into prisoners in their own land. This is how, from coast to coast, the continent of man’s inception—which was once called Ethiopia—was subdued by European imperialists.

This is how powerful colonization and induced tribalism is, the continent once called Ethiopia was renamed to Africa to honor Scipio Africanus. Google that name.

And this is where you have your Agent Kujan drop your coffee mug moment. What they perfected in “Africa”, the ruling class have been unleashing with ruthless efficiency for more than two centuries right here in America. Hell, they got hundreds of thousands of “white” sharecroppers to die on behalf of a system of slavery that was keeping them poor just so they could have a bit more status than the “black” people they were ahead of. The tribalism they sowed in “Africa” is a lot more camouflaged here and throughout “the West”. The tribes here are based on color, ideologies, gender, orientation, religion and an endless procession of adjectives that forces people to focus on our differences and makes it hard to form a coalition to defend our common interests. It has gotten to the point where people say four or five descriptors of what they are before they say who they are.

Fracture the people, propagate demagogues to convince each subgroup that their pains are different and get them to turn on each other. This is how a few thousand colonize billions around the world.

We play along with the treacherous games the media and political debased are playing at our risk. As they push society closer and closer to conflict, they collect their checks from the safety of their ivory towers. God forbid the rhetorical violence that has become normalized in our time transforms one day into outright civil conflict; while they are barricaded behind their gated villas, it will be our children dropping like flies and paying the price for our negligence. It seems the dreams of Martin Luther King will only be realized when the nightmare of social unrest arrives at our doors; “black” children and “white” children being made equal through collective suffering and pervasive lamentations.

This evening, if you can stomach it, take 30 minutes to watch the cable news networks. Watch 15 minutes of CNN and MSNBC and then another 15 minutes watching Fox News. What you will notice is that the same story line is being spun through two different prisms. What they are doing is conditioning their respective audiences for the sake of garnering more ratings by fostering tribalism. This is what the whole of the media-politico complex is doing, they are programming their audience like Pavlov’s dog while giving cover to injustice.

If you need further proof just how fraudulent the manufactured divides are within the debased establishment, let me turn your attention to Donna Brazile. The same woman who rigged the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton and used to rant about the evils of Republicans just got hired by Fox News to be a “contributor”. Brazile announced via Twitter that she will be joining Fox News to balance their news coverage; in reality she will be joining a band of idiots by contributing her counterfeit social activism to a station that is no different than their liberal counterparts.

The media-politico complex is an incestuous cesspool that is populated by charlatans and shysters.

After World War II ended, a bunch of Nazis were hired by the US government. The CIA took keen interest in Nazis who worked under Joseph Goebbels, who was the father of modern propaganda. The sick and twisted practices that Goebbels and his henchmen perfected were co-opted and instituted first within government and then metastasized into the media and corporate world. What we are witnessing in our time is the fulfillment of Goebbels diabolical dreams, the media-politico complex are waging psychological warfare against all of us.

As Keyser Söze said at the end of the Usual Suspects, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist”. Pay attention to the media-politico complex and you will see the devil's foot-soldiers doing his bidding as they bend justice and break humanity for the sake of paychecks and status. #WolvesNFoxes Click To Tweet

Before I conclude this article, let me take a moment to say a prayer for all the mosque victims, express my condolences to all the families and friends who grieve in the absence of their loved ones and express solidarity with the good people of New Zealand. Though we are separated by borders, flags and oceans, in the end, we are all made equal through joyous moments and heart aching sorrows. A week ago, Ethiopia, my birthplace, likewise experienced a horrific incident of loss and sadness as flight 302 took the lives of 157 lives perished instantly. The same way I wrote a poem for the victims of flight 302, below is a poem for Christchurch. God bless you New Zealand.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Don’t Cry New Zealand

shots fired in Christchurch

death and sorrow

shattering normal

a mother lost

a father gone

a son alone

a daughter mourns

it makes no sense

tears mixed with blood

but where you cry today

and shadows seem long

may the sun return

New Zealand defy

don’t give your hand

terror is weakness

killers are cowards

love is the strength

find healing in it

seek forgiveness

rest in eternal peace

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